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Descriptor Alpha List

[ Full List ]
  Abandonment Abduction
  Abolition Abortion
  Abuse Academic Life
  Accidents Accountability
  Activists Actors and Actresses
  Addiction Adolescence
  Adoption Adultery
  Adulthood Adventure
  Adventure/Suspense Advertising Business
  Affairs African-American Authors
  African-Americans Africans
  Afterlife Aging
  Agoraphobia AIDS
  Airplane Industry Airplane Pilots
  Airplanes Alchemy
  Alcoholism Aleuts
  Alien Beings Allegorical Fiction
  Alternate Universe Alternative History
  Alzheimer's Disease Amateur Sleuth
  Ambition American History
  American Revolution Amish
  Amnesia Amoral Behavior
  Amputation Amusement Parks
  Ancestors Ancient Civilizations
  Androids Angels
  Anger Anglican Church
  Animal Rescue Animal Rights
  Animals Animals as Sleuths
  Anorexia Anthropology
  Anti-Semitism Anti-terrorism
  Antiques Antiquities
  Anxiety Apartheid
  Apocalypse Apothecaries
  Apparitions Apprenticeship
  Arabs Archaeology
  Architects Archivists
  Aristocracy Armageddon
  Arms Dealers Arson
  Art Art and Antiques
  Art Appreciation Art Galleries
  Art Theft Art World
  Arthurian Legends Artificial Intelligence
  Artist Colonies Artists
  Asian Culture Asperger's syndrome
  Assassination Assassins
  Astronomy Atheism
  Atomic Bomb Atonement
  Attempted Murder Attorney-Client Relationship
  Attorneys Au Pairs
  Auctions Authors
  Autism Automobile Accidents
  Award Winners Aztecs

  Babies Babysitting
  Bakeries Ballet
  Bank Fraud Bank Robbery
  Banking Industry Bars
  Baseball Basketball
  Battered Women Bears
  Beauty Contests Beauty Industry
  Bed and Breakfast Beekeeping
  Bereavement Betrayal
  Biblical Fiction Bicycling
  Bigotry Bildungsroman
  Biographical Fiction Biography
  Biological Research Biological Warfare
  Biotechnology Biracial Relationships
  Bird Watching Birth Parents
  Black Experience Black Humor
  Black Magic Blackmail
  Blindness Blogs
  Boarding School Boating
  Body Image Bodyguards
  Bombings Book Collecting
  Book Publishing Books
  Bookstores Borden, Lizzie
  Bouncers Bounty Hunting
  Bow Street Runners Boxing
  Boyfriends Boyhood
  Brainwashing Bridges
  Broadcasting Industry Brothers
  Brothers and Sisters Buddhism
  Bulimia Bullies
  Bureaucracy Burglary

  Camping Canadian Authors
  Cancer Cancer Patients
  Cannibalism Car Racing
  Career Women Caribbean
  Carnivals and Carnival Life Cars
  Casinos Castles
  Castro, Fidel Catering Business
  Cathedrals Catholicism
  Cats Cats as Sleuths
  Caves Celebrities
  Cemeteries Censorship
  Chat Rooms Chauffeurs
  Cheerleaders Chefs
  Child Abduction Child Abuse
  Child Custody Child Molestation
  Childhood Children
  Children's Fiction Chinese
  Chinese Americans Chinese Mafia
  Choirs Christian Fiction
  Christian Life Christianity
  Christmas Stories Christmas Trees
  Churches CIA
  Circuses Civil Rights Movement
  Civil War Clairvoyance
  Classics Clergy Life
  Cliques Clockmakers
  Cloning Clothing Industry
  Clubs Coal Mines
  Coast Guard Codes and Codebreaking
  Coffee Industry Cold Cases
  Cold War College Life
  Colonial America Colonialism
  Coma Patients Comedy of Manners
  Coming-of-Age Commitment
  Communes Communism
  Competition Computer Crime
  Computer Industry Computer Viruses
  Computers Con Artists
  Concert Tours Conjoined Twins
  Conspiracy Construction Trade
  Contemporary Classics Contemporary Fiction
  Contemporary Romance Contests
  Convent Life Convicts
  Cookbooks Cooking
  Coping Coroners
  Corporate Espionage Corporate Takeovers
  Corporations Correspondence
  Corruption Cosmetic Surgery
  Cosmetics Industry Counseling
  Counterfeiting Country Life
  Country Noir Courage
  Court Martials Courtroom Drama
  Courtship Cousins
  Cowboys Creativity
  Crime Crime Fiction
  Criminal Behavior Criminal Profilers
  Criminals Cross-dressing
  Crucifixion Cruise Ships
  Cryptography Cubans
  Cults Cultural Differences
  Curiosities Current Issues
  Curses Custody Battle

  Dancers Darts
  Dating Deafness
  Death and Dying Death Penalty
  Death Row Debt
  Deceit Deception
  Decision Making Deep-sea Diving
  Dementia Demonic Possession
  Demons Dentists
  Depression The Depression
  Desertion Deserts
  Detectives Devil
  Diabetes Diamond Industry
  Diamonds Diaries and Journals
  Dictatorships Dictionaries
  Dieting Dinosaurs
  Diplomats Disabilities
  Disabled Disaster
  Divorce Doctors
  Documents Dogs
  Dogs-Training Dolphins
  Domestic Fiction Domestic Violence
  Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir Dragons
  Dramas Dreams
  Drowning Drug Abuse
  Drug Addiction Drug Crime
  Drug Smuggling Drugs
  Druids Drunk Driving
  Dust Bowl Dysfunctional Families
  Dyslexia Dystopia

