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78 Books under Descriptor "Mystery-Humorous"

Title Author

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust: A Flavia de Luce Novel Bradley, Alan
As the World Churns: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Myers, Tamar
Big Boned: A Heather Wells Mystery Cabot, Meg
The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime Fforde, Jasper
Bubbles Unbound Strohmeyer, Sarah
Buried Stuff Fiffer, Sharon
The Case of the Missing Books: A Mobile Library Mystery Sansom, Ian
The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts Braun, Lilian Jackson
Cruel Justice Bernhardt, William
Dating Dead Men Kozak, Harley Jane
Dating is Murder Kozak, Harley Jane
Dead to the World Harris, Charlaine
Definitely Dead Harris, Charlaine
Dying for Chocolate Davidson, Diane Mott
An Embarrassment of Corpses Beechey, Alan
Extracurricular Activities Barbieri, Maggie
The Eyre Affair Fforde, Jasper
Fearless Fourteen Evanovich, Janet
Four to Score Evanovich, Janet
The Good Thief's Guide to Paris Ewan, Chris
The Grave's a Fine and Private Place Bradley, Alan
Hard Eight Evanovich, Janet
Hardwired Chapman, Sally
Hell Hath No Curry: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes Myers, Tamar
Hollywood Stuff Fiffer, Sharon
Hot Six Evanovich, Janet
A Howl of Wolves: a Mystery Flanders
Hush Puppy: A Melanie Travis Mystery Berenson, Laurien
I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason Kandel, Susan
I Still Dream About You: A Novel Flagg, Fannie
If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him... McCrumb, Sharyn
Killer Cocktail Anderson, Sheryl J.
Killer Stuff Fiffer, Sharon
The Killing Club Walsh, Marcie
Malone, Michael
Lean Mean Thirteen Evanovich, Janet
Legal Tender Scottoline, Lisa
Lemon Meringue Pie Murder: A Hannah Swensen Mystery Fluke, Joanne
Lord of the Wings: A Meg Langslow Mystery Andrews, Donna
Lost in a Good Book: A Thursday Next Novel Fforde, Jasper
Love Bytes Chapman, Sally
Maggody in Manhattan: An Arly Hank Mystery Hess, Joan
The Mangler of Malibu Canyon Colt, Jennifer
Metro Girl Evanovich, Janet
Mrs. Pargeter's Plot: A Mrs. Pargeter Mystery Brett, Simon
Mrs. Pargeter's Pound Of Flesh: A Melita Pargeter Mystery Brett, Simon
Murder 101 Barbieri, Maggie
Naked Came the Manatee: A Novel
A Nice Murder For Mom Yaffe, James
No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes Myers, Tamar
One for the Money Evanovich, Janet
One of our Thursdays is Missing: A Novel Fforde, Jasper
Owl's Well that Ends Well Andrews, Donna
The Penguin Who Knew Too Much: A Meg Langslow Mystery Andrews, Donna
Perilous Friends: Barbara Simons Mystery Epstein, Carole
Plum Lovin' Evanovich, Janet
Pray and Die Whitelaw, Stella
Raining Cats & Dogs: A Melanie Travis Mystery Berenson, Laurien
The Real Macaw: A Meg Langslow Mystery Andrews, Donna
Royal Blood Bowen, Rhys
Running From the Law Scottoline, Lisa
The Sentence is Death Horowitz, Anthony
Seven Up Evanovich, Janet
Sick as a Parrot Evans, Liz
Sofie Metropolis Carrington, Tori
Spare Parts Hanson, Rick
Speaking From Among the Bones: a Flavia deLuce novel Bradley, Alan
Splintered Bones Haines, Carolyn
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie Bradley, Alan
Ten Big Ones Evanovich, Janet
Three to Get Deadly Evanovich, Janet
Thursday Next in First Among Sequels Fforde, Jasper
To Fetch a Thief: A Chet and Bernie Mystery Quinn, Spencer
To the Nines Evanovich, Janet
Twice as Dead Jaffarian, Sue Ann
Two for the Dough Evanovich, Janet
The Vintage Caper Mayle, Peter
The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag Bradley, Alan
Wicked Appetite Evanovich, Janet

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