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Romantic Suspense

293 Books under Descriptor "Romantic Suspense"

Title Author

Absolutely, Positively Krentz, Jayne Ann
After Caroline Hooper, Kay
The Alibi Brown, Sandra
All Due Respect Hinze, Vicki
All Night Long Krentz, Jayne Ann
All or Nothing Adler, Elizabeth A.
All the Queen's Men Howard, Linda
All Through the Night Brockmann, Suzanne
Amanda Hooper, Kay
Amber Beach Lowell, Elizabeth
Amethyst Hayes, Mary-Rose
The Angel Neggers, Carla
Angels Fall Roberts, Nora
Ashes to Ashes Hoag, Tami
Aunt Dimity and the Duke Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity's Death Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity's Good Deed Atherton, Nancy
Bad Attitude Kenyon, Sherrilyn
The Bad Witness Van Wormer, Laura
Bait Robards, Karen
The Bay at Midnight Chamberlain, Diane
Beachcomber Robards, Karen
Beecher O'Neal, Virginia
Before I Say Goodbye Clark, Mary Higgins
Belle Haven Fitzgerald, Juliet
Black Hills Roberts, Nora
Blind Faith Heggan, Christiane
Bloodline Jones, Jill
Blue Smoke and Murder Lowell, Elizabeth
The Bluebell Pool Sully, Sue
Body of Lies Johansen, Iris
Broken Honor Potter, Patricia
A Broken Vessel Ross, Kate
Bum Steer: A Jenny Cain Mystery Pickard, Nancy
The Buried Life Nilan, Mary Margaret
Butterfly Sala, Sharon
The Cabin Neggers, Carla
Call In The Night Howatch, Susan
The Captive Holt, Victoria
Carnal Innocence Roberts, Nora
Carolina Moon Roberts, Nora
Charmed and Dangerous Wilde, Lori
The Chase Joyce, Brenda
Chasing Fire Roberts, Nora
Chill Factor Brown, Sandra
Cinderella Hour Stone, Katherine
Code Name: Nanny Skye, Christina
Code Name: Princess Skye, Christina
Cold Day in July Cameron, Stella
Cold Silence Girard, Danielle
The Color of Death Lowell, Elizabeth
Come Midnight Forster, Suzanne
Confessions Ross, JoAnn
The Conspiracy Cresswell, Jasmine
Conspiracy of Silence Powers, Martha
The Courage Tree Chamberlain, Diane
Cover of Night: A Novel Howard, Linda
The Crush Brown, Sandra
Cry No More Howard, Linda
Cypress Nights: A Bayou Novel Cameron, Stella
Daddy's Little Girl Clark, Mary Higgins
The Dancing Floor Michaels, Barbara
Danger Zone Palmer, Shirley
Dark of Night: A Novel Brockmann, Suzanne
Dark of the Night Davis, Dee
Dark Room: A Novel Kane, Andrea
Dark Secrets of the Old Oak Tree Wilson, Dolores J.
Dark Side of Dawn Lovelace, Merline
Dead Over Heels Harris, Charlaine
The Dead Room Graham, Heather
Deadline Brown, Sandra
Death Angel: A Novel Howard, Linda
The Death Dealer Graham, Heather
The deMaury Papers Holland, Isabelle
The Devlin Diary Phillips, Christi
Die in Plain Sight Lowell, Elizabeth
Divine Evil Roberts, Nora
The Doll's House Anthony, Evelyn
Don't Look Down Crusie, Jennifer
Mayer, Bob
Don't Look Now Miller, Linda Lael
Double Take: A Novel Joyce, Brenda
Dragon Bay Winspear, Violet
Drawn in Blood Kane, Andrea
Dream Man Howard, Linda
Dreamboat Gould, Judith
Dying to Please Howard, Linda
The Ebony Swan Whitney, Phyllis A.
The Edge Coulter, Catherine
Envy Brown, Sandra
Every Breath You Take: A Novel McNaught, Judith
Every Move She Makes Barton, Beverly
Every Move You Make Jones, Jill
Exposure Anthony, Evelyn
Exposure Andersen, Susan
Eye of the Beholder Krentz, Jayne Ann
Fascination: A Novel Norman, Hilary
Fatal Tide Johansen, Iris
Feather On The Moon Whitney, Phyllis A.
Final Stand Myers, Helen R.