  E-mail Earhart, Amelia
  Earthquakes Eating Disorders
  Eccentricity Ecological Disasters
  Education Edwardian Era
  Ego Elder Abuse
  Elections Electricity
  Elizabethan Era Ellis Island
  Elves Embezzlement
  Emergency Rooms Emotional Breakdowns
  Emotional Problems Endangered Species
  Enemies Enlightenment
  Entertainment Entomologists
  Environment Environmental Issues
  Epic Themes Epidemics
  Epilepsy Epiphany
  Epistolary Novels Erotic Fiction
  Erotic Romance Eroticism
  Escape Reading ESP
  Espionage Ethical Problems
  Ethnic Neighborhoods European Community
  Euthanasia Evangelism
  Everglades Evil
  Evolution Executions
  Exploration Extinct Species

  Fables Faeries
  Fairy Tales Faith
  Falconry Fame
  Families Family History
  Family Relationships Family Traditions
  Fantasies Fantasy
  Fantasy-Humor Far East
  Farm Life Fashion Industry
  Fate Fathers and Daughters
  Fathers and Sons FBI
  Fear Female Protagonists
  Female Relationships Female Sleuth
  Feminism Feuds
  Fictional Memoirs Film
  Financial Crisis Fire fighters
  Fires First Love
  First Novels First Person Narratives
  Fishing Fishing Industry
  Flashbacks Florists
  Folk Art Folk Tales
  Folklore Food Industry
  Football Forensic Pathology
  Forensic Psychiatrists Forensics
  Forgery Forgiveness
  Foster Care Foster Homes
  Franklin, Benjamin Fratricide
  Fraud Freelance Writers
  French Revolution Friendship
  Frontier Life Fugitives
  Fundamentalism Funeral Homes
  Funeral Rites Fur Trade
  Furniture Industry Future Worlds

  Galactic Empires Gambling
  Game Wardens Games
  Gangs Gangsters
  Gardening Gays
  Geishas Genealogy
  General Fiction Generations
  Genetic Experimentation Genetic Research
  Genocide Gentle Reads
  Geography Geology
  Georgian Era German Americans
  German Occupation-1940-1945 Ghosts
  Giantism Glassblowing
  Gods and Goddesses Gold Mines
  Gold Rush Golf and Golfing
  Good vs. Evil Gossip
  Gossip Columnists Gothic Romance
  Gothics Government
  Grandfathers Grandmothers
  Grandparents Graphic Novel
  Grave Robbers Great Depression
  Greed Grief
  Ground Zero Guilt
  Gun Control Gunfighters
  Guns Gypsies

  Hackers Halloween
  Hamptons Handicapped
  Happiness Harassment
  Hasidism Haunted Houses
  Haunting Hawaii
  Healing Health Care Industry
  Hell Herbal Medicine
  Herbs Heroin
  High Schools Hijacking
  Hiking Historical Fiction
  Historical Fiction--Japan Historical Fiction-American
  Historical Fiction-British Historical Fiction-Byzantine
  Historical Fiction-European Historical Fiction-International
  Historical Reenactment Historical Regency
  Historical Romance Historical Suspense
  History Hitler, Adolf
  Hoaxes Hockey
  Hollywood Holmes, Sherlock
  Holocaust Holocaust Survivors
  Holy Grail Homeless
  Homesteading Homonyms
  Homophobia Homosexuality
  Honesty Horror
  Horse Farms Horse Racing
  Horses Hospice
  Hospitals Hostage Negotiation
  Hostages Hotels
  Household Employees Houses
  Housesitting Human Trafficking
  Human/Animal Relations Humor
  Hunters Hunting
  Hurricanes Hypnotism

  Ice Skating Icebergs
  Idealism Identity
  Identity Theft Illegal Arms Trafficking
  Illegal Immigrants Illegitimacy
  Illness Image Consultants
  Imaginary Companions Imaginary Creatures
  Imaginary Places Imaginary Wars and Battles
  Imaginary Worlds Imagination
  Immigrants Immigration
  Immortality Impersonation
  Imprisonment In Vitro Fertilization
  Incas Incest
  Indentured Servants Independence
  Independent Women India
  Indians of North America Industrial Espionage
  Infanticide Infertility
  Infidelity Inheritance
  Inner City Life Inquisition
  The Inquisition Insanity
  Inspirational Fiction Inspirational Romance
  Institutions Insurance Companies
  Intergenerational Relationships Intergenerational Stories
  Interior Designers Internal Affairs
  International Finance International Intrigue
  International Relations Internet
  Internet Predators Internship
  Interpersonal Relationships Interpol
  Interracial Dating Interracial Marriages
  Intrigue Inuits
  Inventors Investigating
  Investigative Reporting Investigators
  Investment Clubs IRA
  Iraq War Iraw War
  Irish Irish Americans
  Irish Catholics Islam
  Islands Italian Americans

  Japan Japanese Americans
  Jazz Jealousy
  Jeans Jesus
  Jewelry and Jewelry Making Jewelry Business
  Jewish Way of Life Jews
  Joan of Arc, Saint Journalists
  Journies Judaism-Customs and Practices
  Judges Jury Tampering
  Justice Juvenile Delinquents

  Karate Kennedy Space Center
  KGB Kibbutz
  Kidnapping Kidney Disease
  Kings of England Knights
  Knitting Korean War
  Ku Klux Klan

  Labor Strikes Labor Unions
  Lakota Sioux Land Rights
  Landlords Landscaper
  Language Latinos
  Lawyers Learning Disabilities
  Legal Suspense Legends
  Leprechaun Leprosy
  Lesbians Letters
  Leukemia Librarians
  Librarians as Detectives Lie Detector Tests
  Life Life on Other Planets
  Lighthouses Lincoln, Abraham
  Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Literary Scene
  Literate Fiction Lobbyists
  Local Authors Local Settings
  Loneliness Loss
  Lost Cities Lottery
  Lou Gehrig's Disease Louis XIV
  Love Love Affairs
  Love Stories Love, Power of
  Loyalty Lynching

