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237 Books under Descriptor "Thrillers-Psychological"

Title Author

1st to Die: A Novel Patterson, James
24 Hours Iles, Greg
2nd Chance: A Novel Patterson, James
About the Author Colapinto, John
Absolute Fear Jackson, Lisa
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me: A Novel Rendell, Ruth
The Alienist Carr, Caleb
The Ambler Warning Ludlum, Robert
Analyst Katzenbach, John
And She Was: A Novel of Supense Gaylin, Alison
Angel: A Novel Guild, Nicholas
The Architect Ablow, Keith R.
The Art of Breaking Glass: A Thriller Hall, Matthew
The Art of Deception Pearson, Ridley
Ashes to Ashes Hoag, Tami
Bad Desire Devon, Gary
Bait: A Crime Novel Songer, C. J.
The Beach House: A Novel Patterson, James
De Jonge, Peter
A Bed By The Window: A Novel Of Mystery And Redemption Peck, M. Scott
Before I Go to Sleep: A Novel Watson, S.J.
Beneath the Skin French, Nicci
The Best Revenge White, Stephen Walsh
The Big Bad Wolf: A Novel Patterson, James
Billy Strieber, Whitley
The Bird Yard Martin, J. Wallis
Bleeding Heart Powers, Martha
Blind Rage Persons, Terri
Blind Spot Kane, Stephanie
Blood Memory Iles, Greg
Bloodprint Sewell, Kitty
Blue Smoke Roberts, Nora
Body of a Girl Stewart, Leah
The Body of David Hayes Pearson, Ridley
The Bone Parade Nykanen, Mark
The Book of Cain Chapman, Herb
Broken Prey Sandford, John
Broken Wings Douglas, John
Burning Time Glass, Leslie
The Butcher's Theater Kellerman, Jonathan
By Reason Of Henderson, M. R.
Catch Me When I Fall French, Nicci
Chasing Darkness Girard, Danielle
The Child Finder Denfeld, Rene
The Church of Dead Girls: A Novel Dobyns, Stephen
City of Fire Ellis, Robert
Close to You Clark, Mary Jane
Coincidence Ambrose, David
Cold Case White, Stephen Walsh
Cold Fire Koontz, Dean R.
Company Man Finder, Joseph
Compulsion Ablow, Keith R.
The Criminalist Izzi, Eugene
Cross Patterson, James
Daddy Durand, Loup
Dangerous Attachments Lovett, Sarah (Sarah Poland)
Dangerous Behavior Marks, Walter
Dark Alchemy Lovett, Sarah (Sarah Poland)
A Dark Devotion Francis, Clare
The Darker Side McFadyen, Cody
Darkness Falls Schneider, Joyce Anne
Dead Eyes Woods, Stuart
Dead Run Spindler, Erica
Dead Sleep Iles, Greg
Deception: A Novel Mina, Denise
The Deepest Water Wilhelm, Kate
Deepwater Jones, Matthew F.
Denial: A Novel Comfort, Bonnie
Desire Lines: A Novel Kline, Christina Baker
Doll's Eyes Wood, Bari
Don't Say A Word Klavan, Andrew
Double Cross: A Novel Patterson, James
Double Image Morrell, David
Dragon Tears Koontz, Dean R.
Dream of the Broken Horses Bayer, William
The Drowning Tree Goodman, Carol
Dry Ice: A Novel White, Stephen Walsh
A Dry Spell: A Novel Moloney, Susie
Dust to Dust Hoag, Tami
The Edge: A Novel Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
End of Story Abrahams, Peter
Even Steven: A Novel Gilstrap, John
Every Secret Thing Lippman, Laura
Every Trace Main, Gregg
Evil at Heart Cain, Chelsea
Eyes: A Susan Shader Novel Glass, Joseph
Fall From Grace Canning, Victor
Fast Forward Mercer, Judy
Figure of Eight Lynch, Patrick
The First Victim Pearson, Ridley
Four Blind Mice: A Novel Patterson, James
The Gardens of the Dead Brodrick, William
Ghost Image Gilder, Joshua
The Girl in the Red Coat Hamer, Kate
The Girls He Adored: A Novel Nasaw, Jonathan Lewis
Gone for Good Coben, Harlan
Graven Images Waterhouse, Jane
Gray Matter Kennett, Shirley
Green Girls Kimball, Michael
Hannibal Harris, Thomas
Harm's Way White, Stephen Walsh
Heart-Shaped Box Hill, Joe
The Heat of Lies Stone, Jonathan
Hocus: An Irene Kelly Mystery Burke, Jan
The Hook Westlake, Donald E.
Hour of the Hunter Jance, Judith A.
The House at Midnight Whitehouse, Lucie
A Hunting We Will Go Friedman, Hal
I Heard That Song Before Clark, Mary Higgins
Improbable Fawer, Adam
Impulse: A Novel Weaver, Michael
In Silence Spindler, Erica
In the Dark Brennan, Carol
In the Forest of Harm Bissell, Sallie
In the Woods French, Tana
Instruments of Night Cook, Thomas H.
The Interrogation Cook, Thomas H.
Into the Darkest Corner Haynes, Elizabeth
Invisible Prey Sandford, John
Irresistible Black, Ethan
