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Dark Possession

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Feehan, Christine
Shape Shifters
South America
Time Period:
21st Century
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MaryAnn Delaney, a counselor for battered women, saw Manolito De La Cruz die while he was trying to protect from a vampire a woman about to give birth. No one seems to be upset about it but MaryAnn – and she is inconsolable. MaryAnn can’t figure out why she is taking the death of a man she has only talked to once so hard. Except, Manolito is not dead. He is a Carpathian and, while close to death, he was called back to life by his lifemate – MaryAnn. The only problem is that the spirits of the vampires Manolito has killed will not leave him be. They keep calling him back to the spirit world. MaryAnn and Manolito will need to fight vampires, shape shifters, jaguars, and their own minds in order to make sure he remains among the living… and even that might not be enough.
This is the 18th book in the Carpathian series and the series is still going strong. Dark Possession is right up there with the best of them. The most intriguing thing about this book is that this is the first time readers see that being Carpathian doesn’t heal all wounds and make everything magically better. A great deal of character struggle and plot development occurs during this book. Dark Possession is highly entertaining and will keep your interest until the end. Recommended.
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