Final Target Johansen, Iris
Final Tour Heckler, Jonellen
Final Truth: A Novel of Suspense Stewart, Mariah
Fire and Ice: A Novel Garwood, Julie
Flashpoint: A Novel Brockmann, Suzanne
Flight To Yesterday Johnston, Velda
Force of Nature Brockmann, Suzanne
French Silk Brown, Sandra
Gentle From the Night McKinney, Meagan
Ghost Moon Robards, Karen
The Ghost Orchid Goodman, Carol
The Girl With The Phony Name Mathes, Charles
The Givenchy Code Kenner, Julie
Glass Houses Cameron, Stella
Glenallen Ryan, Mary E.
A Grave Mistake Cameron, Stella
Guilty Robards, Karen
Head On Thompson, Colleen
Heartbreak Hotel Landis, Jill Marie
Heartbreaker Garwood, Julie
Heat Wave: A Novel Landis, Jill Marie
Hidden Riches Roberts, Nora
Hiding in the Shadows Hooper, Kay
High Tide Deveraux, Jude
Holly Deveraux, Jude
Homeport Roberts, Nora
Hot Ice: A Novel Adair, Cherry
Hot Pursuit: A Novel Brockmann, Suzanne
Hot Rocks Roberts, Nora
Hot Target Brockmann, Suzanne
House of Dreams Joyce, Brenda
The House Of Vandekar Anthony, Evelyn
Hurricane Bay Graham, Heather
Hush Robards, Karen
I Can See You Rose, Karen
I See You Lisle, Holly
I'll Be Watching You Kane, Andrea
Imagine Love Stone, Katherine
In a Heartbeat Adler, Elizabeth A.
In the Dark Brennan, Carol
In the Dark McKinney, Meagan
Innocent as Sin Lowell, Elizabeth
Into the Fire Brockmann, Suzanne
Into the Storm Brockmann, Suzanne
The Island Graham, Heather
Jane Eyre Bronte, Charlotte
Juliet: A Novel Fortier, Anne
Key of Light Roberts, Nora
Key West Cameron, Stella
The Killing Game Johansen, Iris
Killing Kelly Graham, Heather
Killing Time: A Novel Howard, Linda
Kingdom Of Shadows Erskine, Barbara
A Kiss in the Dark Sawyer, Meryl
Kiss Me While I Sleep Howard, Linda
Lady of Hay Erskine, Barbara
The Lady of the Labyrinth Llewellyn, Caroline
Last Breath: A Novel of Suspense Stewart, Mariah
Last Night Sawyer, Meryl
The Last Noel Graham, Heather
Life Blood Llewellyn, Caroline
The Long Search Holland, Isabelle
Los Alamos: A Novel Kanon, Joseph
Lost and Found Krentz, Jayne Ann
Love Lies Slain Blackmur, L. L.
The Man At Windmere: A Novel Of Suspense Johnston, Velda
A Man to Slay Dragons McKinney, Meagan
Mariana Kearsley, Susanna
The Masks Of Rome Llewellyn, Caroline
The Maze Coulter, Catherine
Meet Me in Venice Adler, Elizabeth A.
Mercy Garwood, Julie
Midnight in Ruby Bayou Lowell, Elizabeth
Midnight Is A Lonely Place Erskine, Barbara
Midnight Jewels Krentz, Jayne Ann
Midnight Rain Davis, Dee
Minstrel's Fire Harrell, Anne
Mirrors Matthews, Patricia
Mistress Of Mellyn Holt, Victoria
Montana Sky Roberts, Nora
Mosaic Moody, Susan
Moving Target Lowell, Elizabeth
Mr. Perfect Howard, Linda
Mrs. de Winter Hill, Susan
Murder In A Good Cause Sale, Medora
The Mystery Woman Quick, Amanda
Naked Came the Phoenix Barr, Nevada
Clark, Mary Jane
Gabaldon, Diana
Jance, Judith A.
Kellerman, Faye
King, Laurie R.
McDermid, Val
O'Shaughnessy, Perri
Perry, Anne
Pickard, Nancy
Scottoline, Lisa
Talley, Marcia
Robb, J. D.
New Moon Meyer, Stephenie
Night of the Blackbird Graham, Heather
Night Train to Memphis Peters, Elizabeth
Night Whispers McNaught, Judith
Nightfall Stuart, Anne
Northern Lights Roberts, Nora
Now or Never Adler, Elizabeth A.
