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192 Books under Descriptor "Kidnapping"

Title Author

24 Hours Iles, Greg
6th Target Paetro, Maxine
Patterson, James
The Abduction Gimenez, Mark
The Alexandria Link Berry, Steve
Alice in Jeopardy: A Novel McBain, Ed
All a Woman Wants Rice, Patricia
All Due Respect Hinze, Vicki
All Families are Psychotic Coupland, Douglas
The Angel of Darkness Carr, Caleb
Artemis Fowl Colfer, Eoin
The Aviator's Wife Benjamin, Melanie
Back Spin Coben, Harlan
Before We Were Yours: A Novel Wingate, Lisa
The Big Bad Wolf: A Novel Patterson, James
Billy Roybal, Laura
Black Water MacGregor, T. J.
Blaze: A Posthumous Novel King, Stephen
Bachman, Richard
Bleeding Heart Powers, Martha
Bobbie Faye's Very (Very, Very, Very) Bad Day Causey, Toni McGee
The Body Farm: A Novel Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The Body Finder Derting, Kimberly
The Bone Parade Nykanen, Mark
The Borrower Makkai, Rebecca
Bump In The Night Holland, Isabelle
The Burying Place Freeman, Brian
Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys Garcia, Eric
Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons Clement, Blaize
The Child Finder Denfeld, Rene
City of Bones Clare, Cassandra
City of the Sun Levien, David
Clockwork Angel Clare, Cassandra
Cold Company Henry, Sue
Conflict of Interest Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
The Cove: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Cradle to Grave Kuhns, Eleanor
Cry No More Howard, Linda
Cuba Barr, Emily
The Cutout Mathews, Francine
Dance for the Dead Perry, Thomas
Danger Zone Palmer, Shirley
Dark Horse Hoag, Tami
Daughter of the Game Grant, Tracy
Deadlock Johansen, Iris
Deadly Little Secret Stolarz, Laurie Faria
Deadly Love Joyce, B. D.
Death in Summer Trevor, William
The Deep End of the Ocean Mitchard, Jacquelyn
Descent: a Novel Johnston, Tim
Die Trying Child, Lee
Distant Echo McDermid, Val
Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery Quinn, Spencer
Dolled Up for Murder Cleland, Jane K.
Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover Carter, Ally
Don't Leave Me: A Superintendent Mike Yeadings Mystery Curzon, Clare
Drawing a Blank: Or How I Tried to Solve a Mystery, End a Feud, and Land the Girl of My Dreams Ehrenhaft, Daniel
Echoes of Lies Bannister, Jo
The Edge Coulter, Catherine
The Empty Chair: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
The English Girl: A Novel Silva, Daniel
Even Steven: A Novel Gilstrap, John
Every Breath You Take: A Novel McNaught, Judith
Every Trace Main, Gregg
Extreme Indifference Kane, Stephanie
The Family Way Bowen, Rhys
Fascination: A Novel Norman, Hilary
Feather On The Moon Whitney, Phyllis A.
The February Trouble Albert, Neil
Finders Keepers Michaels, Fern
Fire and Ice Garrison, Paul
First Family Baldacci, David
The Fixer Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Flying Too High: A Phryne Fisher Mystery Greenwood, Kerry
Forgotten: A Novel Patrick, Cat
Fractured Slaughter, Karin
The Game King, Laurie R.
Ghost on the Case Hart, Carolyn G.
The Gingerbread Man Shayne, Maggie
Ginny Moon Ludwig, Benjamin
The Girl in the Box Sebestyen, Ouida
The Girl Who Disappeared Twice Kane, Andrea
Going Overboard Skye, Christina
Gone Gardner, Lisa
Got the Look Grippando, James
The Hard Way Child, Lee
Heartsick Cain, Chelsea
Hello, Darkness Brown, Sandra
Her Every Fear Swanson, Peter
The House of Pain Leib, Franklin Allen
A Hundred Thousand Worlds Proehl, Bob
The Hunt Club: A Novel Lescroart, John T.
Hunting Fear Hooper, Kay
I'd Know You Anywhere: A Novel Lippman, Laura
I'm Not Scared Ammaniti, Niccolo
Ice For The Eskimo: A J. D. Hawkins Mystery Philbrick, W. R.
In Bitter Chill Ward, Sarah
In Like Flynn: A Molly Murphy Mystery Bowen, Rhys
