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271 Books under Descriptor "Sisters"

Title Author

Alison's Automotive Repair Manual : A Novel Barkley, Brad
All-American Girl Cabot, Meg
Always, Julia Wood, Marcia
Amity & Sorrow Riley, Peggy
Anybody Out There? Keyes, Marian
As Dead as it Gets Alender, Katie
Ask Again Later: A Novel Davis, Jill A.
Atonement McEwan, Ian
Bad Girls Don't Linz, Cathie
Bad Girls Don't Die Alender, Katie
The Bay at Midnight Chamberlain, Diane
Beautiful Malice James, Rebecca
Bed & Breakfast Battle, Lois
Between Earth and Sky Osborn, Karen
Big Girls Don't Cry Linz, Cathie
Bittersweet: a novel McCullough, Colleen
The Blind Assassin Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
Blood Dreams Hooper, Kay
Body Double: A Novel Gerritsen, Tess
Born in Fire Roberts, Nora
Born in Ice Roberts, Nora
The Brambles Minot, Eliza
Brass Ring Chamberlain, Diane
Cage of Stars Mitchard, Jacquelyn
Caroline's Journal Stone, Katherine
Carthage Oates, Joyce Carol
A Catered Thanksgiving Crawford, Isis
Chains Anderson, Laurie Halse
Charmed and Dangerous Wilde, Lori
Chill of Fear Hooper, Kay
The Christmas Basket Macomber, Debbie
Christmas Letters Macomber, Debbie
Church of Marvels Parry, Leslie
Claudia Silver to the Rescue Ebel, Kathy
Coastliners Harris, Joanne
Code Name: Nanny Skye, Christina
Cold Day in July Cameron, Stella
Coldwater McConnochie, Mardi
The Color of Love Kitt, Sandra
The Color Purple Walker, Alice
The Cookbook Collector Goodman, Allegra
Cupid and Diana Bartolomeo, Christina
Daddy's Little Girl Clark, Mary Higgins
The Damage Done Davidson, Hilary
The Dark and Hollow Places Ryan, Carrie
The Dark Queen: A Novel Carroll, Susan
The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches : A Flavia de Luce Novel Bradley, Alan
Dead Is a State of Mind Perez, Marlene
Dead is Just a Rumor Perez, Marlene
Dead is Not an Option Perez, Marlene
Dead is so Last Year Perez, Marlene
Dead Is the New Black Perez, Marlene
Dead Run Spindler, Erica
Dead Sleep Iles, Greg
Death of Bees O'Donnell, Lisa
Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic Weyn, Suzanne
Divisadero Ondaatje, Michael
A Dollar Short: A Bottom Dollar Girls Novel Gillespie, Karin
Dreaming Back Hirsh, M. E.
Drowning Ruth Schwarz, Christina
Eleven on Top Evanovich, Janet
Eligible: a Novel Sittenfeld, Curtis
Emily's Ghost: A Novel of the Brontė Sisters Giardina, Denise
Every Move You Make Jones, Jill
Everyone Else's Girl Crane, Megan
Everything But a Bride Jacobs, Holly
The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June Benway, Robin
Fall on Your Knees: A Novel MacDonald, Ann-Marie
Fallen Women Dallas, Sandra
Falling Home White, Karen
Fanny and Sue Stolz, Karen
Final Target Johansen, Iris
Finding Noel Evans, Richard Paul
First Frost Allen, Sarah Addison
Flock Delsol, Wendy
For My Daughters Delinsky, Barbara
The Four Seasons Monroe, Mary Alice
Freud's Mistress Kaufman, Jennifer
Mack, Karen
From Bad to Cursed Alender, Katie
Garden Spells Allen, Sarah Addison
Gem & Dixie Zarr, Sara
The Ghost at the Table Berne, Suzanne
Girl From the South Trollope, Joanna
Girl Waits with Gun Stewart, Amy
The Girl Who Stopped Swimming: A Novel Jackson, Joshilyn
The Glass Kitchen Lee, Linda Francis
Going To See Grassy Ella Lance, Kathryn
