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Mystery-Private Investigator

191 Books under Descriptor "Mystery-Private Investigator"

Title Author

Angel Fire Miscione, Lisa
An Appointment in May: A Dave Garrett Mystery Albert, Neil
Aquarius Descending Lawrence, Martha C.
Ask the Cards a Question Muller, Marcia
Away with the Fairies: A Phryne Fisher Mystery Greenwood, Kerry
Back Spin Coben, Harlan
Bad Business Parker, Robert B.
The Beekeeper's Apprentice: On the Segregation of the Queen King, Laurie R.
Birth Marks Dunant, Sarah
A Bitter Feast Rozan, S. J.
Black Cherry Blues Burke, James Lee
A Blast Of Trumpets Creasey, John
Blood Sacrifice: A Mystery Of The Yucatan Alexander, Gary
Blood Shot Paretsky, Sara
Blood Will Tell: A Kate Shugak Mystery Stabenow, Dana
Both Ends of the Night Muller, Marcia
Breakup Stabenow, Dana
The Broken Promise Land Muller, Marcia
Burn Marks Paretsky, Sara
Burning March: A Dave Garrett Mystery Albert, Neil
By a Spider's Thread Lippman, Laura
By Evil Means Prowell, Sandra West
Chasing the Devil's Tail Fulmer, David
The Cheshire Cat's Eye Muller, Marcia
China Trade Rozan, S. J.
Chinese Restaurants Never Serve Breakfast Gilligan, Roy
Claire Fontaine, Crime Fighter: A Novel of Life and Death - and Shoes Enright, Tracey
The Cleveland Connection: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
Cocaine Blues: A Phryne Fisher Mystery Greenwood, Kerry
A Cold Day in Paradise Hamilton, Steve
The Cold Heart of Capricorn Lawrence, Martha C.
Cold Night Sarrantonio, Al
Cold Service Parker, Robert B.
A Cold-Blooded Business Stabenow, Dana
Collision Bend: A Cleveland Novel Featuring Milan Jacovich Roberts, Les
Concourse Rozan, S. J.
Crimson Joy Parker, Robert B.
Cruel April: A Dave Garrett Mystery Albert, Neil
The Cuckoo's Calling Galbraith, Robert
`C` Is For Corpse: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery Grafton, Sue
The Dangerous Hour Muller, Marcia
The Dark Enquiry: A Lady Julia Grey Novel Raybourn, Deanna
Dark Horse Hoag, Tami
Dead Midnight Muller, Marcia
Deadlock: A V. I. Warshawski Mystery Paretsky, Sara
Deadly Resolutions Ashwood-Collins, Anna
Death On Deadline: A Nero Wolfe Mystery Goldsborough, Robert
Deep Shaker Roberts, Les
Dirt: A Novel Woods, Stuart
Dirty Laundry: A Sofie Metropolis Novel Carrington, Tori
Dixie City Jam Burke, James Lee
Downriver Estleman, Loren D.
A Drink Before the War Lehane, Dennis
The Dutch: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
`D` is for Deadbeat Grafton, Sue
Edwin of the Iron Shoes Muller, Marcia
The End of Emerald Woods Walker, David J.
Epitaph For A Loser Doyle, James T.
The Ever-Running Man Muller, Marcia
Eye Of The Storm Muller, Marcia
`E` Is For Evidence: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery Grafton, Sue
The Faberge Egg: An Amos McGuffin Series Upton, Robert
Fade Away Coben, Harlan
Farewell, My Lovely Chandler, Raymond
Favor Hall, Parnell
The February Trouble Albert, Neil
The Final Detail Coben, Harlan
A Fine and Bitter Snow Stabenow, Dana
The Flip Side Of Life Martin, James E.
Flying Too High: A Phryne Fisher Mystery Greenwood, Kerry
The Frog King McConnell, Frank D.
Full Cleveland Roberts, Les
`F` is for Fugitive: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery Grafton, Sue
Gallows Thief Cornwell, Bernard
The Game King, Laurie R.
Games to Keep the Dark Away Muller, Marcia
A Grave Denied Stabenow, Dana
`G` Is For Gumshoe: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery Grafton, Sue
The Harry Chronicles Pedrazas, Alan
Hear No Evil Grippando, James
Hell to Pay: A Novel Pelecanos, George P.
The Hosanna Shout Irvine, R. R.
Hot and Sweaty Rex: A Dinosaur Mafia Mystery Garcia, Eric
House of Smoke Freedman, J. F.
Hundred-Dollar Baby Parker, Robert B.
The Hunting Wind: An Alex McKnight Mystery Hamilton, Steve
`H` Is For Homicide Grafton, Sue
I, the Jury Spillane, Mickey
Ice For The Eskimo: A J. D. Hawkins Mystery Philbrick, W. R.
Ice Run Hamilton, Steve
In a Strange City Lippman, Laura
The Indian Sign Roberts, Les
The Irish Sports Pages: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
`I` is for Innocent Grafton, Sue
The January Corpse Albert, Neil