In the Forest of Harm Bissell, Sallie
Inherent Vice Pynchon, Thomas
The Janson Directive Ludlum, Robert
Jinxed: A Regan Reilly Mystery Clark, Carol Higgins
The Keeper O'Brien, Meg
Keeping Watch King, Laurie R.
The Key to Susanna Norman, Hilary
Killing Ground Higgins, Jack
La Perdida Abel, Jessica
Lady Catherine's Necklace Aiken, Joan
The Last Child Hart, John
Learning to Swim Henry, Sara J.
The Leaving Altebrando, Tara
Liars Anonymous Ure, Louise
Lost Girls: A Sherry Moore Novel Shuman, George D.
Love Kills Buchanan, Edna
The Masks of Auntie Laveau: A Gil and Claire Hunt Mystery Randisi, Robert J.
Matthews, Christine
The Merry Widow McKinney, Meagan
Metro Girl Evanovich, Janet
Mixed Blood: A Novel Smith, Roger
Moonlight Mile Lehane, Dennis
Motif for Murder: A Scrapbooking Mystery Childs, Laura
Naked Prey Sandford, John
The New Girl: A Novel Silva, Daniel
Night Of Fear Kehret, Peg
Night Sins Hoag, Tami
Night Terror McGrew, Chandler
No Choice But Seduction Lindsey, Johanna
No Second Chance Coben, Harlan
Nobody Knows Clark, Mary Jane
Obedience: A Novel Lavender, Will
The October List: A Novel in Reverse with Photographs Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
On Her Guard Barton, Beverly
On Tall Pine Lake Garlock, Dorothy
The Orphan Master's Son: a Novel Johnson, Adam
Out of Reach Lewin, Patricia
A Penny Urned: A Den of Antiquity Mystery Myers, Tamar
A Perfect Wife and Mother Frye, Alexandra
Philo Fortune's Awesome Journey to His Comfort Zone Thompson, Julian F.
The Pied Piper Pearson, Ridley
Point Blank: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Prior Bad Acts Hoag, Tami
Prospect Street Richards, Emilie
Protect and Defend: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
Purgatory Ridge Krueger, William Kent
Quicksand Johansen, Iris
Ransom Steel, Danielle
Ransom My Heart: A Novel Cabot, Meg
Thermopolis, Mia
The Reincarnationist Rose, M. J.
The Reunion Walker, Sue
The Righteous Men Bourne, Sam
The Rise & Fall of Great Powers Rachman, Tom
Room Donoghue, Emma
Rough Weather: A Spenser Novel Parker, Robert B.
The Rules of Silence Lindsey, David L.
The Search Johansen, Iris
The Secret Servant Silva, Daniel
The Shack: A Novel Young, William P.
Sizzling Sixteen Evanovich, Janet
Speaking in Tongues: A Novel Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Step on a Crack Patterson, James
Ledwidge, Michael
Still Missing Stevens, Chevy
Stranger in Paradise: A Jesse Stone Novel Parker, Robert B.
Taken George, Kathleen
Tell No One: A Novel Coben, Harlan
The Tension of Opposites McBride, Kristina
The Tenth Gift: A Novel Johnson, Jane
Thereby Hangs A Tail: A Chet and Bernie Mystery Quinn, Spencer
The Thicket Lansdale, Joe R.
Time of Fog and Fire Bowen, Rhys
Train from Marietta Garlock, Dorothy
Traps: A Novel of the FBI Lindsay, Paul
A Trip to the Stars Christopher, Nicholas
Twelve Years a Slave Northup, Solomon
Twice Taken Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Twisted Kane, Andrea
Two Little Girls in Blue Clark, Mary Higgins
U is for Undertow Grafton, Sue
Under the Beetle's Cellar Walker, Mary Willis
Unnatural Instinct Walker, Robert
Vanished Steel, Danielle
Vanished Robards, Karen
Vanishing Acts Picoult, Jodi
The Viscount's Bawdy Bargain Lane, Connie
What Is Mine Holt, Anne
What the Dead Know: A Novel Lippman, Laura
What You Wish For Cray, David
Whatever Happened To Janie? Cooney, Caroline B.
Whirlwind Affair D'Alessandro, Jacquie
Whitethorn Woods Binchy, Maeve
A Wild and Lonely Place Muller, Marcia
Witchcraft Krentz, Jayne Ann
Wolf in the Shadows Muller, Marcia
Worst Case: A Novel Ledwidge, Michael
Patterson, James
The Wrong Hostage Lowell, Elizabeth
A Wrongful Death Wilhelm, Kate

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