Now You See Her Howard, Linda
Now You See Me Wainscott, Tina
Obsession Robards, Karen
On Her Guard Barton, Beverly
On the Street Where You Live Clark, Mary Higgins
On Thin Ice: A Novel Adair, Cherry
One Summer Robards, Karen
Open Season Howard, Linda
Otherwise Engaged Quick, Amanda
Out of the Shadows Hooper, Kay
Over the Edge Brockmann, Suzanne
Paradise County Robards, Karen
The Parisian Affair Gould, Judith
The Passions of Chelsea Kane Delinsky, Barbara
The Perfect Poison: An Arcane Society Novel Quick, Amanda
Picture Me Dead Graham, Heather
Play Dirty Brown, Sandra
Rainbow In The Mist Whitney, Phyllis A.
Reckless Drake, Shannon
Remember Your Lies Jones, Jill
Ricochet Brown, Sandra
Riptide Coulter, Catherine
River's End Roberts, Nora
Rose Cottage Stewart, Mary
Run for Your Life Kane, Andrea
Sacred Sins Roberts, Nora
Sanctuary Roberts, Nora
Sarah Cobb Rae, Catherine M.
Savannah Blues Andrews, Mary Kay
Scream for Me Rose, Karen
The Search Johansen, Iris
Search The Shadows Michaels, Barbara
The Search: A Novel Roberts, Nora
Season of Storms Kearsley, Susanna
Second Shadow Thurlo, Aimee
The Second Silence Goudge, Eileen
The Second Time Around Clark, Mary Higgins
Sense of Evil Hooper, Kay
Shadow Dance: A Novel Garwood, Julie
The Shadow Players Sole, Linda
Shadowy Horses Kearsley, Susanna
Shattered Robards, Karen
Sheer Pleasures Cameron, Stella
The Sheik: A Novel Hull, Edith Maude
Shiver Jackson, Lisa
The Singing Stones Whitney, Phyllis A.
Slightly Shady Quick, Amanda
Slow Burn: A Novel Garwood, Julie
Smoke And Mirrors Michaels, Barbara
Smoke Screen Brown, Sandra
Snare Of Serpents Holt, Victoria
Standoff Brown, Sandra
Stealing Shadows Hooper, Kay
Still of the Night McKinney, Meagan
The Stormy Petrel Stewart, Mary
The Switch Brown, Sandra
The Target Coulter, Catherine
Thale's Folly Gilman, Dorothy
The Third Heiress Joyce, Brenda
Threats And Promises Delinsky, Barbara
Three Fates Roberts, Nora
Tidewater Stockenberg, Antoinette
To Die For George, Melanie
Trading Places Michaels, Fern
True Betrayals Roberts, Nora
Trust Me Krentz, Jayne Ann
Trust No One Sawyer, Meryl
Truth or Dare: A Whispering Springs Novel Krentz, Jayne Ann
Twisted Kane, Andrea
The Ugly Duckling Johansen, Iris
Under Gemini Pilcher, Rosamunde
The Underground Stream Johnston, Velda
An Unfinished Tapestry Leslie, Susan
Unspeakable Brown, Sandra
Up Close and Dangerous Howard, Linda
Vanish With The Rose Michaels, Barbara
Vanished Robards, Karen
Vermillion Whitney, Phyllis A.
The Villa Roberts, Nora
Voices In A Haunted Room Carr, Philippa
The Voyage MacNeil, Robert
Wakefield Hall Stanfill, Francesca
The Water Nymph Jaffe, Michele
When Night Falls Anderson, Linda
When The Music Stopped Ogilvie, Elisabeth
While My Pretty One Sleeps Clark, Mary Higgins
Whispers at Midnght Robards, Karen
White Heat Adair, Cherry
White Hot Brown, Sandra
Who Should Melissa Marry? Cassiday, Doris
Wicked Widow Quick, Amanda
The Widow Stuart, Anne
The Widow Neggers, Carla
The Widow Of Desire Scott, Justin
Wild Hawk Dare, Justine
Wildest Dreams Blake, Jennifer
The Witness Brown, Sandra
The Witness Gray, Ginna
The Wrong Hostage Lowell, Elizabeth
Wrong Place, Wrong Time Kane, Andrea

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