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40 Books under Descriptor "Mythology"

Title Author

American Gods Gaiman, Neil
Artemis Fowl Colfer, Eoin
The Battle of the Labyrinth Riordan, Rick
Beardance Hobbs, Will
The Chaos of Stars White, Kiersten
Cupid: A Tale of Love and Desire Lester, Julius
Devil May Cry Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Enchantment Card, Orson Scott
The Flight of Gemma Hardy Livesey, Margot
Full Dark House Fowler, Christopher
The Golem and the Jinni Wecker, Helene
Icarus at the Edge of Time Greene, Brian
Lake of Sorrows Hart, Erin
The Land of the Silver Apples Farmer, Nancy
The Last Olympian Riordan, Rick
The Lightning Thief Riordan, Rick
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Adams, Douglas
The Lost Hero Riordan, Rick
The Mark Nadol, Jen
The Mark of Athena Riordan, Rick
The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break Sherrill, Steven
Obsidian Sky: A Novel Garcia, Guy
Penelopiad Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
Psyche in a Dress Block, Francesca Lia
Quicksilver Spinner, Stephanie
The Raven Boys Stiefvater, Maggie
The Red Pyramid Riordan, Rick
The Savage Garden Mills, Mark
Sea Change Friedman, Aimee
Sea of Monsters Riordan, Rick
The Sea of Trolls Farmer, Nancy
The Serpent's Shadow Riordan, Rick
Shadow Thieves Ursu, Anne
Siren Rayburn, Tricia
Stranger House Hill, Reginald
Temping Fate Friesner, Esther M.
Throne of Fire Riordan, Rick
The Titan's Curse Riordan, Rick
Twisted Kane, Andrea
Year of the Hyenas: A Novel of Murder in Ancient Egypt Geagley, Brad

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