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170 Books under Descriptor "Supernatural"

Title Author

Amity Ostow, Micol
The Art of Wishing Ribar, Lindsay
Ash Wednesday Williamson, Chet
Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity Digs In Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity Goes West Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity's Christmas Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity, Detective Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity, Snowbound Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity, Vampire Hunter Atherton, Nancy
The Awakening; and The Struggle Smith, L. J.
Beautiful Creatures Garcia, Kami
Beautiful Darkness Garcia, Kami
Billy Strieber, Whitley
Bite Me! Francis, Melissa
Blackwood Farm Rice, Anne
Breaking Dawn Meyer, Stephenie
The Bride Finder Carroll, Susan
Cajun Nights Donaldson, D. J.
A Caress of Twilight Hamilton, Laurell K.
Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy Nimmo, Jenny
Charlie Bone and the Time Twister Nimmo, Jenny
The Charm Stone Kauffman, Donna
City of Ashes Clare, Cassandra
City of Bones Clare, Cassandra
City of Fallen Angels Clare, Cassandra
City of Glass Clare, Cassandra
City of Lost Souls Clare, Cassandra
Clay Almond, David
Cold Fire Koontz, Dean R.
Come Closer Gran, Sara
The Cure for Dreaming Winters, Cat
The Dancing Floor Michaels, Barbara
The Dark Queen: A Novel Carroll, Susan
The Darkest Evening of the Year Koontz, Dean R.
Darkfall Laws, Stephen
Dead As a Doornail Harris, Charlaine
Dead Is a State of Mind Perez, Marlene
Dead is Not an Option Perez, Marlene
Dead to the World Harris, Charlaine
Dead Witch Walking Harrison, Kim
A Death in Vienna: A Novel Tallis, Frank
Definitely Dead Harris, Charlaine
Desires of the Dead Derting, Kimberly
Devil's Kiss Chadda, Sarwat
The Devil's Looking Glass Chadbourn, Mark
A Distant Magic Putney, Mary Jo
Drink Down the Moon De Lint, Charles
A Dry Spell: A Novel Moloney, Susie
The Emperor Mage Pierce, Tamora
Fallen Kate, Lauren
Fear: A Gone Novel Grant, Michael
Firebug McBride, Lish
Firefight Sanderson, Brandon
A Fistful of Charms Harrison, Kim
Flip Bedford, Martyn
Fool Moon Butcher, Jim
The Fury; and Dark Reunion Smith, L. J.
The Geographer's Library Fasman, John
Ghost Gone Wild Hart, Carolyn G.
Ghost Moon Robards, Karen
The Ghost Orchid Goodman, Carol
Ghost Story Straub, Peter
Ghost to the Rescue Hart, Carolyn G.
Ghostwalk: A Novel Stott, Rebecca
Glenallen Ryan, Mary E.
Goddess of the Night Ewing, Lynne
Gone: A Novel Grant, Michael
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead Harrison, Kim
Grave Secret Harris, Charlaine
Grave Sight Harris, Charlaine
Grave Suprise Harris, Charlaine
Hang My Head and Cry Santangelo, Elena
Haunted Herbert, James
Haunted Sister Littke, Lael
The Haunting of Hill House Jackson, Shirley
Haunting Violet Harvey, Alyxandra
Hawkes Harbor Hinton, S. E.
Highway to Hell Clement-Moore, Rosemary
House of Echoes Erskine, Barbara
Hunger Grant, Michael
The Hungry Moon Campbell, Ramsey
Hush, Hush Fitzpatrick, Becca
I Remember You: a Ghost Story Sigurdardottir, Yrsa
In Camera And Other Stories Westall, Robert
Italian Fever: A Novel Martin, Valerie
Jack, the Giant Killer De Lint, Charles
Jackaby Ritter, William
The Keep Wilson, F. Paul
Killing Time: A Novel Howard, Linda
A Kiss of Fate: A Novel Putney, Mary Jo
A Kiss of Shadows Hamilton, Laurell K.
A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories McKinley, Robin
Lies: A Gone Novel Grant, Michael
Lisey's Story King, Stephen
The Little Stranger Waters, Sarah
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Adams, Douglas
Love is Red Jaff, Sophie
Marked Cast, P.C.
The Masks of Auntie Laveau: A Gil and Claire Hunt Mystery Randisi, Robert J.
Matthews, Christine
Masquerade: A Blue Bloods Novel De La Cruz, Melissa
Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir Roumieu, Graham
Merry, Merry Ghost Hart, Carolyn G.
Midnight Bride Carroll, Susan
Midnight for Charlie Bone Nimmo, Jenny
Midnight Is A Lonely Place Erskine, Barbara
The Midnight Side: A Novel Mostert, Natasha
Mistral's Kiss Hamilton, Laurell K.
The Mysteries Of Udolpho: A Romance Radcliffe, Ann Ward
Naked Brunch: A Howlingly Funny Novel of Love Run Wild Hayter, Sparkle
Narcissus in Chains Hamilton, Laurell K.
New Year's Eve: A Novel Grunwald, Lisa
A Night in the Lonesome October Zelazny, Roger
Odd Thomas Koontz, Dean R.
Once Herbert, James
Once Dead, Twice Shy: A Novel Harrison, Kim
The Onion Girl De Lint, Charles
Owl In Love Kindl, Patrice
Pale Phoenix Reiss, Kathryn
Perlman's Ordeal Hansen, Brooks
The Pet Grant, Charles L.
Plague: A Gone Novel Grant, Michael
The Poison Diaries Wood, Maryrose
Practical Magic Hoffman, Alice
The Prince of the Mist Ruiz Zafon, Carlos
Prophecy of the Sisters Zink, Michelle
Rebel Belle Hawkins, Rachel
Regina's Song Eddings, David
Eddings, Leigh
The Replacement Yovanoff, Brenna
The Returned Mott, Jason
Revenge of the Witch Delaney, Joseph
The Rook O'Malley, Daniel
The Scar-Crow Men Chadbourn, Mark
Second Shadow Thurlo, Aimee
The Secret Hour Westerfeld, Scott
Seduced by Moonlight Hamilton, Laurell K.
The Shining Girls Beukes, Lauren
Shiver: A Novel Stiefvater, Maggie
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Meyer, Stephenie
Siren Rayburn, Tricia
Sizzle and Burn Krentz, Jayne Ann
Sleep No More Iles, Greg
The Splendor Falls Clement-Moore, Rosemary
Spook Vance, Steve
Steelheart Sanderson, Brandon
Stolen Magic Putney, Mary Jo
The Stones Of Muncaster Cathedral Westall, Robert
Storm Front Butcher, Jim
Story Time Bloor, Edward
Stranger in Paradise Burrows, Geraldine
The String Diaries Lloyd Jones, Stephen
A Stroke of Midnight: A Novel Hamilton, Laurell K.
The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror Moore, Christopher
Summer Knight Butcher, Jim
The Summoning Armstrong, Kelley
Swallowing Darkness: A Novel Hamilton, Laurell K.
Switch by Snow, Carol Snow, Carol
Tapping the Dream Tree De Lint, Charles
Tender Morsels Lanagan, Margo
Test Pattern Klein, Marjorie
Under the Dome King, Stephen
Unmentionable! More Amazing Stories Jennings, Paul
The Wheel of Darkness Child, Lincoln
Preston, Douglas J.
Widdershins De Lint, Charles
Wild Orchids Deveraux, Jude
The Winter People McMahon, Jennifer
Ysabel Kay, Guy Gavriel

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