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309 Books under Descriptor "General Fiction"

Title Author

50% Off: A Novel Salmansohn, Karen
An Act of Love Thayer, Nancy
Acts of Love Michael, Judith
The Afterlife Diet Pinkwater, Daniel
Age Of Consent Greenberg, Joanne
Almighty Me Bausch, Robert
Amagansett Mills, Mark
Amethyst Hayes, Mary-Rose
Anagrams Moore, Lorrie
The Animals' Waltz Fagan, Cary
Antonia Saw the Oryx First: A Novel Thomas, Maria
At Weddings And Wakes McDermott, Alice
The Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman Gaines, Ernest J.
The Bachelor's Cat: A Love Story Hoffman, Lynn F.
Beaches Dart, Iris Rainer
The Beans Of Egypt, Maine Chute, Carolyn
The Bear Went Over the Mountain Kotzwinkle, William
Beauty: A Novel Wilson, Susan
Bed & Breakfast Battle, Lois
Ben's Wayne Miller, Levi
The Best Laid Plans: A Novel Sheldon, Sidney
Bigfoot Dreams Prose, Francine
Billy Bathgate: A Novel Doctorow, E. L.
The Bird Artist Howard, Norman
Bittersweet Barr, Nevada
Bittersweet Country Long, Elaine
Blue Moon Rice, Luanne
Bodies Electric: A Novel Harrison, Colin
Body And Soul Bernstein, Marcelle
Border Music Waller, Robert James
Borrowed Lives Dunaway, Laramie
Briar Rose Yolen, Jane
The Bridges Of Madison County Waller, Robert James
Bridie and Finn Cauley, Harry
Brighten The Corner Where You Are Chappell, Fred
Caliban's Hour Williams, Tad
Candles on Bay Street: A Novel McKinnon, K. C.
The Captain And The Enemy Greene, Graham
The Car Thief Weesner, Theodore
Castine Chute, Patricia
Cat's Eye Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
The Cavedweller Allison, Dorothy
The Centurion Hartog, Jan de
A Certain Smile Michael, Judith
Chapters And Verse Barr, Joel
Charms For The Easy Life Gibbons, Kaye
The Chinchilla Farm: A Novel Freeman, Judith
Circle Of Friends Binchy, Maeve
Coast Road: A Novel Delinsky, Barbara
Colony: A Novel Siddons, Anne Rivers
Compelling Evidence Martini, Steven Paul
Consider This, Senora Doerr, Harriet
The Copper Beech Binchy, Maeve
The Courage Tree Chamberlain, Diane
Crossing to Safety Stegner, Wallace Earle
A Cup of Tea Ephron, Amy
Dairy Queen Days: A Novel Inman, Robert
Dancing at the Harvest Moon McKinnon, K. C.
Dancing On Glass Chehak, Susan Taylor
The Deal: A Novel Lefcourt, Peter
Dear Mr. Sprouts Broome, Errol
The Death Committee Gordon, Noah
Deeds Amiel, Joseph
Defects Of The Heart Gordon, Barbara
Dina's Book Wassmo, Herbjorg
The Distinguished Guest Miller, Sue
The Ditches Of Edison County Roberts, Ronald Richard
A Dog's Life Mayle, Peter
Drowning Ruth Schwarz, Christina
Durable Goods Berg, Elizabeth
Dying Young Leimbach, Marti
The Easy Way Out McCauley, Stephen
Eden Close: A Novel Shreve, Anita
The Eight: A Novel Neville, Katherine
Einstein's Dreams Lightman, Alan P.
An Elegy for September: A Novel Nichols, John Treadwell
The Entitled: A Tale of Modern Baseball Deford, Frank
Evening Class Binchy, Maeve
Every Day: A Novel Richards, Elizabeth
Everything To Gain Bradford, Barbara Taylor
The Evolution of Jane Schine, Cathleen
Exposure Harrison, Kathryn
Fair And Tender Ladies Smith, Lee
Fashion Show, Or, The Adventures Of Bingo Marsh: A Novel Brady, James
Ferris Beach: A Novel McCorkle, Jill
The Fierce Dispute: A Novel Santmyer, Helen Hooven
The Fifth Child Lessing, Doris May
First Hubby Blount, Roy
Five Fortunes: A Novel Gutcheon, Beth
The Flamingo Rising Baker, Larry
Flanders Point Gordon, Jacquie
Follow Your Heart Tamaro, Susanna
The Forgetting Room Bantock, Nick
Fortune's Hand Plain, Belva
Fortune's Rocks: A Novel Shreve, Anita
Four Letters of Love: A Novel Williams, Niall
From A Distant Place: A Novel Carpenter, Don
Funerals for Horses Hyde, Catherine Ryan
Garden Of Lies Goudge, Eileen
Ghost Barsocchini, Peter
The Ghost Writer Roth, Philip
The Gift Of Asher Lev Potok, Chaim
Girlfriend in a Coma Coupland, Douglas
The Glass Lake Binchy, Maeve
Glenallen Ryan, Mary E.