Justice Hall King, Laurie R.
`J` Is For Judgment Grafton, Sue
Killing Grounds: A Kate Shugak Mystery Stabenow, Dana
The Killing of Monday Brown: A Phoebe Siegel Mystery Prowell, Sandra West
King of the Holly Hop: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
`K` Is For Killer Grafton, Sue
L. A. Dead Woods, Stuart
The Last Place: A Novel Lippman, Laura
Listen to the Silence Muller, Marcia
Louisiana Hotshot Smith, Julie
`L` Is For Lawless Grafton, Sue
The Man With No Time: A Simeon Grist Mystery Hallinan, Timothy
Mandarin Plaid Rozan, S. J.
March Violets Kerr, Philip
Masquerade In Blue Brod, D. C.
The Mercy Trap Martin, James E.
Morality for Beautiful Girls McCall Smith, Alexander
Mortal Stakes Parker, Robert B.
The Mother Shadow Howe, Melodie Johnson
Murder at the Opera: A Capital Crimes Novel Truman, Margaret
Murder by the Book Brown, Eric
Murder in Scorpio: A Mystery Lawrence, Martha C.
Murder: A Novel Hall, Parnell
`M` Is For Malice Grafton, Sue
Night Shadows Ely, Ron
Ninja Soccer Moms Apodaca, Jennifer
No Colder Place Rozan, S. J.
No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency McCall Smith, Alexander
North of Nowhere: An Alex McNight Mystery Hamilton, Steve
Now and Then Parker, Robert B.
`N` is for Noose Grafton, Sue
One False Move: A Myron Bolitar Mystery Coben, Harlan
`O` is for Outlaw Grafton, Sue
Painted Ladies: A Spenser Novel Parker, Robert B.
Pennies on a Dead Woman's Eyes Muller, Marcia
Pepper Pike: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
Perchance To Dream: Robert B. Parker's Sequel To Raymond Chandler's THE BIG SLEEP Parker, Robert B.
Pisces Rising Lawrence, Martha C.
Playmates Parker, Robert B.
Polo's Ponies: A Nick Polo Mystery Kennedy, Jerry
Prelude to Death: A Blaine Stewart Mystery Zukowski, Sharon
Pretty Girl Gone Housewright, David
The Professional: A Spenser Novel Parker, Robert B.
`P` is for Peril Grafton, Sue
`Q` is for Quarry Grafton, Sue
Reflecting the Sky Rozan, S. J.
Robert B. Parker's Little White Lies:A Spenser Novel Atkins, Ace
Rough Weather: A Spenser Novel Parker, Robert B.
Runaway Man Handler, David
`R` is for Ricochet Grafton, Sue
S is for Silence Grafton, Sue
School Days: A Spenser Novel Parker, Robert B.
The Shape Of Dread Muller, Marcia
A Shoot in Cleveland: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
The Silent Hour Koryta, Michael
Silent Thunder Estleman, Loren D.
The Singing of the Dead Stabenow, Dana
Sixkill: A Spenser Novel Parker, Robert B.
A Smile on the Face of the Tiger Estleman, Loren D.
The Snake Tattoo Barnes, Linda
Some Danger Involved Thomas, Will
The Sorcerer's Circle Siverling, Michael
Sorrow's Anthem Koryta, Michael
The Spellman Files Lutz, Lisa
A Stained White Radiance Burke, James Lee
Stardust Parker, Robert B.
Steel Guitar Barnes, Linda
Stone Quarry Rozan, S. J.
T is for Trespass Grafton, Sue
Tears of the Giraffe: More from the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency McCall Smith, Alexander
There's Something In A Sunday: A Sharon McCone Mystery Muller, Marcia
Till the Butchers Cut Him Down Muller, Marcia
Time Exposure Lutz, John
Timothy's Game Sanders, Lawrence
Tonight I Said Goodbye Koryta, Michael
Trophies And Dead Things Muller, Marcia
U is for Undertow Grafton, Sue
Under My Skin: A Hannah Wolfe Novel Dunant, Sarah
Urn Burial Greenwood, Kerry
Vanishing Point Muller, Marcia
Walking Shadow Parker, Robert B.
Wall Of Glass Satterthwait, Walter
A Welcome Grave Koryta, Michael
When Old Men Die Crider, Bill
When Wallflowers Die: A Phoebe Siegel Mystery Prowell, Sandra West
While Other People Sleep Muller, Marcia
Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca: a Leo Waterman Mystery Ford, G.M.
A Wild and Lonely Place Muller, Marcia
Windy City Blues: V. I. Warshawski Stories Paretsky, Sara
Winter and Night Rozan, S. J.
Winter of the Wolf Moon Hamilton, Steve
The Witchfinder Estleman, Loren D.
Wolf in the Shadows Muller, Marcia
The Woman Who Married A Bear Straley, John
Working Stiff: A Sofie Metropolis Novel Carrington, Tori
`A` Is For Alibi: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery Grafton, Sue

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