Going Vintage Leavitt, Lindsey
Goodnight June Jio, Sarah
The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole Doyon, Stephanie
Halfway to Heaven Wiggs, Susan
Hand Me Down Thorne, Melanie
Haunted Sister Littke, Lael
Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery Martin, Nancy
Help for the Haunted Searles, John
Hemlock Bay Coulter, Catherine
Her Fearful Symmetry Niffenegger, Audrey
Heretic Queen: A Novel Moran, Michelle
Home Before Dark Wiggs, Susan
Homegoing Gyasi, Yaa
The House on Sprucewood Lane Slate, Caroline
How to Meet Cute Boys Kizis, Deanna
I Did (But I Wouldn't Now) Lockwood, Cara
I Do (But I Don't): A Novel Lockwood, Cara
I Think I Love You Bond, Stephanie
In Her Shoes Weiner, Jennifer
In the Time of the Butterflies Alvarez, Julia
Into the Forest Hegland, Jean
Irish Meadows Mason, Susan Anne
The Island: A Novel Hislop, Victoria
The It Girls Harper, Karen
Jacob Have I Loved Paterson, Katherine
The Johnstown Girls George, Kathleen
Juliet: A Novel Fortier, Anne
Juno & Juliet: A Novel Gough, Julian
Justice for Sara: A Novel Spindler, Erica
Killer Takes All Spindler, Erica
Kitchen Chinese Mah, Ann
The Kitchen Daughter: A Novel McHenry, Jael
Lady Cop Makes Trouble Stewart, Amy
The Language of Sisters Yurk, Amy
The Lantern Lawrenson, Deborah
Lies That Bind Barbieri, Maggie
Life Sentences Blanchard, Alice
Life's a Beach Cook, Claire
Like We Used To Be Stubbs, Jean
Listen to Your Heart Michaels, Fern
Literacy and Longing in L.A. Kaufman, Jennifer
Mack, Karen
The Little Giant of Aberdeen County Baker, Tiffany
The Little Lady Agency Browne, Hester
The Little Lady Agency and the Prince Browne, Hester
Little Lady, Big Apple: A Novel Browne, Hester
The Little Women Letters: A Novel Donnelly, Gabrielle
Lizzy & Jane Reay, Katherine
Looking for Peyton Place: A Novel Delinsky, Barbara
Love @ First Site: A Novel Moore, Jane
Lovely Bones: A Novel Sebold, Alice
Lucky Us Bloom, Amy
The Mangler of Malibu Canyon Colt, Jennifer
The Marrying Game Saunders, Kate
Mathilda Savitch Lodato, Victor
The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls Delsol, Wendy
Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit Stewart, Amy
Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions Stewart, Amy
Montana Sky Roberts, Nora
Moral Disorder Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
The Mourners' Bench: A Novel Dodd, Susan M.
Murder Melts in Your Mouth: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery Martin, Nancy
My Sister's Keeper Lord, Shirley
My Sister's Keeper: A Novel Picoult, Jodi
Nefertiti: A Novel Moran, Michelle
The Night Sister McMahon, Jennifer
The Nightingale Hannah, Kristin
No One You Know Richmond, Michelle
No Ordinary Matter McPhee, Jenny
No Second Chance Coben, Harlan
The Observatory Grayson, Emily
October Suite: A Novel Clair, Maxine
On Tall Pine Lake Garlock, Dorothy
One Night of Passion Boyle, Elizabeth
The Originals Patrick, Cat
The Other Boleyn Girl Gregory, Philippa
The Other Daughter Willig, Lauren
Out of Reach Lewin, Patricia
Parting Lewis, Beverly
Party Girl: A Novel Mason, Sarah
The Penny: A Novel Meyer, Joyce
Bedford, Deborah
The Perfect Elizabeth: A Tale of Two Sisters Schmais, Libby
The Photograph Lively, Penelope
Plainsong for Caitlin Rees, Elizabeth M.
