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Contemporary Fiction

215 Books under Descriptor "Contemporary Fiction"

Title Author

50% Off: A Novel Salmansohn, Karen
The Adults Espach, Alison
After All These Years Isaacs, Susan
All Good Gifts Morgan, Kathleen
All the Western Stars Williams, Philip Lee
Angel Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Angie, I Says: A Novel Wing, Avra
Animal Husbandry Zigman, Laura
Another Man's Son Stone, Katherine
The Apple-Green Triumph, And Other Stories Hall, Martha Lacy
An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England Clarke, Brock
Ask Again Later: A Novel Davis, Jill A.
Bad Girls, Good Women Thomas, Rosie
The Bad Mother's Handbook Long, Kate
The Bear Went Over the Mountain Kotzwinkle, William
Bergdorf Blondes Sykes, Plum
Between, Georgia Jackson, Joshilyn
Bijoux Rich, Meredith
Bittersweet Steel, Danielle
Blessing in Disguise Goudge, Eileen
Blood Sisters Wall, Judith Henry
The Book of Illusions Auster, Paul
The Book of Salt: A Novel Troung, Monique
Border Crossings Bellacera, Carole
The Brambles Minot, Eliza
Breathing Lessons Tyler, Anne
Bridget Jones's Diary: A Novel Fielding, Helen
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Fielding, Helen
Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend Finn, Katie
Brother and Sister Trollope, Joanna
Brothers and Sisters Campbell, Bebe Moore
Bruised Fruit Ephron, Amy
The Burden of Proof Turow, Scott
Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys Garcia, Eric
A Certain Age: A Novel Janowitz, Tama
Chateau Ella Norman, Hilary
Clear And Present Danger Clancy, Tom
The Client Grisham, John
Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber: The Katya Livingston Chronicles Lang, Adele
Cry Wolf Hoag, Tami
Current Affairs: A Novel Raskin, Barbara
Damage: A Novel Hart, Josephine
Dare Me Abbott, Megan
The Dart League King Morris, Keith Lee
Dating Big Bird Zigman, Laura
Daughter's Keeper Waldman, Ayelet
A Daughter's Promise Ellis, Julie
Death Penalty Coughlin, William Jeremiah
Degree Of Guilt Patterson, Richard North
Diana Lively is Falling Down Curran, Sheila
Disclosure: A Novel Crichton, Michael
Domestic Pleasures: A Novel Gutcheon, Beth
Dot in the Universe Ellmann, Lucy
The Double Bind Bohjalian, Chris
Down There By the Train Sterns, Kate
During the Reign of the Queen of Persia: A Novel Chase, Joan
Eat Cake: A Novel Ray, Jeanne
Ed King Guterson, David
Eden Close: A Novel Shreve, Anita
The Escape Artist Chamberlain, Diane
Eye Contact Collins, Stephen
Fallen Angels Myers, Walter Dean
A False Sense of Well Being Braselton, Jeanne
Fashion Show, Or, The Adventures Of Bingo Marsh: A Novel Brady, James
The Female Persuasion Wolitzer, Meg
Five Days in Paris: A Novel Steel, Danielle
Five Flavors of Dumb John, Antony
Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings Moore, Christopher
For My Daughters Delinsky, Barbara
Forever Gould, Judith
The Fortune Korda, Michael
Four Blondes Bushnell, Candace
A Friend of the Family Grodstein, Lauren
The Frog King: A Love Story Davies, Adam
The Ghost Steel, Danielle
Girl Boy Etc. Weinreb, Michael
The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing Bank, Melissa
Going Down Belle, Jennifer
The Gold Coast DeMille, Nelson
Gold Fame Citrus Watkins, Claire Vay
The Good Negress Verdelle, A. J.
The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole Doyon, Stephanie
Guilt By Association Sloan, Susan R.
The Gum Thief Coupland, Douglas
The Hallie Lawrence Story: A Novel Walter, Joyce
Harvesting The Heart Picoult, Jodi
Her Mother's Shadow Chamberlain, Diane
Hidden Riches Roberts, Nora
High Maintenance Belle, Jennifer
His Little Women: A Novel Rossner, Judith
Holding Out: A Novel Faulk, Anne O.
Home Song Spencer, LaVyrle
The Honey Thief: A Novel Graver, Elizabeth
The Honk and Holler Opening Soon Letts, Billie
The Horse Whisperer Evans, Nicholas
How to be Both Smith, Ali
How to Talk to a Widower: A Novel Tropper, Jonathan
I'll Take It: A Novel Rudnick, Paul
In The Presence Of Enemies Coughlin, William Jeremiah
An Inconvenient Woman Dunne, Dominick
Inheritance Michael, Judith
The Ivy Chronicles Quinn, Karen
The Jane Austen Book Club Fowler, Karen Joy
Keeper Of The Light Chamberlain, Diane