Go Tell It On The Mountain Baldwin, James
The God of Animals: A Novel Kyle, Aryn
The Good Children Wilhelm, Kate
The Good Wife O'Nan, Stewart
A Habit Of The Blood Battle, Lois
The Hard To Catch Mercy: A Novel Baldwin, William
The Hearts of Soldiers: a Novel Schroeder, Joan Vannorsdall
Here on Earth Hoffman, Alice
Hidden Latitudes: A Novel Anderson, Alison
Hill Towns: A Novel Siddons, Anne Rivers
Holiday in Your Heart: A Novel Rimes, LeAnn
Home Bodies: Lethem Pop. 3,200 Miller, Alicia
Home Free Hailey, Elizabeth Forsythe
The Horse Whisperer Evans, Nicholas
Hotel Pastis: A Novel Of Provence Mayle, Peter
The Hundred Secret Senses Tan, Amy
I Cannot Get You Close Enough: Three Novellas Gilchrist, Ellen
I Know This Much is True Lamb, Wally
I'll Take It: A Novel Rudnick, Paul
I, JFK Mayer, Robert
In the Cut Moore, Susanna
In The Electric Mist With Confederate Dead Burke, James Lee
In The Night Cafe Johnson, Joyce
In the Time of the Butterflies Alvarez, Julia
Infernal Affairs Heller, June
The Inn at Lake Devine: A Novel Lipman, Elinor
Into the Forest Hegland, Jean
Invitation to the Married Life Huth, Angela
Isabel's Bed Lipman, Elinor
James, The Connoisseur Cat Hahn, Harriet
Jasmine Mukherjee, Bharati
Jephte's Daughter Ragen, Naomi
The Joy Luck Club Tan, Amy
Karin: A Novel Bergman, Margareta
The Killing Fields Hudson, Christopher
The Killing Winds: A Novel Francis, Clare
Kiss Out Eisenstadt, Jill
Lady Moses: A Novel Roy, Lucinda
Lady Oracle Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
Lament For A Silver-eyed Woman Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone
Last Night at the Lobster O'Nan, Stewart
Leaving Cold Sassy: The Unfinished Sequel To Cold Sassy Tree Burns, Olive Ann
Letourneau's Used Auto Parts Chute, Carolyn
Lies Of Silence Moore, Brian
Life Sentences: A Novel Hailey, Elizabeth Forsythe
Like Water For Chocolate: A Novel In Monthly Installments, With Recipes, Romances, And Home Remedies Esquivel, Laura
Lincoln's Dreams Willis, Connie
A Little Love Story: A Novel Merullo, Roland
Lizzie: A Novel Hunter, Evan
The Locket: A Novel Evans, Richard Paul
The Long Rain Gadol, Peter
The Long Road Home Steel, Danielle
The Loop Evans, Nicholas
Love Medicine: A Novel Erdrich, Louise
Love Warps the Mind a Little Dufresne, John
Lucky Strike Zafris, Nancy
The Mambo Kings Play Songs Of Love Hijuelos, Oscar
Masters of Illusion Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone
Max Lakeman And The Beautiful Stranger Cohen, Jon
Me And Brenda Israel, Philip
Medicine River King, Thomas
Memoirs of a Geisha: A Novel Golden, Arthur
The Men And The Girls Trollope, Joanna
The Mermaids Singing Carey, Lisa
Meteors In August: A Novel Thon, Melanie Rae
The Middle Heart Lord, Bette
Middle Son Iida, Deborah
Mirage Khashoggi, Soheir
The Mirror Freed, Lynn
Monkey King Chao, Patricia
Montana 1948: A Novel Watson, Lawrence
Morning Thayer, Nancy
A Mother's Secret: A Novel Haddad, Carolyn
Motown Estleman, Loren D.
A Much Younger Man Highbridge, Dianne
The Mushroom-Picker: A Novel Zinik, Zinovy
My Brother's Keeper Davenport, Marcia
My Old Sweetheart Moore, Susanna
Mystery Ride Boswell, Robert
The Namesake Lahiri, Jhumpa
Necessary Madness Crowell, Jean
Nelly's Version Figes, Eva
New Year's Eve: A Novel Grunwald, Lisa
Night Of The Broken Glass Broner, Peter
Night Ride Home Esstman, Barbara
No Defense Wallace, Rangeley
Nop's Trials McCaig, Donald
North Of Hope: A Novel Hassler, Jon
The Notebook Sparks, Nicholas
Now You See Her Otto, Whitney
Object Lessons Quindlen, Anna
Obsidian Sky: A Novel Garcia, Guy
The Obstacle Course: A Novel Freedman, J. F.