  Mafia Magic
  Magic Healing Magic Realism
  Magicians Mail-order Brides
  Makeover Male Experience
  Malpractice Man-Woman Relationships
  Manhattan Project Manic-Depression
  Manipulation Mardi Gras
  Marine Biologists Marine Corps
  Marital Conflict Marriage
  Marriages of Convenience Mars
  Martyrdom Mary Magdalene
  Mary Stuart Materialism
  Mayan Culture Meaning of Life
  Media Personalities Medical Humor
  Medical Malpractice Medical Research
  Medical Schools Medical Suspense
  Medicine Medicine-Historical
  Medieval Era Melodramatic Fiction
  Memoirs Memories
  Mental Disorders Mental Illness
  Mentally Disabled Mercenaries
  Meteorites Mexican Americans
  Mexican Expedition Michelangelo
  Microcosms Middle Ages
  Middle-Aged Persons Midlife Crises
  Midwestern Life Midwifery
  Military Intelligence Military Life
  Military Special Operations Military-Historical, British
  Militia Movements Millennium
  Mills and Millwork Mind Control
  Miniatures Mining
  Ministry Minorities
  Miracles Mirrors
  Miscarriages Misfits
  Missing Children Missing Persons
  Missionaries Mistaken Identities
  Models Modern Day
  Monasteries Money Laundering
  Moneyed Class Novels Monsters
  Moral Issues Moral Values
  Morality Tales Mormons
  Motherhood Mothers and Daughters
  Mothers and Sons Motion Picture Industry
  Motorcycle Gangs Mountain Climbing
  Mountain Folk Movie Stars
  Moving Multiple Personalities
  Multiple Sclerosis Murder
  Museums Music
  Music Industry Musicians
  Muslims Mutiny
  Mystery Mystery-Academic, American
  Mystery-Academic, British Mystery-African-Americans
  Mystery-Amateur Sleuth Mystery-American
  Mystery-Architecture Mystery-Aristocratic
  Mystery-Art World/Antiques Mystery-Bookstores
  Mystery-Botanical Mystery-British
  Mystery-Burglary Mystery-Business, British
  Mystery-Cooking Mystery-Country House
  Mystery-Courtroom Drama Mystery-Cozy
  Mystery-Cults Mystery-Detective
  Mystery-Environmental Issues Mystery-Female Sleuth
  Mystery-Financial Mystery-Foreign Setting
  Mystery-Forensic Anthropology Mystery-French
  Mystery-Gardening Mystery-Hard-boiled
  Mystery-Hard-boiled, American Mystery-Historical
  Mystery-Historical, American Mystery-Historical, British
  Mystery-Historical, Egyptian Mystery-Historical, Foreign
  Mystery-Historical, Irish Mystery-Historical, Italian
  Mystery-Hotels Mystery-Humorous
  Mystery-Humorous, American Mystery-Law
  Mystery-Library Mystery-Literary
  Mystery-Lumber Industry Mystery-Medical
  Mystery-Music Mystery-Native Americans
  Mystery-Newspaper Reporting Mystery-Nonviolent
  Mystery-Nursing Homes Mystery-Opera
  Mystery-Period Writing and Setting Mystery-Police Procedural
  Mystery-Police Procedural, American Mystery-Police Procedural, British
  Mystery-Political, American Mystery-Political, British
  Mystery-Political, Foreign Mystery-Private Detective
  Mystery-Private Investigator Mystery-Psychological
  Mystery-Psychological, American Mystery-Psychological, British
  Mystery-Publishing, British Mystery-Regency
  Mystery-Religious Mystery-Romance
  Mystery-Rural Mystery-Rural, American
  Mystery-Rural, British Mystery-Rural, Canadian
  Mystery-Rural, Irish Mystery-Scotland
  Mystery-Scotland Yard Mystery-Sensual
  Mystery-Serial Killers Mystery-Sherlock Holmes
  Mystery-Short Stories Mystery-Show Business
  Mystery-Small Town Mystery-Small Town, British
  Mystery-Southwest Mystery-Sporting
  Mystery-Sporting (Baseball) Mystery-Sporting (Golf)
  Mystery-Texas Mystery-The South
  Mystery-The West Mystery-Theatrical
  Mystery-Urban Mystery-Villages
  Mystery-Wales Mystery-Wealthy
  Mystery-Yukon Mystical Fiction
  Mystics Mythological Fiction
  Mythological Fiction, American Mythological Fiction, Modern

  Nannies Napoleon III
  Napoleonic War Narcotics
  National Parks Native American Culture
  Native Americans Nature
  Nature Conservation Naval Operations
  Navy SEALS Nazis
  Nazism Neanderthals
  Near-death Experiences Neighborhoods
  Neo-Nazis New York Society
  Newbury Award Winner Newbury Honor Book
  News Media Newscasters
  Newspaper Industry Newspaper Reporting
  Nicholas II Night Clubs
  Nobility Noir Fiction
  Nonfiction Nostalgia
  Nouveau Riche Novellas
  Novels Of Manners Nuclear Disasters
  Nuclear Holocaust Nuclear Weapons
  Nuns Nursery
  Nurses Nursing Homes

  Obesity Obligation
  Obsession Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  Occult Oceans
  Oedipus Complex Office Politics
  Ohio Authors Ohio-Rural Life
  Oil Industry Older Adults
  Olympic Games Opera
  Opera, Italian Oppression of Women
  Oracles Orchids
  Organ Transplants Organized Crime
  Orphans Ouija Boards
  Outlaws Owls

