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The Land of Painted Caves

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Auel, Jean M
Herbal Medicine
Prehistoric Era
Prehistoric Fiction
Tribes and Clans
Europe, Prehistoric
Time Period:
Ice Age
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Part One picks up after the winter season as Ayla is still settling into life with the Zelandonii. Another summer meeting is approaching and Ayla continues her training as the acolyte of the First. Part Two jumps four years into the future. Ayla and Jondalar's daughter Jonayla is now five or six years old. The First Who Serves the Mother decides it is time for Ayla to take her Donier tour of sacred caves. A small group including Ayla and her family, of course, start on a summer-long journey. They examine the paintings of many caves in modern day southern France. Part Three has Ayla's training taking her away from the normal concerns of her family. Another winter has passed and the Ninth Cave is preparing for another summer meeting, but Ayla must stay behind. She has an extreme experience that tells her she has been called to be a spiritual leader and healer for the tribe. It all comes crashing down when she catches Jondalar with an old girlfriend. In the midst of Ayla and Jondalar's relationship falling apart, Ayla brings new knowledge of life to the Earth's Children.
Compared to the fifth book in the series, this one is full of new adventures and human drama, rather than repeating too many details from earlier in the series. Auel knows how to mix the joyful moments in prehistoric life with the tension filled events that make it hard to put the book down. This sixth and final book in the series is top notch. It brings closure to many things, but if Jean M. Auel feels that she has another novel in her, I would definitely pick up the continuing saga of early woman and man.
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