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212 Books under Descriptor "FBI"

Title Author

The Abduction Gimenez, Mark
The Abduction: A Novel Grippando, James
An Accidental Woman Delinsky, Barbara
Act of Treason Flynn, Vince
Agent X Boyd, Noah
All Through the Night Brockmann, Suzanne
The Angel Neggers, Carla
Angel Fire Miscione, Lisa
The Architect Ablow, Keith R.
Ashes to Ashes Hoag, Tami
The Associate: A Novel Grisham, John
At All Costs Gilstrap, John
At the Stroke of Madness Kava, Alex
Bait Robards, Karen
Beachcomber Robards, Karen
Below Zero: A Joe Pickett Novel Box, C. J.
The Big Bad Wolf: A Novel Patterson, James
The Big Thaw Harstad, Donald
The Black Echo Connelly, Michael
Black Friday Kava, Alex
Black Water MacGregor, T. J.
The Blackbird Papers Smith, Ian
Blind Rage Persons, Terri
Blind Spot: A Novel Persons, Terri
Blindfold Game Stabenow, Dana
Blood Memory Iles, Greg
Blood Ties: A Novel Brouwer, Sigmund
Blood Work Connelly, Michael
Bloodline Jones, Jill
Blowout: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Bobbie Faye's (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels Causey, Toni McGee
The Body Farm: A Novel Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Body of Lies Johansen, Iris
The Book of Cain Chapman, Herb
The Book of the Dead: A Novel Child, Lincoln
Preston, Douglas J.
Born to Run Grippando, James
Breaking Cover Rhoades, J.D.
Breakneck Spindler, Erica
The Bricklayer Boyd, Noah
Brimstone Child, Lincoln
Preston, Douglas J.
Broken Wings Douglas, John
Burn Factor Mills, Kyle
The Cabinet of Curiosities Child, Lincoln
Preston, Douglas J.
Capital Crimes: A Novel Woods, Stuart
Cause of Death Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Charmed and Dangerous Wilde, Lori
The Chase: A Novel Evanovich, Janet
Goldberg, Lee
Chill of Fear Hooper, Kay
Code Name: Gentkill: A Novel of the FBI Lindsay, Paul
Code Name: Nanny Skye, Christina
Code Name: Princess Skye, Christina
Cold Silence Girard, Danielle
The Color of Death Lowell, Elizabeth
Consent to Kill: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
The Cove: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Crime Seen: A Psychic Eye Mystery Laurie, Victoria
Damaged: A Maggie O'Dell Novel Kava, Alex
Dangerous Curves Britton, Pamela
A Darker Place King, Laurie R.
The Darker Side McFadyen, Cody
Dating is Murder Kozak, Harley Jane
Dead Famous O'Connell, Carol
Dead Run: A Novel Tracy, P. J.
Dead Sleep Iles, Greg
Deadline Brown, Sandra
Death Angel: A Novel Howard, Linda
Deeper than the Dead Hoag, Tami
Desires of the Dead Derting, Kimberly
The Devil's Teardrop: A Novel of the Last Night of the Century Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Die Trying Child, Lee
The Double Eagle Twining, James
Double Take: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Down to the Wire Rosenfelt, David
Drawn in Blood Kane, Andrea
The Edge Coulter, Catherine
The Eleventh Hour Coulter, Catherine
Envy the Night Koryta, Michael
Every Move You Make Jones, Jill
Exposed Kava, Alex
The Fallen Baldacci, David
The Fifth Angel Green, Tim
Final Truth: A Novel of Suspense Stewart, Mariah
Fire and Ice: A Novel Garwood, Julie
First Family Baldacci, David
A Five Year Plan: A Novel Kerr, Philip
Fool Moon Butcher, Jim
Force of Nature Brockmann, Suzanne
Four Blind Mice: A Novel Patterson, James
Free Fall Mills, Kyle
Freezing Koff, Clea
From Potter's Field Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The Fuhrer's Reserve: A Novel of the FBI Lindsay, Paul
Full Scoop Evanovich, Janet
Hughes, Charlotte
The Ghostman Hobbs, Roger
The Gingerbread Man Shayne, Maggie
The Girl Who Disappeared Twice Kane, Andrea
The Girls He Adored: A Novel Nasaw, Jonathan Lewis
Golden Threads Hooper, Kay
Gone Gardner, Lisa
Gone Ledwidge, Michael
Patterson, James
Gone for Good Coben, Harlan
Gorky Park Smith, Martin Cruz
Got the Look Grippando, James
Ground Zero Anderson, Kevin J.
Hannibal Harris, Thomas
Heartbreaker Garwood, Julie
The Heist Evanovich, Janet
Goldberg, Lee