  Painters Painting
  Pandemics Panic Attacks
  Parables Paramedics
  Paranoia Paranormal Activities
  Parenting Park Rangers
  Parkinson's Disease Parodies
  Parodies-English Partners
  Paternity Patriotism
  Pedophilia Peer Pressure
  Perfectionism Performing Arts
  Perfume Industry Period Romances
  Persian Gulf War Personal Growth
  Personal Values Peru
  Pets Pharmaceutical Industry
  Philanthropists Philosophy
  Phobias Photographers
  Photography Physically Disabled
  Physics Pilots
  Pioneers Pirates
  Plagiarism Plagues
  Plains Indians Plastic Surgery
  Playboys Poaching
  Poetry Poisons and Poisoning
  Polar Bears Police
  Police Corruption Police Misconduct
  Police Procedurals Policewomen
  Polio Polish Americans
  Political Corruption Political Intrigue
  Political Machines Political Suspense
  Political Thrillers Politicians
  Politics Pollution
  Polygamy Pop Culture
  Pornography Post-apocalyptic fiction
  Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome Potato Famine
  Potters and Pottery Poverty
  Power Pranks
  Pregnancy Prehistoric Era
  Prehistoric Fiction Prejudices
  Prequels Presidency
  Presidents Presidents-United States
  Priests Princess
  Prisoners Private Investigators
  Private Schools Pro-Life
  Profilers Profiteering
  Prohibition Prophecies
  Prostitutes Prostitution
  Psychiatry Psychic Research
  Psychic Trauma Psychics
  Psychological Fiction Psychological Suspense
  Psychologists as Detectives Psychopaths
  Psychotherapy Public Relations Industry
  Publishing Industry Pulitzer Prize
  Pulp Fiction Punk Rock
  Purgatory Puzzles

  Quadriplegics Quakers
  Queen Elizabeth Queen Mary
  Quests Quilts and Quilting

  Rabbis Race Relations
  Racism Radio
  Rags to Riches Railways
  Rainforest Ranch Life
  Rangers Ransom
  Rape Raptors
  Rare Books Real Estate Agents
  Real Estate Development Real Life Fiction
  Reality Television Redemption
  Refugees Regency Era
  Regency Romances Regret
  Reincarnation Relationships
  Relics Religions/Religious
  Religious Right Remarriage
  Reminiscence Renaissance Era
  Renovations Reporters
  Repressed Memories Rescue Swimmers
  Research Resorts
  Responsibility Restaurants
  Restoration Era Revenge
  Revolution Richard III
  Riots Rites of Passage
  Rivers Road Fiction
  Roaring Twenties Robots
  Rodeos Rogues
  Role Playing Games Romance
  Romance-Alternative Reality Romance-Contemporary
  Romance-Fantasy Romance-Gothic
  Romance-Historical Romance-Historical, American
  Romance-Historical, British Romance-Inspirational
  Romance-Interracial Romance-Medieval
  Romance-Paranormal Romance-Reincarnation
  Romance-Romantic Suspense Romance-Saga
  Romance-Sensual Romance-Western
  Romanovs Romantic Suspense
  Roommates Routines
  Royal Intrigue Royal Navy-Historical
  Royalty Runaways
  Rural America Rural Life
  Rural Life, British Rural Life-Fictional Memoirs
  Russian Mafia Russian Revolution

