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Science Fiction

171 Books under Descriptor "Science Fiction"

Title Author

The Adoration of Jenna Fox Pearson, Mary E.
Alex + Ada, vol.1 Vaughn, Sarah
Alien Secrets Klause, Annette Curtis
All Tomorrow's Parties Gibson, William
Annihilation Vandermeer, Jeff
Arcadia: a Novel Pears, Iain
Armada Cline, Ernest
Armed Memory Young, James Maxwell
Artemis Weir, Andy
Atlantis Endgame: A New Time Traders Adventure Norton, Andre
Smith, Sherwood
Aurora Robinson, Kim Stanley
Authority Vandermeer, Jeff
Avalon Arnett, Mindee
Bad Monkeys Ruff, Matt
Being Brooks, Kevin
Bellwether Willis, Connie
The Blind Assassin Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
Blood Red Road Young, Moira
Born in Death Robb, J. D.
Borrowed Tides Levinson, Paul
Brave New World Huxley, Aldous
Breathe Crossan, Sarah
BZRK Grant, Michael
California Lepucki, Edan
A Call to Arms Foster, Alan Dean
Candor Bachorz, Pam
The Cat's Pajamas: Stories Bradbury, Ray
Catching Fire Collins, Suzanne
Catfantastic: Nine Lives And Fifteen Tales
Catspaw Vinge, Joan
Champion: a Legend Novel Lu, Marie
Children of God Russell, Mary Doria
The City Who Fought McCaffrey, Anne
The City, Not Long After Murphy, Pat
Clay's Ark Butler, Octavia
Cloak of Deception (Star Wars) Luceno, James
The Clone Codes McKissak, Pat
Corrupting Dr. Nice Kessel, John
Count Geiger's Blues Bishop, Michael
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X Ledwidge, Michael
Patterson, James
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter Reaves, Michael
The Dead and the Gone Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Dead Water Zone Oppel, Kenneth
Divergent Roth, Veronica
Divided in Death Robb, J. D.
Doomsday Book Willis, Connie
The Dragons of the Cuyahoga Swann, S. Andrew
The Ear, the Eye and the Arm: A Novel Farmer, Nancy
Edenborn Sagan, Nick
Emerald Green Gier, Kerstin
Ender in Exile Card, Orson Scott
Ender's Game Card, Orson Scott
Eve and Adam Grant, Michael
Exegesis Teller, Astro
The Eyre Affair Fforde, Jasper
Fade: A Novel McMann, Lisa
Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray
Feed Anderson, M.T.
The Final Warning: A Maximum Ride Novel Patterson, James
Fire Watch Willis, Connie
Firefight Sanderson, Brandon
The Forgotten Door Key, Alexander
The Fountains of Paradise Clarke, Arthur C.
The Giver Lowry, Lois
The Golden City Twelve Hawks, John
Gone (Wake Series, Book Three) McMann, Lisa
Graveyard For Lunatics: Another Tale of Two Cities Bradbury, Ray
The Graveyard Game Baker, Kage
The Great Forgetting Renner, James
Great Sky River Benford, Gregory
Grey Armstrong, Jon
Half the Day is Night McHugh, Maureen F.
Heart of a Warrior Lindsey, Johanna
Heavy Weather Sterling, Bruce
Hopscotch Anderson, Kevin J.
The Host: A Novel Meyer, Stephenie
The Hunger Games Collins, Suzanne
Impossible Things Willis, Connie
Incarceron Fisher, Catherine
Innocent in Death Robb, J. D.
Into the Forest Hegland, Jean
The Invisible Man Wells, H. G.
Keeper of the Universe Lawrence, Louise
Killing Time: A Novel Howard, Linda
Kindred Butler, Octavia
The Kingdom Keepers Pearson, Ridley
The Last Oasis Pace, Sue
Light Raid Willis, Connie
Little Brother Doctorow, Cory
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Adams, Douglas
Lost in a Good Book: A Thursday Next Novel Fforde, Jasper
Lyon's Pride McCaffrey, Anne
Maddaddam Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
Majestic Strieber, Whitley
The Man from Primrose Lane Renner, James
Maphead Howarth, Lesley
Marionettes, Inc. Bradbury, Ray
The Martian Weir, Andy
The Martian Chronicles Bradbury, Ray
Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports Patterson, James
Mendoza in Hollywood: A Novel of the Company Baker, Kage
Monstrous Regiment Pratchett, Terry
Mostly Harmless Adams, Douglas
Mothership Leicht, Martin
My Real Children Walton, Jo
Nekropolis McHugh, Maureen F.
Old Man's War Scalzi, John
On Basilisk Station Weber, David
One of our Thursdays is Missing: A Novel Fforde, Jasper
The Originals Patrick, Cat
Others See Us Sleator, William
Our Tragic Universe Thomas, Scarlett
Parable of the Sower Butler, Octavia
Parasite Grant, Mira
Parasite Pig Sleator, William
The Patchwork People Lawrence, Louise
Pathfinder Card, Orson Scott
Pattern Recognition Gibson, William
Polaris McDevitt, Jack
Promised Land Felice, Cynthia
Pure Baggott, Julianna
Red Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley
Red Rising Brown, Pierce
Remake Willis, Connie
Rewind Sleator, William
Robopocalypse Wilson, Daniel H.
Rogue Planet Bear, Greg
Rollback Sawyer, Robert J.
Salt Gee, Maurice
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Harry, Lou
Sapphire Blue Gier, Kerstin
Saturn's Race Barnes, Steven
Niven, Larry
A Scientific Romance Wright, Ronald
The Sea of Trolls Farmer, Nancy
The Secret: A Novel Hoffman, Eva
Shadow's End: A Novel Tepper, Sheri S.
The Ship Who Won McCaffrey, Anne
The Ship Who Won Nye, Jody Lynn
The Silk Code Levinson, Paul
The Silver Skull Chadbourn, Mark
The Sky Inside Dunkle, Clare B.
Son Lowry, Lois
The Song of the Earth: A Novel Nissenson, Hugh
Spark Twelve Hawks, John
The Sparrow Russell, Mary Doria
The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World Harrison, Harry
Star Wars, Episode II, Attack of the Clones Salvatore, R. A.
Starswarm: A Jupiter Novel Pournelle, Jerry
Station Eleven : a novel Mandel, Emily St. John
Steelheart Sanderson, Brandon
Storm Front Butcher, Jim
Stranger in a Strange Land Heinlein, Robert A.
TekWar Shatner, William
Tell the Machine Goodnight Williams, Katie
This World We Live In Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Thursday Next in First Among Sequels Fforde, Jasper
Time And Chance Brennert, Alan
To Say Nothing of the Dog, Or, How We Found The Bishop's Bird Stump At Last Willis, Connie
Toys: A Novel Patterson, James
The Traveler Twelve Hawks, John
Triumph Bova, Ben
Turnabout Haddix, Margaret Peterson
Uglies Westerfeld, Scott
Veracity Bynum, Laura
Visions in Death Robb, J. D.
The Visitor Tepper, Sheri S.
Wake McMann, Lisa
WebMage McCullough, Kelly
The Well of Lost Plots Fforde, Jasper
The Word Exchange Graedon, Alena
Worldwar: Tilting the Balance Turtledove, Harry

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