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111 Books under Descriptor "Abandonment"

Title Author

Analyst Katzenbach, John
Ask Again Later: A Novel Davis, Jill A.
Back Roads: A Novel O'Dell, Tawni
Blackbird: A Childhood Lost and Found Lauck, Jennifer
Blessings: A Novel Quindlen, Anna
Boys in the Boat Brown, Daniel James
The Bridge Bergren, Lisa Tawn
Burial Rites: A Novel Kent, Hannah
Burning Marguerite Innes-Brown, Elizabeth
Catalyst Anderson, Laurie Halse
Church of Marvels Parry, Leslie
Close Your Eyes: A Novel Ward, Amanda Eyre
The Cradle: A Novel Somerville, Patrick
The Crane Wife Ness, Patrick
Crusader Bloor, Edward
The Dart League King Morris, Keith Lee
Death of Bees O'Donnell, Lisa
Double Take: A Novel Joyce, Brenda
Eddie's Bastard Kowalski, William
Emma Brown Bronte, Charlotte
Boylan, Clare
The Emperor's Conspiracy Diener, Michelle
Ender in Exile Card, Orson Scott
Faith Fox Gardam, Jane
Fangirl Rowell, Rainbow
The Fiercer Heart Gilchrist, Micaela
Find Me: a Novel Van Den Berg, Laura
Finding Noel Evans, Richard Paul
First Impressions Roberts, Nora
Flash Burnout Madigan, K.L.
The Flight of Gemma Hardy Livesey, Margot
For One More Day Albom, Mitch
Fragile Beasts: A Novel O'Dell, Tawni
Gentlemen & Players Harris, Joanne
Gilead: A Novel Robinson, Marilynne
Girls in Trouble Leavitt, Caroline
The Girls: A Novel Lansens, Lori
Halfway Home Sheldon, Mary
Hannibal Rising Harris, Thomas
How to Ruin a Summer Vacation Elkeles, Simone
How to Say Goodbye in Robot Staniford, Natalie
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone Kuehnert, Stephanie
I, Fatty Stahl, Jerry
The Imposter Bride Richler, Nancy
Incarceron Fisher, Catherine
Invisible i Kantor, Melissa
Iron House Hart, John
The Irresistible Henry House Grunwald, Lisa
Isabel's Daughter Hendricks, Judith Ryan
Island of the Blue Dolphins O'Dell, Scott
Just the Way You Want Me Eisenberg, Nora
Kid Moses Thornton, Mark R.
Lessons in Seduction Bennett, Sara
Light on Snow: A Novel Shreve, Anita
Little Fires Everywhere Ng, Celeste
Lord of the Flies Golding, William
Lullaby Orcutt, Jane
Made in the U.S.A. Letts, Billie
Man and Boy Parsons, Tony
Maple Dale Myers, MaryAnn
Marrying the Mistress Trollope, Joanna
The Martian Weir, Andy
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Patterson, James
The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls Delsol, Wendy
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac Zevin, Gabrielle
The Men I Didn't Marry: A Novel Schnurnberger, Lynn
Kaplan, Janice
The Miles Between Pearson, Mary E.
Nights in Rodanthe Sparks, Nicholas
North River: A Novel Hamill, Pete
Nothing Serious Levy, Justine
An Ocean in Iowa Hedges, Peter
The Painted Bird Kosinski, Jerzy
Penelopiad Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
Personal Velocity Miller, Rebecca
Please Ignore Vera Dietz King, A.S.
Please Look After Mom Shin, Kyung-Sook
A Proper Education for Girls: A Novel diRollo, Elaine
The Red Thread Hood, Ann
A Redbird Christmas Flagg, Fannie
The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge Punke, Michael
Sandcastles Rice, Luanne
Sarah's Key De Rosnay, Tatiana
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt Hoffman, Beth
The Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard McGraw, Erin
The Silver Boat Rice, Luanne
The Silver Star: A Novel Walls, Jeannette
Skyward Monroe, Mary Alice
Smooth Talking Stranger Kleypas, Lisa
Some Kind of Wonderful Freethy, Barbara
Something More Dailey, Janet
Something Rising (Light and Swift) Kimmel, Haven
Spilling Clarence Ursu, Anne
The Story of Lucy Gault Trevor, William
Summer Island Hannah, Kristin
The Sweet In-Between Reynolds, Sheri
A Tale for the Time Being Ozeki, Ruth
The Tale of Hawthorn House: The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter Albert, Susan Wittig
The Tenderness of Wolves Penney, Stef
This is Not a Test Summers, Courtney
Three Bargains: a Novel Malik, Tania
Tidings of Comfort and Joy: A Tender Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption Bunn, T. Davis
Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See Garey, Juliann
Undead and Uneasy Davidson, Mary Janice
Velva Jean Learns to Drive Niven, Jennifer
What We Keep: A Novel Berg, Elizabeth
What's the Girl Worth? Fitzpatrick, Christina
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Holt, Kimberly Willis
While I Was Gone Miller, Sue
Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter: A Novel Patton, Lisa
The White Darkness Geraldine McCaughrean
White Oleander Fitch. Janet
Wrecker Wood, Summer

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