  Sabotage Sadomasochism
  Sagas Sagas-Family
  Sagas-Historical Sagas-Romantic
  Sailing Saints
  Salesmen Satanism
  Satire Scandal
  Schizophrenia School Children
  School Life School Newspapers
  Schoolboys Schools
  Science Science Fiction
  Scientists Scotland Yard
  Scottish Highlanders Scrapbooks
  Scuba Diving Sculptors
  Sea Seagulls
  Secret Service-American Secret Service-British
  Secret Societies Secrets
  Seduction Seduction, Psychological
  Self-actualization Self-Destructive Behavior
  Self-discovery Self-esteem
  Self-mutilation Self-perception
  Senior Citizens Sensual Fiction
  Sensual Period Romances Sequels
  Serial Killers Serialized Novels
  Series Settlers
  Sex Sexism
  Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment
  Sexual Obsession Shakespeare
  Shape Shifters Sharks
  Shawnee Indians Sheep Ranching
  Ships Shipwrecks
  Shopping Short Stories
  Show Business Sibling Rivalry
  Siblings SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  Silk Trade Silk Weaving
  Silver Mines Singers
  Single Men Single Mothers
  Single Parents Single Women
  Sisters Skiing
  Skinheads Sky Diving
  Slavery Sleep
  Sleuth - Emma Price Sleuth- Nick Heller
  Sleuth--Grace Smith Sleuth--Maisie Dobbs
  Sleuth-Abby Abagnarro Sleuth-Abigail Doyle
  Sleuth-Abigail Moon Sleuth-Abigail Timberlake
  Sleuth-Adam Dalgliesh Sleuth-Adam McCleet
  Sleuth-Adam Strickland Sleuth-Agatha Raisin
  Sleuth-Akitada Sleuth-Al Hawkin
  Sleuth-Alan Banks Sleuth-Alan Gregory
  Sleuth-Alan Markby Sleuth-Albert Campion
  Sleuth-Alec Stainton Sleuth-Alex Cross
  Sleuth-Alex Delaware Sleuth-Alex Ford
  Sleuth-Alex Grismolet Sleuth-Alex Jensen
  Sleuth-Alex McKnight Sleuth-Alex Morrow
  Sleuth-Alexander Kinloch Sleuth-Alexandra Barnaby
  Sleuth-Alexandra Cooper Sleuth-Allen Grant
  Sleuth-Alo Nudger Sleuth-Alonzos Hawkins
  Sleuth-Am Caulfield Sleuth-Amanda Jaffe
  Sleuth-Amelia Peabody Sleuth-Amelia Sachs
  Sleuth-Amos Walker Sleuth-Ana Grey
  Sleuth-Anders Sleuth-Andrew Broom
  Sleuth-Andy Carpenter Sleuth-Andy Dalziel
  Sleuth-Angus Straun Sleuth-Anna Pigeon
  Sleuth-Anna Tolan Sleuth-Anneke Haagen
  Sleuth-Ariel Gold Sleuth-Armand Gamache
  Sleuth-Arthur Bryant Sleuth-Augusta Goodnight
  Sleuth-Aurelio Zen Sleuth-Aurora Teagarden
  Sleuth-Bailey Weggins Sleuth-Barbara Havers
  Sleuth-Barbara Simons Sleuth-Baroness de Pontalba
  Sleuth-Beatrix Potter Sleuth-Beau Brummell
  Sleuth-Ben Jurnet Sleuth-Ben Kincaid
  Sleuth-Ben McCarthy Sleuth-Benjamin Daunbey
  Sleuth-Benjamin Franklin Sleuth-Bennie Rosato
  Sleuth-Bernadette Manuelito Sleuth-Bernie Gunther
  Sleuth-Bernie Little Sleuth-Bernie Rhodenbarr
  Sleuth-Biggie Weatherford Sleuth-Bill Brockton
  Sleuth-Bill Slider Sleuth-Bill Smith
  Sleuth-Blaine Stewart Sleuth-Blanche White
  Sleuth-Bobby Dodge Sleuth-Bridget Heaney
  Sleuth-Bridget O'Toole Sleuth-Britt Montero
  Sleuth-Brodie Farrell Sleuth-Brother Athelstan
  Sleuth-Brother Cadfael Sleuth-Brother Eadulf
  Sleuth-Bubbles Yablonsky Sleuth-Cal Donovan
  Sleuth-Cal Marley Sleuth-Calista Jacobs
  Sleuth-Captain Tom Maynard Sleuth-Carl Burns
  Sleuth-Carlo Arbati Sleuth-Carlotta Carlyle
  Sleuth-Carnegie Kincaid Sleuth-Carole Seddon
  Sleuth-Carson Ryder Sleuth-Carter Ross
  Sleuth-Cassie Ferris Sleuth-Cat Marsala
  Sleuth-Cauley MacKinnon Sleuth-Cece Caruso
  Sleuth-Cecil Younger Sleuth-Celia Grant
  Sleuth-Charles Lenox Sleuth-Charles Wycliffe
  Sleuth-Charlie Howard Sleuth-Charlie Peace
  Sleuth-Charlie Plato Sleuth-Charlie Salter
  Sleuth-Charlotte Graham Sleuth-Charlotte Sams
  Sleuth-Chick Charleston Sleuth-China Bayles
  Sleuth-Chloe Newcombe Sleuth-Chris Mankowski
  Sleuth-Claire Aldington Sleuth-Claire Hall
  Sleuth-Claire Hunt Sleuth-Claire Malloy
  Sleuth-Claire Reynier Sleuth-Claire Sharples
  Sleuth-Clara Barton Sleuth-Clare Fergusson
  Sleuth-Clayton Reed Sleuth-Cliff Janeway
  Sleuth-Colum Murtagh Sleuth-Constable Evan Evans
  Sleuth-Cora Felton Sleuth-Cordelia Sinclair
  Sleuth-Cork O'Connor Sleuth-Cormoran Strike
  Sleuth-Cree Black Sleuth-Creighton Ashcroft
  Sleuth-Crispin Guest Sleuth-Cyrus Barker
  Sleuth-D.D. Warren Sleuth-Dan Rhodes
  Sleuth-Danny Boyle Sleuth-Dave Garrett
  Sleuth-Dave Robicheaux Sleuth-David Middleton-Brown
  Sleuth-David Webb Sleuth-Deb Ralston
  Sleuth-Deborah Knott Sleuth-Delilah Dickinson
  Sleuth-Derek Strange Sleuth-Det. Sgt. Donovan
  Sleuth-Det. Supt. Gristhorpe Sleuth-Devon MacDonald
  Sleuth-Dirk Pitt Sleuth-Dismas Hardy
  Sleuth-Dixie Hemingway Sleuth-Dora Conti
  Sleuth-Doran Fairweather Sleuth-Dorothy Martin
  Sleuth-Douglas Quantrill Sleuth-Douglas Roper
  Sleuth-Dr. Maura Isles Sleuth-Dr. Siri Paiboun
  Sleuth-Duncan Kincaid Sleuth-Easy Rawlins
  Sleuth-Ed Eagle Sleuth-Eleanor Roosevelt
  Sleuth-Elizabeth Chase Sleuth-Elizabeth MacPherson
  Sleuth-Ellie Avery Sleuth-Ellie Haskell
  Sleuth-Elvis Cole Sleuth-Em Hansen
  Sleuth-Emile Cinq-Mars Sleuth-Emily Kincaid
  Sleuth-Emily Seeton Sleuth-Emma Lord
  Sleuth-Emma Whitecastle Sleuth-Emmanuel Cooper
  Sleuth-Emmett Parker Sleuth-Enrique Alvarez
  Sleuth-Eugenia Potter Sleuth-Evaristex Pel
  Sleuth-Eve Dallas Sleuth-Evelyn James
  Sleuth-Faith Sibley Sleuth-Father Dowling
  Sleuth-Father Robert Koesler Sleuth-Faye Quick
  Sleuth-Fellworth Dolphin Sleuth-Fey Croaker
  Sleuth-Flavia de Luce Sleuth-Francesca Cahill
  Sleuth-Francesca Wilson Sleuth-Frank Clevenger
  Sleuth-Frank Harriman Sleuth-Frank Shapiro
  Sleuth-Gabriel Dunn Sleuth-Gary Reissig
  Sleuth-Gemma James Sleuth-George Rogers
  Sleuth-Georgia Barnett Sleuth-Gideon Oliver
  Sleuth-Gideon Page Sleuth-Gil Disbro
  Sleuth-Gil Hunt Sleuth-Gil Mayo
  Sleuth-Gillian Adams Sleuth-Gillian Clifford
  Sleuth-Gino Rolseth Sleuth-Goldy Schulz
  Sleuth-Grace Rossi Sleuth-Guido Brunetti
  Sleuth-Hamish Macbeth Sleuth-Hannah Ives
  Sleuth-Hannah Swensen Sleuth-Hannah Trevor
  Sleuth-Hannah Wolfe Sleuth-Hanne Wilhelmsen
  Sleuth-Harriet Vane Sleuth-Harrison Raines
  Sleuth-Harry Bosch Sleuth-Harry Feiffer
  Sleuth-Harry Garnish Sleuth-Harry Rice
  Sleuth-Heather Wells Sleuth-Helen Hawthorne
  Sleuth-Henrie O Sleuth-Henry Vernier
  Sleuth-Hercule Poirot Sleuth-Hitchcock Sewell
  Sleuth-Holly Winter Sleuth-Hugh Corbett
  Sleuth-Ian Rutledge Sleuth-Ike (Mary Tygart)
  Sleuth-Imanishi Sleuth-Imogen Quy
  Sleuth-Irene Adler Sleuth-Irene Kelly
  Sleuth-Iris Thorne Sleuth-Israel Armstrong
  Sleuth-J. D. Hawkins Sleuth-J. P. Beaumont
  Sleuth-J. R. Weatherford Sleuth-Jack Reacher
  Sleuth-Jack Spratt Sleuth-Jack Swyteck
  Sleuth-Jackie Flowers Sleuth-Jackson Brodie
  Sleuth-Jaine Austen Sleuth-Jake Sands
  Sleuth-Jake Tiptree Sleuth-Jamaica Wild
  Sleuth-James Morton Sleuth-James P. Dandy
  Sleuth-Jamie Ramsgill Sleuth-Jan Gallagher
  Sleuth-Jane Candiotti Sleuth-Jane Jeffry
  Sleuth-Jane Kelly Sleuth-Jane Nichols
  Sleuth-Jane Rizzoli Sleuth-Jane Wheel
  Sleuth-Jane Whitefield Sleuth-Jason Lynx
  Sleuth-Jayne Hall Sleuth-Jayne Meadows
  Sleuth-Jemima Shore Sleuth-Jenny Cain
  Sleuth-Jeremy Proctor Sleuth-Jill Frances
  Sleuth-Jim Atherton Sleuth-Jim Chee
  Sleuth-Jim Qwilleran Sleuth-Jo Beckett
