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81 Books under Descriptor "Alcoholism"

Title Author

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Alexie, Sherman
All Through the Night Brockmann, Suzanne
Amazing Grace Steel, Danielle
April and Oliver: A Novel Callahan, Tess
The Associate: A Novel Grisham, John
The Bitch Posse O'Connor, Martha
Blood Memory Iles, Greg
The Brightest Light McKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Circling the Sun McLain, Paula
Copycat Spindler, Erica
Crazy Lady! Conly, Jane Leslie
Cruddy : An Illustrated Novel Barry, Lynda
David & Della: A Novel Zindel, Paul
Dear American Airlines Miles, Jonathan
Diana Lively is Falling Down Curran, Sheila
Doc: A Novel Russell, Mary Doria
Dubliners Joyce, James
Echoes of the Dance Willett, Marcia
Every Inch of Her Sheridan, Peter
Faithful Place French, Tana
Finn Clinch, Jon
Flight Alexie, Sherman
Funerals for Horses Hyde, Catherine Ryan
The Glass Castle Walls, Jeannette
Gone Gardner, Lisa
Gone (Wake Series, Book Three) McMann, Lisa
Gonzo Girl Della Pietra, Cheryl
The Good Wife Strikes Back Buchan, Elizabeth
Gringolandia Miller-Lachmann, Lyn
The Guards Bruen, Ken
Hand Me Down Thorne, Melanie
Hannah In Between Rodowsky, Colby
Heart Of A Champion Deuker, Carl
Heft Moore, Liz
House Broken Yoerg, Sonja Ingrid
How to Start a Fire Lutz, Lisa
Hunter's Moon Logan, Chuck
I, Fatty Stahl, Jerry
Knockemstiff Pollock, Donald Ray
Law of Attraction Leotta, Allison
Literacy and Longing in L.A. Kaufman, Jennifer
Mack, Karen
Little Bird of Heaven Oates, Joyce Carol
The Master Butchers Singing Club Erdrich, Louise
The Museum of Intangible Things Wunder, Wendy
My Friend Dahmer Derf
My One Square Inch of Alaska Short, Sharon Gwyn
Night Gardening Swann, E. L.
No Man Standing: A Munch Mancini Crime Novel Seranella, Barbara
An Ocean in Iowa Hedges, Peter
Other Bells For Us To Ring Cormier, Robert
The Outcast Jones, Sadie
Pears on a Willow Tree Pietrzyk, Leslie
Please Ignore Vera Dietz King, A.S.
The Power and the Glory Greene, Graham
Private Brian, Kate
Promises to Keep Tatlock, Ann
Red Weather Toutonghi, Pauls
Rosie and Skate Bauman, Beth Ann
Shadow Man Grant, Cynthia D.
The Shining King, Stephen
Shotgun Lovesongs Butler, Nickolas
The Silver Boat Rice, Luanne
The Sister Adams, Poppy
Skipped Parts Sandlin, Tim
Small Blessings Woodroof, Martha
The Snow Angel Beck, Glenn
Some Assembly Required Bonasia, Lynn Kiele
Straight Up Samson, Lisa
A Swift Pure Cry Dowd, Siobhan
The Tiger Orchard Sweeney, Joyce
Timbuktu Auster, Paul
Trap Door: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery Graves, Sarah
Trouble in Paradise Parker, Robert B.
The Turner House Flournoy, Angela
Vanishing Acts Picoult, Jodi
We All Fall Down Cormier, Robert
West of Sunset O'Nan, Stewart
What's the Girl Worth? Fitzpatrick, Christina
When the Sacred Ginmill Closes Block, Lawrence
The Wives of Bowie Stone Osborne, Maggie
Z : a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald Fowler, Therese

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