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About The Reading Room

The Reading Room is designed to link authors and titles with other authors and titles the reader may enjoy. It consists of thousands of titles read and reviewed by Rocky River Public Library staff.

After a librarian reads the book, he or she completes The Reading Room review form with author, title, other authors or titles the reader may enjoy, descriptors (subject headings), a summary, a critique, and basic data such as publication date, format, and the initials of the staff member's  who read this particular title.

A person searching the database can access by keyword any one of these fields to meet a particular need. For example, if a reader wants to find books which are British mysteries with a rural setting and a police detective, he or she can search by "mystery," "British," "rural," and "police procedural" to compile a list of books to read.

Unique features of The Reading Room are that titles which are displayed on the computer screen are titles read by our staff and often owned by our library, ensuring that the reader's quest for a good book will be satisfied without delay. In many cases, it also includes specific recommendations for further reading through the "other authors you may enjoy" or "other titles you may enjoy" fields.

The staff at Rocky River Public Library adds titles to The Reading Room on a daily basis. There is a wide variety of authors and books from which to choose; please enjoy this very personalized approach to finding that "good book to read."

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                  For questions or comments regarding the reading room, please contact: RRPL Webmaster