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Books with Descriptor
Psychological Suspense

226 Books under Descriptor "Psychological Suspense"

Title Author

24 Hours Iles, Greg
Absolute Fear Jackson, Lisa
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me: A Novel Rendell, Ruth
The Alienist Carr, Caleb
The Ambler Warning Ludlum, Robert
Amity Ostow, Micol
And Then You Die Johansen, Iris
Angel: A Novel Guild, Nicholas
Archangel: A Novel Harris, Robert
The Architect Ablow, Keith R.
The Art of Breaking Glass: A Thriller Hall, Matthew
Await Your Reply: A Novel Chaon, Dan
Bad Desire Devon, Gary
Bad Monkeys Ruff, Matt
Bad Things Happen Dolan, Harry
The Beach House: A Novel Patterson, James
De Jonge, Peter
A Bed By The Window: A Novel Of Mystery And Redemption Peck, M. Scott
Before and Again Mortman, Doris
Beneath the Skin French, Nicci
The Best Revenge White, Stephen Walsh
The Bird Yard Martin, J. Wallis
The Birthday Present Vine, Barbara
Black-Eyed Susans: A Novel of Suspense Heaberlin, Julia
Blinded White, Stephen Walsh
Blood Sisters Wall, Judith Henry
Bloodprint Sewell, Kitty
Blue Smoke Roberts, Nora
Body of a Girl Stewart, Leah
The Bone House Freeman, Brian
The Book of Murder Martínez, Guillermo
Breakheart Hill Cook, Thomas H.
Broken Harbor French, Tana
Broken Wings Douglas, John
Burning Time Glass, Leslie
The Burying Place Freeman, Brian
By Reason Of Henderson, M. R.
Calf: A Novel Kleine, Andrea
Catch Me When I Fall French, Nicci
Caught in the Light: A Novel Goddard, Robert
Chasing Darkness Girard, Danielle
Cold Case White, Stephen Walsh
Come and Find Me Ephron, Hallie
Come Midnight Forster, Suzanne
Compulsion Ablow, Keith R.
Critical Conditions White, Stephen Walsh
Cry Wolf Hoag, Tami
The Cypress House Koryta, Michael
Daddy Durand, Loup
Daddy's Little Girl Clark, Mary Higgins
A Dark Devotion Francis, Clare
The Dark Room Walters, Minette
The Dark Rose Kelly, Erin
A Darker Place King, Laurie R.
Dead Famous O'Connell, Carol
Dead Run Spindler, Erica
The Debt Collector Hightower, Lynn S.
Deception: A Novel Mina, Denise
Deepwater Jones, Matthew F.
The Defense Buffa, D. W.
Depths Mankell, Henning
Desire Lines: A Novel Kline, Christina Baker
The Devil in Silver LaValle, Victor D.
Devil's Waltz Kellerman, Jonathan
Devils Hole Branon, Bill
Discovering the Body Howard, Mary
Dissociated States Simon, Leonard
Doll's Eyes Wood, Bari
Don't Say A Word Klavan, Andrew
Double Cross: A Novel Patterson, James
Dream House Laken, Valerie
Drowning Ruth Schwarz, Christina
The Drowning Tree Goodman, Carol
Dry Ice: A Novel White, Stephen Walsh
The Ebony Swan Whitney, Phyllis A.
The Echo Walters, Minette
End of Story Abrahams, Peter
Envy the Night Koryta, Michael
Every Secret Thing Lippman, Laura
Every Trace Main, Gregg
Exile Mina, Denise
Extreme Indifference Kane, Stephanie
Eyes: A Susan Shader Novel Glass, Joseph
Fall From Grace Canning, Victor
Fall From Grace Phillips, Clyde
Fast Forward Mercer, Judy
Garnethill: A Novel of Crime Mina, Denise
Gentlemen & Players Harris, Joanne
Ghost Image Gilder, Joshua
The Girl on the Train: A Novel Hawkins, Paula
The Girls He Adored: A Novel Nasaw, Jonathan Lewis
Gone for Good Coben, Harlan
The Good Goodbye Buckley, Carla
Graven Images Waterhouse, Jane
Green Girls Kimball, Michael
Guilt By Association Sloan, Susan R.
The Guilty One Littlefield, Sophie
The Gun Runner's Daughter Gordon, Neil
Hannibal Harris, Thomas
Harm's Way White, Stephen Walsh
The Heat of Lies Stone, Jonathan
Her Every Fear Swanson, Peter
Hidden Jaskunas, Paul
Hiding in the Shadows Hooper, Kay
Hocus: An Irene Kelly Mystery Burke, Jan
The Hook Westlake, Donald E.
The House at Midnight Whitehouse, Lucie
The House on Sprucewood Lane Slate, Caroline
I'd Know You Anywhere: A Novel Lippman, Laura
Ill Will: A Novel Chaon, Dan
In Camera And Other Stories Westall, Robert
In Silence Spindler, Erica
In the Forest of Harm Bissell, Sallie
In Wilderness Thomas, Diane C.
Instruments of Night Cook, Thomas H.
The Interrogation Cook, Thomas H.