  Sleuth-Jo Beth Sidden Sleuth-Joanna Brady
  Sleuth-Joe Gunther Sleuth-Joe Leaphorn
  Sleuth-Joe Pickett Sleuth-Joe Pike
  Sleuth-John Ceepak Sleuth-John Coffin
  Sleuth-John Corey Sleuth-John Law
  Sleuth-John May Sleuth-John McLeish
  Sleuth-John Putnam Thatcher Sleuth-John Quincannon
  Sleuth-John Sanders Sleuth-John Tonneman
  Sleuth-Johnny Hawke Sleuth-Jolie Wyatt
  Sleuth-Jonathan Quinn Sleuth-Jonathan Stride
  Sleuth-Joseph Bragg Sleuth-Joshua Croft
  Sleuth-Josie Prescott Sleuth-Judah Daniel
  Sleuth-Jude Nichols Sleuth-Judge Dee
  Sleuth-Judith Singer Sleuth-Judy Hill
  Sleuth-Julian Kestrel Sleuth-Julie Blake
  Sleuth-Justin de Quincey Sleuth-K. O'Connor
  Sleuth-Kali O'Brien Sleuth-Karen Pelletier
  Sleuth-Karl Alberg Sleuth-Kate Burkholder
  Sleuth-Kate Fansler Sleuth-Kate Kelly
  Sleuth-Kate Kinsella Sleuth-Kate Martinelli
  Sleuth-Kate Millholland Sleuth-Kate Shackleton
  Sleuth-Kate Shugak Sleuth-Kate Teague
  Sleuth-Katherine Driscoll Sleuth-Kathleen Mallory
  Sleuth-Kathryn Dance Sleuth-Kathryn Swinbrooke
  Sleuth-Kay Scarpetta Sleuth-Keith Tyrell
  Sleuth-Ken Tanaka Sleuth-Kenny Marks
  Sleuth-Kevin Kerney Sleuth-Kinsey Millhone
  Sleuth-Kurt Austin Sleuth-Kysen
  Sleuth-Laura Principal Sleuth-Laurence Bartram
  Sleuth-Leah Hunter Sleuth-Lee Ofsted
  Sleuth-Leo Magozzi Sleuth-Leo Waterman
  Sleuth-Li Yan Sleuth-Lilly Cleary
  Sleuth-Lily Bard Sleuth-Lincoln Perry
  Sleuth-Lincoln Rhyme Sleuth-Liz Graham
  Sleuth-Liza Romero Sleuth-Lizzie Martin
  Sleuth-Lloyd Sleuth-Lord Meren
  Sleuth-Lord Peter Wimsey Sleuth-Loretta Lawson
  Sleuth-Lori Shepherd Sleuth-Lovejoy
  Sleuth-Lt. Karl Genesko Sleuth-Lucas Davenport
  Sleuth-Lucy Kingsley Sleuth-Lucy Stone
  Sleuth-Luis Balam Sleuth-Luke Thanet
  Sleuth-Lydia Chin Sleuth-Lydia Strong
  Sleuth-Mac McKenzie Sleuth-Madeline Dare
  Sleuth-Madoc Rhys Sleuth-Magdalena Yoder
  Sleuth-Maggie Hill Sleuth-Maggie Kelly
  Sleuth-Maggie MacGowen Sleuth-Maggie O'Dell
  Sleuth-Maggie Partlett Sleuth-Maggie Summer
  Sleuth-Maisie Dobbs Sleuth-Malcolm Fox
  Sleuth-Mallard Sleuth-Margaret Barlow
  Sleuth-Margaret Campbell Sleuth-Margit Anderssen
  Sleuth-Marjorie McClelland Sleuth-Marla Shore
  Sleuth-Mary DiNunzio Sleuth-Mary George Murphy
  Sleuth-Mary Russell Sleuth-Matthew Hope
  Sleuth-Matthew Riordan Sleuth-Matthew Scudder
  Sleuth-Matthew Shardlake Sleuth-Maude Graham
  Sleuth-Maxi Poole Sleuth-Meg Langslow
  Sleuth-Melanie Travis Sleuth-Melita Pargeter
  Sleuth-Meredith Mitchell Sleuth-Merry Folger
  Sleuth-Meyer Meyer Sleuth-Mickey Rawlings
  Sleuth-Mike Devlin Sleuth-Mike Hammer
  Sleuth-Mike Yeadings Sleuth-Milan Jacovich
  Sleuth-Miranda Fay Sleuth-Molly Bearpaw
  Sleuth-Molly Blume Sleuth-Molly Cates
  Sleuth-Molly Murphy Sleuth-Moroni Traveler
  Sleuth-Morse Sleuth-Mozart
  Sleuth-Munch Mancini Sleuth-Myron Bolitar
  Sleuth-Narcissa Powers Sleuth-Neil Hamel
  Sleuth-Nell Bray Sleuth-Nell Matthews
  Sleuth-Nero Wolfe Sleuth-Neva Leopold
  Sleuth-Nicholas Bracewell Sleuth-Nicholas Segalla
  Sleuth-Nick Polchak Sleuth-Nick Polo
  Sleuth-Nick Revill Sleuth-Nina Fischman
  Sleuth-Norah Mulcahaney Sleuth-Odelia Grey
  Sleuth-Oliver Swithin Sleuth-Oscar Wilde
  Sleuth-Owen Archer Sleuth-Paddy Meehan
  Sleuth-Paris Murphy Sleuth-Pat Montella
  Sleuth-Patrick Dawlish Sleuth-Patrick Riordan
  Sleuth-Paul Broder Sleuth-Paul Howard
  Sleuth-Pepper Martin Sleuth-Peter Decker
  Sleuth-Peter Diamond Sleuth-Peter Pascoe
  Sleuth-Peter Shandy Sleuth-Phoebe Siegel
  Sleuth-Phryne Fisher Sleuth-Plato Marley
  Sleuth-Porfiry Rostnikov Sleuth-Precious Ramotswe
  Sleuth-Prentice Dobson Sleuth-Primrose Holland
  Sleuth-Queenie Davilov Sleuth-Quint McCauley
  Sleuth-Rebecca Schwartz Sleuth-Regan Reilly
  Sleuth-Rei Shimura Sleuth-Reuben Frost
  Sleuth-Rhoda Swift Sleuth-Richard Jury
  Sleuth-Richard Thornhill Sleuth-Riley Spartz
  Sleuth-Rina Lazarus Sleuth-Rita Morrone
  Sleuth-Robert Bone Sleuth-Robert Forsythe
  Sleuth-Robin Light Sleuth-Roger Tejeda
  Sleuth-Roger the Chapman Sleuth-Roger West
  Sleuth-Rosa Epton Sleuth-Ruby, the Rabbi's Wife
  Sleuth-Russ Van Alstyne Sleuth-Ruth Galloway
  Sleuth-Sabina Carpenter Sleuth-Sally Harrington
  Sleuth-Samantha Shaw Sleuth-Samantha Turner
  Sleuth-Sara Linton Sleuth-Sarah Armstrong
  Sleuth-Sarah Tolerance Sleuth-Sarah Woolson
  Sleuth-Semerket Sleuth-Sharon McCone
  Sleuth-Shauna J. Bogart Sleuth-Sheila Malory
  Sleuth-Sherlock Holmes Sleuth-Shirley McClintock
  Sleuth-Sid Halley Sleuth-Simeon Grist
  Sleuth-Simon Shaw Sleuth-Sir John Cranston
  Sleuth-Sir John Fielding Sleuth-Sir Roger Shallot
  Sleuth-Sister Fidelma Sleuth-Sister Rose Callahan
  Sleuth-Smokey Barrett Sleuth-Sofie Metropolis
  Sleuth-Sonora Blair Sleuth-Special Agent Pendergast
  Sleuth-Spenser Sleuth-Stanley Hastings
  Sleuth-Stanley Moodrow Sleuth-Steelie Lander
  Sleuth-Stephanie Plum Sleuth-Stephen Warfield
  Sleuth-Sterling Glass Sleuth-Steve Allen
  Sleuth-Steve Carella Sleuth-Steve Solomon
  Sleuth-Steve Vail Sleuth-Stone Barrington
  Sleuth-Susan Gay Sleuth-Sylvia Strange
  Sleuth-Symington Smythe Sleuth-Talba Wallis
  Sleuth-Tamara Hoyland Sleuth-Teddy Ruzak
  Sleuth-Terry McCaleb Sleuth-Terry Quinn
  Sleuth-Tess Monaghan Sleuth-Thea Kozak
  Sleuth-Theresa MacLean Sleuth-Thomas Barnaby
  Sleuth-Thomas Llewelyn Sleuth-Thomas Lynley
  Sleuth-Thomas Lyon Sleuth-Thomas Shield
  Sleuth-Tim Pincoski Sleuth-Timothy Cone
  Sleuth-Tom McInnes Sleuth-Tom Pollard
  Sleuth-Torrey Tunnet Sleuth-Trish Maguire
  Sleuth-Troy Sleuth-Truman Smith
  Sleuth-Tuesday Next Sleuth-Turing Hopper
  Sleuth-V. I. Warshawski Sleuth-Valentin St. Cyr
  Sleuth-Varnas Sleuth-Venus Diamond
  Sleuth-Veronica Speedwell Sleuth-Vic Paoli
  Sleuth-Vicky Bliss Sleuth-Victoria Lord
  Sleuth-Vince Cardozo Sleuth-Virgil Flowers
  Sleuth-Walt Longmire Sleuth-Wesley Peterson
  Sleuth-Wexford, Chief Inspector Sleuth-Wield
  Sleuth-Will Lee Sleuth-William Monk
  Sleuth-Willow King Sleuth-Wollie Shelley
  Sleuth-Zack Hunter Sleuth-Zoe Kaplan
  Sleuthing Small-town Life
  Smallpox Smoke Jumpers
  Smuggling Snails
  Snakes Snipers
  Snorkeling Snow
  Soap Operas Soccer
  Social Classes Social Commentary
  Social Criticism Social Issues
  Social Media Social Networking
  Social Workers Socialism
  Socialites Society in Transition
  Sociopaths Soldiers
  Solicitors Songwriters
  Sorcerers Sorcery
  Soul Mates Southern Fiction
  Southern Gothic Southerners
  Space Space Shuttle
  Spaniards Spanish Civil War
  Spanish Language Special Forces
  Special Olympics Speculative Fiction
  Spelling Bees Spies
  Spirits Spiritualism
  Spirituality Sports
  Sports Agents Sports Stars, Basketball
  Sports Stars, Football Sports Stories
  Spouse Abuse Stalin, Joseph
  Stalking Statistics
  Steampunk Steel Industry
  Stepbrothers Stepfamilies
  Stepfathers Stepmothers
  Stepsister Stock Market
  Stocks/Insider Trading Storytellers
  Strokes Student Loans
  Stuttering Submarines
  Suburban Life Suffragettes
  Suicide Summer
  Summer Camps Superheroes
  Supernatural Superstitions
  Surfing Surrogate Motherhood
  Survival Survivalists
  Suspense Swimming

