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109 Books under Descriptor "Attorneys"

Title Author

The 8th Confession Paetro, Maxine
Patterson, James
The 9th Judgment Paetro, Maxine
Patterson, James
Absolute Certainty Connors, Rose
An Accidental Woman Delinsky, Barbara
The Amber Room Berry, Steve
Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel Blachman, Jeremy
The Appeal Grisham, John
Ask Again Later: A Novel Davis, Jill A.
The Associate Margolin, Phillip
Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday Atherton, Nancy
The Ballad of Frankie Silver McCrumb, Sharyn
Beach Road De Jonge, Peter
Patterson, James
Beachcomber Robards, Karen
Bitter River Keller, Julia
The Black Path Larsson, Asa
Blind Goddess : a Hanne Wilhelmsen Novel Holt, Anne
Blind Spot Kane, Stephanie
The Blood Spilt Larsson, Asa
The Blue Edge of Midnight King, Jonathon
The Bodies Left Behind Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Bone Valley Matturro, Claire
Born to Run Grippando, James
The Brass Verdict Connelly, Michael
The Broker Grisham, John
The Burgess Boys Strout, Elizabeth
Caroline's Journal Stone, Katherine
Chasing Darkness: An Elvis Cole Novel Crais, Robert
A Clean Kill Stewart, Mike
The Cliff House Strangler: A Sarah Woolson Mystery Tallman, Shirley
Code Name: Nanny Skye, Christina
Courting Trouble Scottoline, Lisa
Cover-Up Martinez, Michele
Dark Tort Davidson, Diane Mott
The Dawn Patrol Winslow, Don
The Deep Blue Alibi Levine, Paul
Defending Jacob Landay, William
Desperate Measures Wilhelm, Kate
Doctored Evidence: A Suspense Novel Biehl, Michael M.
Don't Look Now Miller, Linda Lael
Equivocal Death: A Novel Gutman, Amy
Everything She Thought She Wanted Buchan, Elizabeth
Extreme Indifference Kane, Stephanie
The Fifth Angel Green, Tim
The Finishing School: A Novel of Suspense Martinez, Michele
The Fixer Upper: A Novel Andrews, Mary Kay
Flight To Yesterday Johnston, Velda
Frame Up Dobbyn, John F.
Fury Tanenbaum, Robert K.
The Gardens of the Dead Brodrick, William
The Girl Who Disappeared Twice Kane, Andrea
Guilty Robards, Karen
Hear No Evil Grippando, James
Heart of the Matter Giffin, Emily
Incriminating Evidence Siegel, Sheldon
Just Take My Heart: A Novel Clark, Mary Higgins
Just the Sexiest Man Alive James, Julie
Killer Smile Scottoline, Lisa
Kindness Goes Unpunished: A Walt Longmire Mystery Johnson, Craig
King of Lies Hart, John
King of Torts Grisham, John
A King's Ransom Grippando, James
The Lake House Patterson, James
Last to Die Grippando, James
Late Bloomer Michaels, Fern
Law of Attraction Leotta, Allison
The Lincoln Lawyer: A Novel Connelly, Michael
The Litigators Grisham, John
A Little Life Yanagihara, Hanya
Lost in the Night Delinsky, Barbara
Stuart, Anne
Quinn, Tara Taylor
Lost Lake Margolin, Phillip
Lying with Strangers Grippando, James
Marcelo in the Real World Stork, Francisco X
Maximum Security: A Crime Novel Connors, Rose
The Men I Didn't Marry: A Novel Schnurnberger, Lynn
Kaplan, Janice
Mercy Garwood, Julie
Midnight Bayou Roberts, Nora
Most Wanted Martinez, Michele
Mr. Paradise Leonard, Elmore
My Summer of Southern Discomfort: A Novel Gayle, Stephanie
The Old Romantic: A Novel Dean, Louise
Paradise Fields Fforde, Katie
Play Dead: A Novel Rosenfelt, David
The Prudence of the Flesh: A Father Dowling Mystery McInerny, Ralph M.
Puppet Fielding, Joy
Reconstructing Amelia: A Novel McCreight, Kimberly
Remains Silent: A Novel Baden, Michael M.
Kenney, Linda
The Reversal Connelly, Michael
Romantically Challenged Orsoff, Beth
Run for Your Life Kane, Andrea
Savor the Moment Roberts, Nora
Seeds of Doubt Kane, Stephanie
Shattered Robards, Karen
Short Straw Woods, Stuart
Shoveling Smoke: A Clay Parker Crime Novel Davis, Austin
Skinny-dipping Matturro, Claire
Speaking in Tongues: A Novel Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Spilled Blood Freeman, Brian
Suspicious Origin MacDonald, Patricia J.
Temporary Sanity Connors, Rose
True Colors Hannah, Kristin
Uncommon Justice Devane, Terry
Vanished Robards, Karen
The Wedding: A Novel Steel, Danielle
When Night Falls Anderson, Linda
White Hot Brown, Sandra
Wildcat Wine: A Novel of Suspense Matturro, Claire
Willow Andrews, V. C.
The Woods Coben, Harlan
A Wrongful Death Wilhelm, Kate

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