Keeping Faith: A Novel Picoult, Jodi
Kiss River Chamberlain, Diane
Lake News: A Novel Delinsky, Barbara
The Last Life Messud, Claire
Last Lovers Wharton, William
Last Night Sawyer, Meryl
Lazarus West, Morris L.
Like Mother, Like Daughter Rose, Marcia
Lipstick On His Collar Villars, Elizabeth
The Long Road Home Steel, Danielle
The Loop Evans, Nicholas
Losing Eddie Corey, Deborah Joy
The Lost Art of Mixing Bauermeister, Erica
Lost In The Forest Miller, Sue
Love in Another Town Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Love In the Temperate Zone Wright, L. R.
Lullaby: A Novel Palahniuk, Chuck
Marriages Ebert, Alan
The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break Sherrill, Steven
Miss Wyoming Coupland, Douglas
Modern Lovers Straub, Emma
The Monsters of Templeton Groff, Lauren
The Moralist Of The Alphabet Streets: A Novel Marsh, Fabienne
More Than Dreams Bullard, Pamela
More Than Friends Delinsky, Barbara
A Morning Affair Kaplan, Janice
Mothers: A Novel Goldreich, Gloria
My Dearest Friend Thayer, Nancy
My Dreams Out in the Street Addonizio, Kim
My Ex-Life McCauley, Stephen
My Sister's Keeper Lord, Shirley
The Night in Question: Stories Wolff, Tobias
Nine Perfect Strangers Moriarty, Liane
Nothing But the Rent Mitchell, Sharon L.
Nothing Lasts Forever Sheldon, Sidney
October Obsession Moore, Meredith
The Old Romantic: A Novel Dean, Louise
Old Sins Vincenzi, Penny
Olive Kitteridge Strout, Elizabeth
Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination Fielding, Helen
Only Love Segal, Erich
The Outskirts: A Novel Stark, Stephen
Palindrome Woods, Stuart
Partners Martel, John S.
The Peach Keeper Allen, Sarah Addison
The People We Hate at the Wedding Ginder, Grant
The Pinocchio Syndrome Zeman, David
The Piranhas: A Novel Robbins, Harold
The Potato Baron Thorndike, John
Prep Sittenfeld, Curtis
Privileged Lives Stewart, Edward
Promises Stone, Katherine
The Purveyor of Enchantment Cobbold, Marika
The Rainmaker Grisham, John
Relative Strangers Rissik, Maureen
The Rich Shall Inherit Adler, Elizabeth A.
Rittenhouse Square Zellerbach, Merla
The Rothman Scandal: A Novel Birmingham, Stephen
A Ruling Passion Michael, Judith
Rumors Mann, Catherine
Run: A Novel Patchett, Ann
Rush: A Novel Wozencraft, Kim
Saint Maybe Tyler, Anne
The Sands Of Time Sheldon, Sidney
The Satanic Verses Rushdie, Salman
Savages: A Novel Conran, Shirley
Searoad: Cronicles of Klatsand LeGuin, Ursula K.
Set For Life Freeman, Judith
Shades of Grace: A Novel Delinsky, Barbara
Shattered Stars Norman, Hilary
Ship Sooner Sullivan, Mary
So Five Minutes Ago De Vries, Hilary
Something Blue Spaugh, Jean
Something Rising (Light and Swift) Kimmel, Haven
Somewhere Off The Coast Of Maine Hood, Ann
A Spanish Lover Trollope, Joanna
Spilling Clarence Ursu, Anne
The Stork Club: A Novel Dart, Iris Rainer
The Story of a Marriage: A Novel Greer, Andrew Sean
Strong Motion Franzen, Jonathan
Taking the Heat Zukerman, Eugenia
Tales from the Crib Green, Risa
The Tangerine Tango Equation: Or How I Discovered Sex, Deception, And A New Theory Of Physics In Three Short Months: A Novel Targan, Barry
A Tangled Web: A Novel Michael, Judith
Tell the Machine Goodnight Williams, Katie
Then She Found Me Lipman, Elinor
This is Your Life, Harriet Chance Evison, Jonathan
Three Wishes: A Novel Delinsky, Barbara
Three-Legged Horse Hood, Ann
Thrill! Collins, Jackie
Too Much, Too Young: The Novel Of A Generation Bridgwood, Caroline
The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters Robinson, Elisabeth
Twins Stone, Katherine
The Vagrants Li, Yiyun
Vanished Steel, Danielle
Waiting to Exhale McMillan, Terry
Welcome to My Planet: Where English Is Sometimes Spoken Olson, Shannon
Where'd You Go Bernadette Semple, Maria
Which Brings Me to You Baggott, Julianna
Almond, Steve
Whispers Plain, Belva
White Shark Benchley, Peter
The Whiteness of Bones Moore, Susanna
The Wife Wolitzer, Meg
Wife 22 Gideon, Melanie
Wit's End Fowler, Karen Joy
A Woman Betrayed Delinsky, Barbara
Women In Their Beds: New And Selected Stories Berriault, Gina
The Wooden Sea Carroll, Jonathan
The World to Come Horn, Dara
A Year and a Day: A Novel Pietrzyk, Leslie
Yellow Blue Bus Means I Love You Hamilton, Morse

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