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74 Books under Descriptor "Criminals"

Title Author

Absolute Certainty Connors, Rose
Apaches Carcaterra, Lorenzo
Artemis Fowl Colfer, Eoin
Avalon Arnett, Mindee
Bingo's Run Levine, James A
Black Heart Black, Holly
The Blackbird Papers Smith, Ian
Blaze: A Posthumous Novel King, Stephen
Bachman, Richard
Blue Monday French, Nicci
The Brethren Grisham, John
Burial Rites: A Novel Kent, Hannah
Bust Bruen, Ken
Starr, Jason
The Chase: A Novel Evanovich, Janet
Goldberg, Lee
Crime Beat: A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers Connelly, Michael
A Darker Shade of Magic Schwab, Victoria
Deception: A Novel Mina, Denise
Donnybrook Frank, Bill
Double Homicide Kellerman, Faye
Kellerman, Jonathan
Enemies & Allies Anderson, Kevin J.
From Potter's Field Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The Ghostman Hobbs, Roger
The Good Thief's Guide to Paris Ewan, Chris
He Sees You When You're Sleeping Clark, Mary Higgins
Clark, Carol Higgins
Heist Society Carter, Ally
The Hot Kid Leonard, Elmore
How to Lead a Life of Crime Miller, Kirsten
I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason Kandel, Susan
I Hunt Killers Lyga, Barry
Inherent Vice Pynchon, Thomas
IQ Ide, Joe
Killer Instinct: a Naturals Novel Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Killing Time Title, Elise
The Last Precinct Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Lessons In Survival Dunaway, Laramie
The Lock Artist Hamilton, Steve
Lost: A Novel Robotham, Michael
Love on the Line Gist, Deeanne
The Mars Room Kushner, Rachel
Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit Stewart, Amy
Morgan's Run McCullough, Colleen
Mr. Mercedes King, Stephen
Murder is My Business
Mystic River Lehane, Dennis
The Naturals Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Not a Girl Detective: A Cece Caruso Mystery Kandel, Susan
Once Were Cops Bruen, Ken
One Good Turn Atkinson, Kate
Positive Wellington, David
The Princess Bride Goldman, William
Prior Bad Acts Hoag, Tami
Prodigy: a Legend Novel Lu, Marie
Quite Honestly Mortimer, John Clifford
Red Glove Black, Holly
The Red Scream Walker, Mary Willis
Ricochet Brown, Sandra
Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea Clark, Carol Higgins
Clark, Mary Higgins
Savages Winslow, Don
Serpent Girl Carnahan, Matthew
The Sleeping Doll Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Smokin' Seventeen Evanovich, Stephanie
So Brave, Young, and Handsome Enger, Leif
Strange Piece of Paradise Jentz, Terri
Stranger in Paradise: A Jesse Stone Novel Parker, Robert B.
Sullivan's Justice Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
Sullivan's Law Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
Temporary Sanity Connors, Rose
Those Who Wish Me Dead Koryta, Michael
Triptych Slaughter, Karin
Trouble in Paradise Parker, Robert B.
The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley Tinti, Hannah
Vanishing Games Hobbs, Roger
White Cat Black, Holly
The White Mercedes Pullman, Philip
Zoo City Beukes, Lauren

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