The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel Kingsolver, Barbara
Practical Magic Hoffman, Alice
The Precious One De los Santos, Marisa
A Proper Education for Girls: A Novel diRollo, Elaine
Prophecy of the Sisters Zink, Michelle
Rainbows Stone, Katherine
Rainshadow Road Kleypas, Lisa
A Red Herring Without Mustard: A Flavia de Luce Novel Bradley, Alan
Restoring Grace: A Novel Fforde, Katie
Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality Eulberg, Elizabeth
The Reversal Connelly, Michael
Riding Shotgun Brown, Rita Mae
Rise and Shine Quindlen, Anna
River Lewis, Beverly
Rose of No Man's Land Tea, Michelle
Rosie and Skate Bauman, Beth Ann
Run for Your Life Kane, Andrea
The Runaway Princess Browne, Hester
The Sad Truth About Happiness Giardini, Anne
Safe Harbor Rice, Luanne
Scream for Me Rose, Karen
Season of the Dragonflies Creech, Sarah
Secret Smile French, Nicci
The Seduction of the Crimson Rose Willig, Lauren
See Jane Die Spindler, Erica
See What I Have Done Schmidt, Sarah
Shades of Milk and Honey Kowal, Mary Robinette
Shades of Red Mortman, Doris
Shadow Hills Hopcus, Anastasia
Shanghai Girls: A Novel See, Lisa
She, Myself & I Gaskell, Whitney
Ship Sooner Sullivan, Mary
Shopaholic and Sister Kinsella, Sophie
The Silver Boat Rice, Luanne
Silver Sparrow: A Novel Jones, Tayari
The Silver Star: A Novel Walls, Jeannette
Siren Rayburn, Tricia
Sis Boom Bah Heller, Jane
The Sister Adams, Poppy
Sisters Steel, Danielle
The Sisters Jensen, Nancy
Sisters Red Pearce, Jackson
The Sisters Weiss Ragen, Naomi
The Sky is Everywhere Nelson, Jandy
Smart Girls Think Twice Linz, Cathie
The Smart One Meister, Ellen
Smart vs. Pretty Frankel, Valerie
Snowdrops Miller, Andrew
The Solomon Sisters Wise Up Senate, Melissa
Some Enchanted Evening Dodd, Christina
Something Blue Spaugh, Jean
Something Rising (Light and Swift) Kimmel, Haven
Speaking From Among the Bones: a Flavia deLuce novel Bradley, Alan
The Spinster Sisters Ballis, Stacey
Step-Ball-Change Ray, Jeanne
Still Life Fielding, Joy
Stolen in the Night: A Novel MacDonald, Patricia J.
The Stone Flower Garden Smith, Deborah
Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy Sones, Sonya
Stormy Weather: A Novel Jiles, Paulette
Sugar Daddy Kleypas, Lisa
The Sunday List of Dreams Radish, Kris
Suspicion Of Innocence Parker, Barbara
Sweet Spot Mallery, Susan
Sweet Talk Mallery, Susan
Sweet Trouble Mallery, Susan
Swept Off Her Feet Browne, Hester
The Switch Brown, Sandra
A Tale of Two Sisters Maxted, Anna
Talking to the Dead Dunmore, Helen
A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea Nayeri, Dina
Temping Fate Friesner, Esther M.
Texas Gothic Clement-Moore, Rosemary
Things I Want My Daughters to Know: A Novel Noble, Elizabeth
This Side of Married Pastan, Rachel
Three Sisters, Three Queens Gregory, Philippa
Through Thick and Thin Pace, Alison
Tiny Little Thing Williams, Beatriz
Topping from Below Reese, Laura
Trading Places Michaels, Fern
The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters Robinson, Elisabeth
True Blue Baldacci, David
True Colors Hannah, Kristin
The Two Princesses of Bamarre Levine, Gail Carson
Unbreak My Heart Walker, Melissa
Under the Boardwalk Phillips, Carly
Unexpected Blessings Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Up Close and Personal Michaels, Fern
Vision of Murder Laurie, Victoria
The Walking People: A Novel Keane, Mary Beth
A Want of Kindness: A Novel Limburg, Joanne
The Wedding West, Dorothy
The Wedding Dress Ellis, Virginia
Welcome to Temptation Crusie, Jennifer
What the Dead Know: A Novel Lippman, Laura
When Venus Fell Smith, Deborah
Wherever Nina Lies Weingarten, Lynn
Whistling in the Dark Kagen, Lesley
The Widower's Tale Glass, Julia
The Wilder Sisters: A Novel Mapson, Jo-Ann
The Yokota Officers Club Bird, Sarah

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