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84 Books under Descriptor "Assassination"

Title Author

11/22/63 King, Stephen
Act of Treason Flynn, Vince
The Alexandria Link Berry, Steve
All-American Girl Cabot, Meg
The Ambler Warning Ludlum, Robert
As Time Goes By: A Novel of Casablanca Walsh, Michael
The Assassin Coonts, Stephen
The Assassini Gifford, Thomas
The Assassins Gallery Robbins, David L.
Bad Monkeys Ruff, Matt
Blind Run Lewin, Patricia
Blowout: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
The Boleyn Inheritance Gregory, Philippa
The Brotherhood of the Rose Morrell, David
The Cain Conversion Aellen, Richard
The Camel Club Baldacci, David
The Collectors Baldacci, David
The Confessor Silva, Daniel
Consent to Kill: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
The Conspiracy Cresswell, Jasmine
Dark Justice Higgins, Jack
Days Of Drums: A Novel Shelby, Philip
Dead Aim Johansen, Iris
Dead Witch Walking Harrison, Kim
Death Angel: A Novel Howard, Linda
Devils Hole Branon, Bill
Divine Justice Baldacci, David
Echo Burning Child, Lee
Edge of Danger Higgins, Jack
Envy the Night Koryta, Michael
The Ethical Assassin Liss, David
Fatal Gift Frase, H. Michael
The Fifth Elephant: A Novel of Discworld Pratchett, Terry
Five Past Midnight: A Novel Thayer, James Stewart
Garden of Beasts: A Novel of Berlin 1936 Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Hell's Corner Baldacci, David
Hidden Prey Sandford, John
The Hunchback Assignments Slade, Arthur
Illegal Action Rimington, Stella
India Black and the Widow of Windsor: A Madam of Espionage Mystery Carr, Carol K.
The Inner Circle Meltzer, Brad
The Innocent: A Novel Baldacci, David
The Inside Ring Lawson, Michael
The Intern's Handbook Kuhn, Shane
Judge & Jury Gross, Andrew
Patterson, James
Kataki: A Novel Searls, Hank
Kill Shot Flynn, Vince
Killing Ground Higgins, Jack
Killing Kennedy: the End of Camelot Dugard, Martin
O'Reilly, Bill
Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever Dugard, Martin
O'Reilly, Bill
Killing Regean the Violent Assault that Changed a Presidency Dugard, Martin
O'Reilly, Bill
The Kings of Clonmel (Ranger's Apprentice BK 8) Flanagan, John
Kiss Me While I Sleep Howard, Linda
Last Rights: A Novel Shelby, Philip
Late for the Wedding Quick, Amanda
Leviathan (Book One) Westerfeld, Scott
Lost Lake Margolin, Phillip
Manhunt: The Twelve-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer Swanson, James L.
Mockingjay Collins, Suzanne
Naked Brunch: A Howlingly Funny Novel of Love Run Wild Hayter, Sparkle
No One to Trust Johansen, Iris
On Secret Service: A Novel Jakes, John
Prodigy: a Legend Novel Lu, Marie
The Protector Morrell, David
The Purple Emperor Brennan, Herbie
Rain Fall Eisler, Barry
Red Rabbit Clancy, Tom
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy: A Novel Lustbader, Eric
Rough Justice Higgins, Jack
Royal Flush: A Royal Spyness Mystery Bowen, Rhys
The Sands of Sakkara Meade, Glenn
Scimitar: A Novel Abbott, John
Scott Free Gilstrap, John
Shoot Him If He Runs Woods, Stuart
Smoker Rucka, Greg
Snow Wolf Meade, Glenn
Spark Twelve Hawks, John
Split Second: A Novel Baldacci, David
Squeeze Play Kaiser, R. J.
TailSpin: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Throne of Glass Maas, Sarah J.
To Trust a Stranger Robards, Karen
The Visible World Slouka, Mark
The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders Browne, Marshall

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