Jack and Jill: A Novel Patterson, James
Judas Child O'Connell, Carol
The Juror Green, George Davies
Kill Me White, Stephen Walsh
A Killing in the Hills Keller, Julia
Killing Me Softly: A Novel of Obsession French, Nicci
Killing the Shadows McDermid, Val
Kingdom Come Green, Tim
The Lake of Dead Languages Goodman, Carol
The Last Good Night: A Novel Listfield, Emily
The Last Hostage Nance, John J.
Last Man Standing Baldacci, David
The Last Temptation McDermid, Val
Little Girl Blue Cray, David
Lives Of The Twins Smith, Rosamond
The Lock Artist Hamilton, Steve
London Bridges: A Novel Patterson, James
Long Lost Morrell, David
Losing You French, Nicci
Love is Red Jaff, Sophie
Lying with Strangers Grippando, James
Mad River Road Fielding, Joy
Man and Wife Klavan, Andrew
The Manhattan Hunt Club Saul, John
Mapping the Edge Dunant, Sarah
Mary, Mary: A Novel Parsons, Julie
Mary, Mary: A Novel Patterson, James
The Mentor Stuart, Sebastian
Mercy: A Novel Lindsey, David L.
The Midnight Side: A Novel Mostert, Natasha
Mortal Fear Iles, Greg
Mouth to Mouth Kimball, Michael
My Sunshine Away Walsh, M.O.
Nightlife: A Novel Perry, Thomas
Nighttime Is My Time Clark, Mary Higgins
No Place Like Home Clark, Mary Higgins
Nobody Believes Me Katz, Molly
Obedience: A Novel Lavender, Will
Out of the Shadows Hooper, Kay
Perfect Angel Margolis, Seth Jacob
Point Of Impact: A Novel Curtis, Jack
Private Practices White, Stephen Walsh
Privileged Information White, Stephen Walsh
The Program: A Novel White, Stephen Walsh
Psychopath Ablow, Keith R.
Pulse: A Novel Buchanan, Edna
Quarry Cline, C. Terry, Jr.
Red Dragon Harris, Thomas
The Red Room French, Nicci
Red, Red, Robin Gallagher, Stephen
Regina's Song Eddings, David
Eddings, Leigh
Retribution Hoffman, Jilliane
Romeo Title, Elise
Roses Are Red: A Novel Patterson, James
Rules Of Prey Sandford, John
The Saberdene Variations Maxwell, Thomas
Sacred Lehane, Dennis
Second Sight: A Sherry Moore Novel Shuman, George D.
Secret Smile French, Nicci
See Jane Die Spindler, Erica
See Jane Run Fielding, Joy
The Serpent's Mark Duncan, Robert Lipscomb
The Shape of Snakes Walters, Minette
Sharp Objects: A Novel Flynn, Gillian
Shutter Island Lehane, Dennis
A Sight for Sore Eyes: A Novel Rendell, Ruth
The Silence of the Lambs Harris, Thomas
The Silent Patient Michaelides, Alex
Since We Fell Lehane, Dennis
The Sister Adams, Poppy
Skeletons Wilhelm, Kate
Sleep No More Iles, Greg
The Sleeping Doll Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Sleepyhead Billingham, Mark
Snow Angel Racina, Thom
The Snowman Nesbo, Jo
Snowstorms In A Hot Climate Dunant, Sarah
Speaking in Tongues: A Novel Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Spilled Blood Freeman, Brian
The Standoff Hogan, Chuck
Started Early, Took My Dog Atkinson, Kate
Stealing Shadows Hooper, Kay
Sullivan's Justice Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
Summer House With Swimming Pool: A Novel Koch, Herman
Suspect Robotham, Michael
Sweetheart Cain, Chelsea
SWF Seeks Same Lutz, John
Taken George, Kathleen
Tap, Tap Martin, David Lozell
Tell No One: A Novel Coben, Harlan
They're Watching Hurwitz, Greg
Thief of Souls North, Darian
Think of a Number Verdon, John
To The Death Merritt, Robert
To the Power of Three Lippman, Laura
Too Close for Comfort: A Novel Feldman, Ellen
The Torment of Others McDermid, Val
Total Eclipse Rigbey, Liz
The Traveler Twelve Hawks, John
The Treatment Hayder, Mo
Trick of Light Hunt, David
Trick of the Eye Hitchcock, Jane Stanton
Triptych Slaughter, Karin
Tropic of Night Gruber, Michael
Two Little Girls in Blue Clark, Mary Higgins
Undercurrents Fyfield, Frances
Unhallowed Ground: A Novel White, Gillian
Violation North, Darian
The Violet Hour: A Novel of Suspense Montanari, Richard
Violets are Blue: A Novel Patterson, James
Warning Signs White, Stephen Walsh
Watchers Koontz, Dean R.
When Night Falls Anderson, Linda
When Will There be Good News?: A Novel Atkinson, Kate
Whispers and Lies Fielding, Joy
The Whole Truth Pickard, Nancy
The Witches' Hammer Hitchcock, Jane Stanton
A Woman Run Mad L'Heureux, John

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