An Ocean in Iowa Hedges, Peter
Of Desire Helwig, David
Of Such Small Differences Greenberg, Joanne
Old Men at Midnight Potok, Chaim
The Other Guterson, David
The Other Side Gordon, Mary
The Pact Norman, Hilary
The Pact: A Love Story Picoult, Jodi
Painting On Glass: A Novel Auerbach, Jessica
Paris Trout Dexter, Pete
Passing Judgment Ferrell, Keith
A Patchwork Planet Tyler, Anne
Patchwork: A Novel Osborn, Karen
Pause Between Acts Cheek, Mavis
Pearl King, Tabitha
Pears on a Willow Tree Pietrzyk, Leslie
Peyton Place Metalious, Grace
Picture Perfect Picoult, Jodi
Pigs In Heaven: A Novel Kingsolver, Barbara
The Pilot's Wife Shreve, Anita
Plain Jane Horowitz, Eve
Pledge Of Allegiance Lapin, Mark
The Possession Of Delia Sutherland Neil, Barbara
The Power of One Courtenay, Bryce
A Prayer for Owen Meany: A Novel Irving, John
Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics
Private Altars Mosby, Katherine
The Promise Ryan, Mary
Publisher's Lunch: A Dialogue Concerning The Secrets Of How Publishers Think And What Authors Can Do About It. Callenbach, Ernest
The Rabbi Gordon, Noah
Rage Smith, Wilbur A.
Range of Motion Berg, Elizabeth
Replacing Dad: A Novel Mickle, Shelley Fraser
Reservations Recommended Kraft, Eric
The Rest of Her Life Moriarty, Laura
Rich In Love Humphreys, Josephine
RL's Dream Mosley, Walter
The Road To Lichfield Lively, Penelope
The Romance Reader Abraham, Pearl
Room Temperature: A Novel Baker, Nicholson
Rumor Has It Dickinson, Charles
Sam's Crossing Hays, Tommy
The Scarlet Angel Palmer, Elizabeth
Seasons of Sun & Rain Dorner, Marjorie
Second Nature Hoffman, Alice
Secrets Of Paris Rice, Luanne
Secrets: A Novel Marlowe, Katharine
Settling The Score: A Novel Levin, Michael Graubart
Shadow Ranch, A Novel Mapson, Jo-Ann
Shadow Song Kay, Terry
The Sharpshooter Blues: A Novel Nordan, Lewis
Shining Through Isaacs, Susan
Silk Baricco, Alessandro
The Silver Bough Gunn, Neil Miller
Skateaway Jaffe, Michael Grant
Skinner's Drift: A Novel Fugard, Lisa
Skywater Popham, Melinda Worth
Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend Waller, Robert James
A Song for the Asking Gannon, Steve
Sotah Ragen, Naomi
Speed: A Novel Harris, Mark
Spirit Lost Thayer, Nancy
The Spring Irving, Clifford
Staggerford Hassler, Jon
Strange But True Searles, John
A Stranger In The Kingdom Mosher, Howard Frank
Such Good People Hickman, Martha Whitmore
Suddenly Delinsky, Barbara
Summer at Gaglow Freud, Esther
The Summer Of The Osprey Ogilvie, Elisabeth
Summer Sisters: A Novel Blume, Judy
The Sunday Macaroni Club Lopez, Steve
Sweeping up Glass: A Novel Wall, Carolyn
Sweet Water Kline, Christina Baker
Sweet William: A Memoir of Old Horse Hawkes, John
Swimming Lessons: A Novel Hugo, Lynne
Switcheroo: A Novel Goldsmith, Olivia
Talk Before Sleep: A Novel Berg, Elizabeth
Talking to the Dead Dunmore, Helen
The Tangerine Tango Equation: Or How I Discovered Sex, Deception, And A New Theory Of Physics In Three Short Months: A Novel Targan, Barry
Tara Road Binchy, Maeve
Tempting Fate Alberts, Laurie
That Time In Malomba Hamilton-Paterson, James
Then Came Heaven Spencer, LaVyrle
Thicker Than Water Harrison, Kathryn
The Third Miracle: A Novel Vetere, Richard
Time's Witness: A Novel Malone, Michael
The Tracks Of Angels Dwyer, Kelly
The Train Home Shreve, Susan Richards
The Tribes of Palos Verdes Nicholson, Joy
Unexplained Laughter Ellis, Alice Thomas
The Unspeakable: A Novel Calia, Charles Laird
Up Island: A Novel Siddons, Anne Rivers
Upstate: A Novel Bingham, Sallie
Venus Envy Brown, Rita Mae
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!: A Novel Flagg, Fannie
What We Keep: A Novel Berg, Elizabeth
Wheat That Springeth Green Powers, J. F.
Where Or When: A Novel Shreve, Anita
Where You Once Belonged: A Novel Haruf, Kent
White Crosses Watson, Lawrence
White Palace Savan, Glenn
Wilderness Danvers, Dennis
Wish You Were Here Brown, Rita Mae
Wives of the Fishermen Huth, Angela
The Wizard's Tide: A Story Buechner, Frederick
The Woman Lit By Fireflies Harrison, Jim
A Woman Of Singular Occupation Gilliatt, Penelope
The Woman Who Lives in the Earth: A Novel Wolfe, Swain
A Woman's Place: A Novel Delinsky, Barbara
Working For Love Dahl, Tessa

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