Irresistible Black, Ethan
Judas Child O'Connell, Carol
Kill Me White, Stephen Walsh
Killing the Shadows McDermid, Val
The Lace Reader Barry, Brunonia
The Lake of Dead Languages Goodman, Carol
The Last Good Night: A Novel Listfield, Emily
Last Man Standing Baldacci, David
The Last Noel Graham, Heather
The Leaving Altebrando, Tara
The Little Stranger Waters, Sarah
Live to Tell: A Detective D.D. Warren Novel Gardner, Lisa
Lives Of The Twins Smith, Rosamond
The Lock Artist Hamilton, Steve
Love You More: A Novel Gardner, Lisa
Luckiest Girl Alive Knoll, Jessica
Man and Wife Klavan, Andrew
Manner of Death White, Stephen Walsh
Mapping the Edge Dunant, Sarah
Me and the Fat Man Myerson, Julie
The Mentor Stuart, Sebastian
Mercy: A Novel Lindsey, David L.
Midnight Is A Lonely Place Erskine, Barbara
Missing Persons White, Stephen Walsh
Missing Pieces Fielding, Joy
Mortal Memory Cook, Thomas H.
Mystic River Lehane, Dennis
Night Sins Hoag, Tami
Nightlife: A Novel Perry, Thomas
Nighttime Is My Time Clark, Mary Higgins
Nine Perfect Strangers Moriarty, Liane
No Country for Old Men McCarthy, Cormac
No Time for Goodbye Barclay, Linwood
Nobody Believes Me Katz, Molly
Not Guilty MacDonald, Patricia J.
Out of the Shadows Hooper, Kay
Pattern Recognition Gibson, William
The Poison Tree: A Novel Kelly, Erin
Praying for Sleep Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Precipice: A Novel Savage, Tom
Private Practices White, Stephen Walsh
Privileged Information White, Stephen Walsh
The Program: A Novel White, Stephen Walsh
The Red Room French, Nicci
Remote Control White, Stephen Walsh
The Reunion Walker, Sue
River Road Goodman, Carol
The River Sorrow Holden, Craig
Romeo Title, Elise
The Saberdene Variations Maxwell, Thomas
Sacred Heart Montecino, Marcel
Second Sight: A Sherry Moore Novel Shuman, George D.
The Second Time Around Clark, Mary Higgins
Secret Smile French, Nicci
The Seduction Wallace, Marilyn
See Jane Run Fielding, Joy
The Shape of Snakes Walters, Minette
Sharp Objects: A Novel Flynn, Gillian
She's Not There: A Poppy Rice Novel Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone
Shear Parks, Tim
Shutter Island Lehane, Dennis
A Sight for Sore Eyes: A Novel Rendell, Ruth
The Silent Patient Michaelides, Alex
Since We Fell Lehane, Dennis
Skeletons Wilhelm, Kate
The Sleeping Doll Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Sleepyhead Billingham, Mark
Snowstorms In A Hot Climate Dunant, Sarah
Something Dangerous Redmond, Patrick
Speaking in Tongues: A Novel Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Spilled Blood Freeman, Brian
State of Mind Katzenbach, John
Still Life Fielding, Joy
Still Missing Stevens, Chevy
A Stir of Echoes Matheson, Richard
Summer House With Swimming Pool: A Novel Koch, Herman
Summertime: A Novel Rigbey, Liz
Suspect Robotham, Michael
Sweet Water Kline, Christina Baker
Sweetheart Cain, Chelsea
SWF Seeks Same Lutz, John
T is for Trespass Grafton, Sue
Taken George, Kathleen
Tap, Tap Martin, David Lozell
Tell Me No Secrets Fielding, Joy
They're Watching Hurwitz, Greg
Thief of Souls North, Darian
This Side of Paradise Layne, Steven L.
To The Death Merritt, Robert
Too Close for Comfort: A Novel Feldman, Ellen
Top Ten Pearson, Douglas Ryne
The Treatment Hayder, Mo
Trick of the Eye Hitchcock, Jane Stanton
Twice Dying: A Novel McMahon, Neil
Undercurrents Fyfield, Frances
Undone Kimball, Michael
Unhallowed Ground: A Novel White, Gillian
Until It's Over: A Thriller French, Nicci
The Vanished Child Smith, Sarah
Warning Signs White, Stephen Walsh
Watching You Jewell, Lisa
We Were Liars Lockhart, E.
What Is Mine Holt, Anne
Where Are You Now?: A Novel Clark, Mary Higgins
The Whispering Wall Carlon, Patricia
Whispers and Lies Fielding, Joy
The Winter People McMahon, Jennifer
Winter's Bone: A Novel Woodrell, Daniel
Woman Without A Past Whitney, Phyllis A.
World Of Wonders Davies, Robertson
Worst Nightmares Briant, Shane

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