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103 Books under Descriptor "Terrorism"

Title Author

3rd Degree: A Novel Gross, Andrew
Patterson, James
Absolute Friends Le Carre, John
Act of Treason Flynn, Vince
Adverbs: A Novel Handler, Daniel
The Afghan Forsyth, Frederick
After The First Death Cormier, Robert
After the Rain Logan, Chuck
Against All Enemies Coyle, Harold
All Due Respect Hinze, Vicki
All the Queen's Men Howard, Linda
American Pastoral Roth, Philip
Area 7 Reilly, Matthew
The Assassin Coonts, Stephen
At Risk Rimington, Stella
Bad Attitude Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Fountain, Ben
Blindfold Game Stabenow, Dana
Blow the House Down: A Novel Baer, Robert
Blown Mathews, Francine
Bog Child Dowd, Siobhan
The Bourne Ultimatum Ludlum, Robert
The Cobra Event Preston, Richard
Consent to Kill: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
The Conspiracy Cresswell, Jasmine
Countdown Johansen, Iris
The Cutout Mathews, Francine
Dark Justice Higgins, Jack
Day of Reckoning Higgins, Jack
The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland DeFede, Jim
Dead Aim Johansen, Iris
Dead Heat: A Mystery Francis, Dick
Francis, Felix
The Defector Silva, Daniel
The Devil's Teardrop: A Novel of the Last Night of the Century Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Ends of the Earth Downs, Tim
The English Spy Silva, Daniel
Extreme Denial Morrell, David
Extreme Measures: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Foer, Jonathan Safran
The Faithful Spy: A Novel Berenson, Alex
The Fallen Angel Silva, Daniel
The Flamethrowers Kushner, Rachel
Friends, Lovers, Enemies: A Novel Victor, Barbara
The Ghost War Berenson, Alex
The Ghost: A Novel Harris, Robert
The Gift Of A Falcon: A Novel Harrington, Kent
The Goldfinch Tartt, Donna
Gone Tomorrow Child, Lee
The Gun Seller Laurie, Hugh
The Heist: A Novel Silva, Daniel
House of Spies Silva, Daniel
Incendiary Cleave, Chris
Intelligence Hasler, Susan
The Janson Directive Ludlum, Robert
The Judas Strain Rollins, James
Kill Shot Flynn, Vince
Killing Ground Higgins, Jack
The Last Oracle: A Sigma Force Novel Rollins, James
Last Rights: A Novel Shelby, Philip
Liberty Coonts, Stephen
Lies Of Silence Moore, Brian
Little Brother Doctorow, Cory
London Bridges: A Novel Patterson, James
Lost City Radio: A Novel Alarcon, Daniel
Ludmila's Broken English Pierre, DBC
Memorial Day Flynn, Vince
The Messenger Silva, Daniel
Midnight Runner Higgins, Jack
Mission Compromised North, Oliver
Moscow Rules Silva, Daniel
Murder at the Opera: A Capital Crimes Novel Truman, Margaret
Night Fall DeMille, Nelson
On Thin Ice: A Novel Adair, Cherry
The Overlook Connelly, Michael
The Pinocchio Syndrome Zeman, David
Pirate: A Novel Bell, Ted
Plum & Jaggers Adams, Douglas
Shreve, Susan Richards
The President is Missing:A Novel Clinton, Bill
Patterson, James
Prince of Fire Silva, Daniel
Protect and Defend: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
The Revisionists Mullen, Thomas
The Rhythm Section Burnell, Mark
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy: A Novel Lustbader, Eric
Robert Ludlum's the Paris Option Ludlum, Robert
Lynds, Gayle
Rough Justice Higgins, Jack
The Rules of Silence Lindsey, David L.
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Torday, Paul
Secret Asset: A Novel Rimington, Stella
The Secret Servant Silva, Daniel
Shutdown Pineiro, R. J.
Spark Twelve Hawks, John
Sphere of Influence Mills, Kyle
The Submission Waldman, Amy
Sum Of All Fears Clancy, Tom
Terrorist Updike, John
The Thirteenth Hour Sofer, Barbara
Torn Away Heneghan, James
The Traitor: A Tommy Carmellini Novel Coonts, Stephen
A Twist Of The Knife Solomita, Stephen
White Heat Adair, Cherry
Wild Fire DeMille, Nelson
Winkie Chase, Clifford
The World to Come Horn, Dara
The Zero Hour: A Novel Finder, Joseph

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