  Talent Talent Agents
  Tall Tales Tarot
  Taxation Teacher/Student Relationships
  Teachers Technology
  Teen Pregnancy Teens
  Telepathy Televangelism
  Television Television Industry
  Tennis Terminal Illnesses
  Terror Terrorism
  Terrorists Theater
  Theater Scene Theft
  Therapists Think Tanks
  Thrillers Thrillers-Adventure
  Thrillers-Biological Thrillers-Ecological
  Thrillers-Financial Thrillers-Historical
  Thrillers-International Thrillers-Legal
  Thrillers-Medical Thrillers-Military
  Thrillers-Morality Tale Thrillers-Naval
  Thrillers-Political Thrillers-Political, British
  Thrillers-Psychological Thrillers-Religious
  Thrillers-Scientific Thrillers-Serial Killers
  Thrillers-Sexual Thrillers-Sports
  Thrillers-Spy Thrillers-Supernatural
  Thrillers-Techno Tidal Waves
  Time Time Travel
  Titanic Tlingit
  Tobacco Industry Tolerance
  Tornadoes Torture
  Totalitarian States Tourists
  Toys Trading
  Tragedies Tragedy
  Trains Traitors
  Transgender People Translations
  Trappers Travel
  Travelogue Treason
  Treasure Trees
  Trials Triathlon
  Tribes and Clans Triplets
  Troll True Crime
  Tuberculosis Tudor England
  Tulips Tutankhamen
  TV/Movie Tie-ins Twins

