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68 Books under Descriptor "CIA"

Title Author

Act of Treason Flynn, Vince
Afraid of the Dark Grippando, James
All the Queen's Men Howard, Linda
The Ambler Warning Ludlum, Robert
The Assassin Coonts, Stephen
Black Heart Black, Holly
Blind Run Lewin, Patricia
Blindfold Game Stabenow, Dana
Blood Oath Farnsworth, Christopher
Blow the House Down: A Novel Baer, Robert
Blown Mathews, Francine
The Brethren Grisham, John
The Broker Grisham, John
Burnt Sienna Morrell, David
Capital Crimes: A Novel Woods, Stuart
Code to Zero Follett, Ken
Consent to Kill: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
The Cutout Mathews, Francine
Dark Harbor Woods, Stuart
Dark of Night: A Novel Brockmann, Suzanne
Dead Aim Johansen, Iris
The Deceived Battles, Brett
Deep Lie: A Novel Woods, Stuart
Digital Fortress Brown, Dan
Divine Justice Baldacci, David
The Double Eagle Twining, James
The Expats: A Novel Pavone, Chris
The Faithful Spy: A Novel Berenson, Alex
Falling Awake Krentz, Jayne Ann
Flashpoint: A Novel Brockmann, Suzanne
The Ghost War Berenson, Alex
Gorky Park Smith, Martin Cruz
The Hadrian Memorandum Folsom, Allan
Hush Robards, Karen
Intelligence Hasler, Susan
Kill Shot Flynn, Vince
Kiss Me While I Sleep Howard, Linda
Lord Vishnu's Love Handles: A Spy Novel (Sort Of) Clarke, Will
The Lost Symbol Brown, Dan
Monday's Lie Mason, Jamie
The New Girl: A Novel Silva, Daniel
Obsession Robards, Karen
Out of Reach Lewin, Patricia
Past Perfect: A Novel Isaacs, Susan
The Pinocchio Syndrome Zeman, David
The President's Vampire Farnsworth, Christopher
The Prometheus Deception Ludlum, Robert
The Protector Morrell, David
Quantum Grace, Tom
Rain Fall Eisler, Barry
Red Glove Black, Holly
Red, White and Blood Farnsworth, Christopher
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy: A Novel Lustbader, Eric
Robert Ludlum's the Paris Option Ludlum, Robert
Lynds, Gayle
The Sanctuary Khoury, Raymond
Shoot Him If He Runs Woods, Stuart
Simple Genius Baldacci, David
Sphere of Influence Mills, Kyle
Spycatcher Dunn, Matthew
They're Watching Hurwitz, Greg
The Traitor: A Tommy Carmellini Novel Coonts, Stephen
Tree of Smoke Johnson, Denis
Twilight Hunger Shayne, Maggie
Two-Dollar Bill Woods, Stuart
Up Country: A Novel DeMille, Nelson
A View from the Square Trenhaile, John
Whirlwind: A Novel Garber, Joseph R.
Wings in the Night Shayne, Maggie

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