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118 Books under Descriptor "Mystery-Urban"

Title Author

77th Street Requiem: a Maggie MacGowen Mystery Hornsby, Wendy
Along Came A Spider: A Novel Patterson, James
Bad Business Parker, Robert B.
Baltimore Blues Lippman, Laura
Black Betty Mosley, Walter
Blood Shot Paretsky, Sara
Both Ends of the Night Muller, Marcia
The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart: A Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery Block, Lawrence
Burn Marks Paretsky, Sara
The Case Of Jennie Brice Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Children of the Street Quartey, Kwei
China Trade Rozan, S. J.
Chutes and Adders Block, Barbara
The Cleveland Connection: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
The Cleveland Local Roberts, Les
Cold Call Pugh, Dianne G.
Cold Service Parker, Robert B.
Collision Bend: A Cleveland Novel Featuring Milan Jacovich Roberts, Les
Crimson Joy Parker, Robert B.
Day of Atonement: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Mystery Kellerman, Faye
Deadlock: A V. I. Warshawski Mystery Paretsky, Sara
Death in Little Tokyo: A Ken Tanaka Mystery Furutani, Dale
Deficit Ending Martin, Lee
Devil in a Blue Dress Mosley, Walter
Downriver Estleman, Loren D.
A Drink Before the War Lehane, Dennis
Eminence Kienzle, William X.
Epitaph For A Loser Doyle, James T.
Erased: A General Jack Hospital Mystery Bailey, Jo
Eye Of The Storm Muller, Marcia
`E` Is For Evidence: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery Grafton, Sue
Farewell, My Lovely Chandler, Raymond
A Fatal Advent Holland, Isabelle
The February Trouble Albert, Neil
A Fine Italian Hand Wright, Eric
The Flip Side Of Life Martin, James E.
Full Cleveland Roberts, Les
Garden of Evil : A Britt Montero Mystery Buchanan, Edna
The Girl in the Green Raincoat: A Tess Monaghan Novel Lippman, Laura
A Good Night To Kill O'Donnell, Lillian
`G` Is For Gumshoe: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery Grafton, Sue
Hard Women: A Cat Marsala Mystery D'Amato, Barbara
Hardball D'Amato, Barbara
Heading Uptown: A Nina Fischman Mystery Piesman, Marissa
Ice For The Eskimo: A J. D. Hawkins Mystery Philbrick, W. R.
Ice: A Major New Novel About The World Of The 87th Precinct McBain, Ed
In a Strange City Lippman, Laura
In the Dark Brennan, Carol
Invisible Boy Read, Cornelia
IQ Ide, Joe
Killing Time: An Inspector Bill Slider Mystery Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Kindness Goes Unpunished: A Walt Longmire Mystery Johnson, Craig
King of the Holly Hop: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
Kiss: A Novel Of The 87th Precinct McBain, Ed
Lady Killer McBain, Ed
The Last Coyote Connelly, Michael
The Last Place: A Novel Lippman, Laura
A Lethal Vintage Sylvester, Martin
Liar: An Irene Kelly Mystery Burke, Jan
London Boulevard Bruen, Ken
Louisiana Hotshot Smith, Julie
Lullaby: An 87th Precinct Novel McBain, Ed
`L` Is For Lawless Grafton, Sue
Mallory's Oracle O'Connell, Carol
The Man Who Murdered God Reynolds, John Lawrence
Masquerade Kienzle, William X.
The Mensa Murders Martin, Lee
The Mercedes Coffin Kellerman, Faye
The Mercy Trap Martin, James E.
Milk and Honey: A Novel Kellerman, Faye
Mortal Stakes Parker, Robert B.
Murder In A Good Cause Sale, Medora
Murder Most Gentrified Bringle, Mary
Murder Times Two: A Reuben Frost Mystery Murphy, Haughton
Murder: A Novel Hall, Parnell
Name Withheld: A J. P. Beaumont Mystery Jance, Judith A.
No Colder Place Rozan, S. J.
One for the Money Evanovich, Janet
The Other Side Of The Door O'Donnell, Lillian
Park Lane South, Queens Kelly, Mary Anne
Pepper Pike: A Milan Jacovich Mystery Roberts, Les
Perilous Relations: A Barbara Simons Mystery Epstein, Carole
Playmates Parker, Robert B.
A Private Crime O'Donnell, Lillian
Privileged Lives Stewart, Edward
Pronto Leonard, Elmore
Robert B. Parker's Little White Lies:A Spenser Novel Atkins, Ace
The Sculptress Walters, Minette
The Seventh Commandment Sanders, Lawrence
The Shape Of Dread Muller, Marcia
Shooter Kinkopf, Eric
Sideswipe: A Novel Willeford, Charles Ray
Silent Thunder Estleman, Loren D.
Size 12 Is Not Fat: A Heather Wells Mystery Cabot, Meg
A Smile on the Face of the Tiger Estleman, Loren D.
The Snake Tattoo Barnes, Linda
The Song is You Abbott, Megan
Stardust Parker, Robert B.
The Stone Veil Tierney, Ronald
Suspicion Of Innocence Parker, Barbara
Telling Lies: A Maggie MacGowen Mystery Hornsby, Wendy
There's Something In A Sunday: A Sharon McCone Mystery Muller, Marcia
Three to Get Deadly Evanovich, Janet
Time Exposure Lutz, John
Timothy's Game Sanders, Lawrence
Trick of Light Hunt, David
Trophies And Dead Things Muller, Marcia
A Trouble Of Fools Barnes, Linda
A Twist Of The Knife Solomita, Stephen
Until Death Whitney, Polly
Walking Shadow Parker, Robert B.
The Way We Die Now: A Novel Willeford, Charles Ray
When the Sacred Ginmill Closes Block, Lawrence
While My Pretty One Sleeps Clark, Mary Higgins
Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca: a Leo Waterman Mystery Ford, G.M.
Widows: A Novel McBain, Ed
Windy City Holton, Hugh
Windy City Blues: V. I. Warshawski Stories Paretsky, Sara

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