Hell's Corner Baldacci, David
Hemlock Bay Coulter, Catherine
Hidden Prey Sandford, John
Hiding in the Shadows Hooper, Kay
Hot Pursuit: A Novel Brockmann, Suzanne
Hot Target Brockmann, Suzanne
Hotwire: A Maggie O'Dell Novel Kava, Alex
Hunting Fear Hooper, Kay
The Informant Grippando, James
Judge & Jury Gross, Andrew
Patterson, James
Kill Me First Morgenroth, Kate
Killer Instinct: a Naturals Novel Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Killers of the Flower Moon: the Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI Grann, David
The Killing Game Johansen, Iris
Killing Time: A Novel Howard, Linda
Killjoy Garwood, Julie
A King's Ransom Grippando, James
Knockout: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
The Lake House Patterson, James
Last Breath: A Novel of Suspense Stewart, Mariah
The Last Hostage Nance, John J.
Last Man Standing Baldacci, David
The Last Sanctuary Holden, Craig
The Last Templar Khoury, Raymond
The Last Word : A Spellman Novel Lutz, Lisa
Less Than Dead Downs, Tim
Lifeguard: A Novel Gross, Andrew
Patterson, James
Lock In Scalzi, John
London Bridges: A Novel Patterson, James
Love Her Madly Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone
Mary, Mary: A Novel Patterson, James
The Maze Coulter, Catherine
Mercy Garwood, Julie
Midnight Rain Davis, Dee
Mortal Prey Sandford, John
Naked Prey Sandford, John
The Narrows Connelly, Michael
The Naturals Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
A Necessary Evil Kava, Alex
The Next Accident Gardner, Lisa
Night Fall DeMille, Nelson
No Second Chance Coben, Harlan
Nobody Knows Clark, Mary Jane
Obsession Robards, Karen
The October List: A Novel in Reverse with Photographs Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
On Her Guard Barton, Beverly
One Drop of Blood: A Novel Holland, Thomas
Out of Reach Lewin, Patricia
Out of the Shadows Hooper, Kay
Over the Edge Brockmann, Suzanne
The Overlook Connelly, Michael
The Pinocchio Syndrome Zeman, David
Point Blank: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Psychopath Ablow, Keith R.
Pursuit: A Novel Robards, Karen
Quantico Rules Riehl, Gene
The Rabbit Factory: A Novel Karp, Marshall
Rasputin's Shadow Khoury, Raymond
Reckless Abandon Woods, Stuart
Red Dragon Harris, Thomas
Redemption Baldacci, David
Riptide Coulter, Catherine
Rising Phoenix Mills, Kyle
Robert Ludlum's the Paris Option Ludlum, Robert
Lynds, Gayle
Roses Are Red: A Novel Patterson, James
Run for Your Life Kane, Andrea
Running Blind Child, Lee
The Scarecrow Connelly, Michael
School's Out --Forever Patterson, James
Secrets to the Grave Hoag, Tami
The Sentry: A Joe Pike Novel Crais, Robert
Serial Killers Club Povey, Jeff
Shadow Dance: A Novel Garwood, Julie
She's Not There: A Poppy Rice Novel Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone
Shoot to Thrill Tracy, P. J.
Shutdown Pineiro, R. J.
Singularity: A Mystery Casey, Kathryn
Sleeping with Fear Hooper, Kay
Soul Catcher Kava, Alex
Sphere of Influence Mills, Kyle
Split Second Kava, Alex
Standing in the Shadows McKenna, Shannon
Standoff Brown, Sandra
Stealing Shadows Hooper, Kay
Step on a Crack Patterson, James
Ledwidge, Michael
Still Life with Crows Child, Lincoln
Preston, Douglas J.
Stress Fracture Lyle, D. P
TailSpin: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Thinning the Predators Graziunas, Daina
Tick Tock Ledwidge, Michael
Patterson, James
Top Ten Pearson, Douglas Ryne
Traps: A Novel of the FBI Lindsay, Paul
Twisted Kane, Andrea
The Two-Minute Rule Crais, Robert
Under Cover of Darkness: A Novel Grippando, James
Unnatural Exposure Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Unnatural Instinct Walker, Robert
Vanish: A Novel Gerritsen, Tess
Violets are Blue: A Novel Patterson, James
When Darkness Falls Drake, Shannon
When Venus Fell Smith, Deborah
Wild Fire DeMille, Nelson
Witchcraft Krentz, Jayne Ann
The Witness Gray, Ginna
Worst Case: A Novel Ledwidge, Michael
Patterson, James

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