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Books written by
Muller, Marcia

26 Books written by Muller, Marcia


Trophies And Dead Things
A Wild and Lonely Place
Till the Butchers Cut Him Down
Edwin of the Iron Shoes
The Shape Of Dread
Where Echoes Live
Wolf in the Shadows
The Broken Promise Land
Ask the Cards a Question
Pennies on a Dead Woman's Eyes
Both Ends of the Night
There's Something In A Sunday: A Sharon McCone Mystery
Eye Of The Storm
The Cheshire Cat's Eye
While Other People Sleep
A Walk Through the Fire
Games to Keep the Dark Away
Listen to the Silence
Point Deception
Dead Midnight
The Dangerous Hour
Cape Perdido
Cyanide Wells
Vanishing Point
The Ever-Running Man
The Bughouse Affair: A Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery

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