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75 Books under Descriptor "Mafia"

Title Author

Afterburn Harrison, Colin
Angel Bradford, Barbara Taylor
The Bad Witness Van Wormer, Laura
Bait Robards, Karen
Beachcomber Robards, Karen
Better Read Than Dead Laurie, Victoria
Black Cherry Blues Burke, James Lee
Blood Of Our Fathers Girard, Sonny
The Body of David Hayes Pearson, Ridley
Born to Run Grippando, James
Brooklyn Story Corsi, Suzanne
Burning Angel: A Novel Burke, James Lee
Cadillac Jukebox Burke, James Lee
The Chicago Way Harvey, Michael T.
Choke: A Novel Woods, Stuart
The Client Grisham, John
Cold Silence Girard, Danielle
Crooked River Burning Winegardner, Mark
Cross Patterson, James
Crush: a Novel Sutton, Phoef
Cut and Run Pearson, Ridley
Danger Zone Palmer, Shirley
Dating Dead Men Kozak, Harley Jane
Day of Reckoning Higgins, Jack
Dead Line: A Novel McGrory, Brian
Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery Quinn, Spencer
The Firm Grisham, John
A Five Year Plan: A Novel Kerr, Philip
Frame Up Dobbyn, John F.
Fresh Disasters Woods, Stuart
The Gate House DeMille, Nelson
The Girl She Used to Be: A Novel Cristofano, David
Going To See Grassy Ella Lance, Kathryn
The Gold Coast DeMille, Nelson
Hot and Sweaty Rex: A Dinosaur Mafia Mystery Garcia, Eric
House of Smoke Freedman, J. F.
How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire Sparks, Kerrelyn
In The Electric Mist With Confederate Dead Burke, James Lee
Judge & Jury Gross, Andrew
Patterson, James
The Juror Green, George Davies
Just One Look Coben, Harlan
Justice Kellerman, Faye
The Last Lover Van Wormer, Laura
Lie Down with the Devil Barnes, Linda
Man On Fire Quinnell, A. J.
Mary After All: A Novel Gordon, Bill
Metro Girl Evanovich, Janet
Midnight in Ruby Bayou Lowell, Elizabeth
Mortal Prey Sandford, John
Nest of Vipers Davies, Linda
Nothing But the Truth: A Joshua Rabb Novel Parrish, Richard
Nowhere To Hide Elliott, James
The Old Turk's Load Gibson, Gregory
Once Were Cops Bruen, Ken
The Piranhas: A Novel Robbins, Harold
The Power Broker Frey, Stephen W.
Queenpin Abbott, Megan
Reckless Abandon Woods, Stuart
Revere Beach Boulevard Merullo, Roland
Safe Harbor: A Drake Sisters Novel Feehan, Christine
The Scarlet Thread Anthony, Evelyn
The Silent Hour Koryta, Michael
Sixkill: A Spenser Novel Parker, Robert B.
Sons of the City: A Novel Flander, Scott
The Spy Who Came for Christmas Morrell, David
A Stained White Radiance Burke, James Lee
Third and Indiana Lopez, Steve
Tishomingo Blues Leonard, Elmore
Trap Door: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery Graves, Sarah
Tricky Business Barry, Dave
Void Moon Connelly, Michael
What the Lady Wants Crusie, Jennifer
The Wheel Man Swierczynski, Duane
The Witness Gray, Ginna
The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders Browne, Marshall

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