  U. F. O.s Undercover Officers
  Underground Railroad Unexplained Phenomena
  Unicorns United States Coast Guard
  United States Secret Service United States State Department
  United States Supreme Court Universities
  University and College Life Unreliable Narrator
  Unwed Mothers Urban Fantasy
  Urban Legends

  Vacations Values and Traditions
  Vampires Vandalism
  Vanity Vegetarianism
  Vengeance Veterans
  Veterinarians Victims
  Victorian England Victorian Era
  Victorian Houses Vietnam War
  Vietnam War Veterans Vigilantism
  Vignettes Vikings
  Village Life Violence
  Virtual Reality Viruses
  Viruses-Computer Visions
  Volkswagen Beetle Voodoo

  Wagers Wall Street
  Wandering War Crimes
  War Memorials War of 1812
  Water Rights Wealth
  Weapons Systems Weather Forecasters
  Weddings Werewolves
  Westerns Westerns-Historical
  Westerns-Historical Romance Westerns-Modern West
  Westerns-Mystery Westerns-Romance
  Whales White Collar Crime
  White House White Supremacy Movement
  Whitewater Rafting Widowers
  Widows Wild Men
  Wilderness Wilderness, American
  Wine Industry Winter
  Witchcraft Witches
  Witness Protection Program Wizards
  Wolves Women
  Women Pioneers Women's Fiction
  Women's Shelters Woolen Industry
  Work Workhouses
  Working Class World Records
  World War I World War II
  World War II-Homefront World's Fair
  Wrestling Writers
  Wrongful Convictions

  X-Files (Television Show)

  Yoga Young Adult Fiction
  Young Men Young Women

  Zealots Zombies

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