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Washington, D. C.

201 Books in location Washington, D. C.

Title Author

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Grahame-Smith, Seth
Absolute Power Baldacci, David
Act of Treason Flynn, Vince
The Afghan Forsyth, Frederick
Agent X Boyd, Noah
All Through the Night Brockmann, Suzanne
All-American Girl Cabot, Meg
Along Came A Spider: A Novel Patterson, James
Amanda Bright@Home Crittenden, Danielle
The Anniversary Canon, Rachel
The Appeal Grisham, John
The Architect Ablow, Keith R.
The Assassin Coonts, Stephen
The Assassins Gallery Robbins, David L.
Atlantis Found: A Dirk Pitt Adventure Cussler, Clive
Bad Attitude Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Balance of Power Patterson, Richard North
The Big Bad Wolf: A Novel Patterson, James
Blood Oath Farnsworth, Christopher
Blow the House Down: A Novel Baer, Robert
Blown Mathews, Francine
Blowout: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
The Body Farm: A Novel Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The Bone Chamber Burcell, Robin
The Book of Fred Bardi, Abby
Booth: A Novel Robertson, David
Born to Run Grippando, James
The Brethren Grisham, John
Broken Wings Douglas, John
The Broker Grisham, John
Burn Factor Mills, Kyle
Calf: A Novel Kleine, Andrea
The Camel Club Baldacci, David
Capital Crimes Sanders, Lawrence
Capital Crimes: A Novel Woods, Stuart
Capitol Murder: A Novel Bernhardt, William
The Chase: A Novel Evanovich, Janet
Goldberg, Lee
Code to Zero Follett, Ken
The Collectors Baldacci, David
Consent to Kill: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
The Conspiracy Cresswell, Jasmine
Cross Patterson, James
Cupid and Diana Bartolomeo, Christina
Dark Side of Dawn Lovelace, Merline
Day of Reckoning Higgins, Jack
Dead Watch Sandford, John
Dear Will Ackerman, Karl
Death Duty Kimball, Stephen
The Deceived Battles, Brett
Deception Point Brown, Dan
The Defector Silva, Daniel
The Devil's Teardrop: A Novel of the Last Night of the Century Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
Digital Fortress Brown, Dan
Divine Justice Baldacci, David
Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover Carter, Ally
Double Cross: A Novel Patterson, James
The Edge: A Novel Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
The Emancipator's Wife Hambly, Barbara
The Enemy Inside: A Paul Madriani Novel Martini, Steven Paul
Exclusive Brown, Sandra
Executive Privilege Margolin, Phillip
Exposed Kava, Alex
Extreme Measures: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
Faded Coat of Blue Parry, Owen
Falling Awake Krentz, Jayne Ann
The Final Warning: A Maximum Ride Novel Patterson, James
Finders Keepers Michaels, Fern
First Family Baldacci, David
First Lady Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
The Fixer Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
The Fixer Upper: A Novel Andrews, Mary Kay
Flood Tide: A Novel Cussler, Clive
Four Blind Mice: A Novel Patterson, James
Free Fall Mills, Kyle
Freedom Franzen, Jonathan
Getting Away Is Deadly Rosett, Sara
The Ghost War Berenson, Alex
Girl's Guide To Witchcraft Klasky, Mindy
Gone Tomorrow Child, Lee
The Good Goodbye Buckley, Carla
Halfway to Heaven Wiggs, Susan
Hannibal Harris, Thomas
Hell to Pay: A Novel Pelecanos, George P.
Hell's Corner Baldacci, David
Her Zigman, Laura
A Hole in Texas Wouk, Herman
The Hopefuls Close, Jennifer
How to Cook a Tart: A Novel Killham, Nina
I'd Know You Anywhere: A Novel Lippman, Laura
Impact Preston, Douglas J.
In Her Defense Horn, Stephen
The Incumbent McGrory, Brian
The Inner Circle Meltzer, Brad
The Innocent: A Novel Baldacci, David
The Inside Ring Lawson, Michael
Intelligence Hasler, Susan
Jack and Jill: A Novel Patterson, James
The Janson Directive Ludlum, Robert
Jimmy's Girl Gertler,Stephanie
Journey Steel, Danielle
The Judas Strain Rollins, James
Killer Instinct: a Naturals Novel Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Killing Kennedy: the End of Camelot Dugard, Martin
O'Reilly, Bill
Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever Dugard, Martin
O'Reilly, Bill
Killing Regean the Violent Assault that Changed a Presidency Dugard, Martin
O'Reilly, Bill
King of Torts Grisham, John
Knockout: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Last Man Standing Baldacci, David
The Last Oracle: A Sigma Force Novel Rollins, James
The Latest Bombshell: A Novel Mitchell, Michele
Law of Attraction Leotta, Allison
Law of Gravity: A Novel Horn, Stephen
Liberty Coonts, Stephen
The Librarian Beinhart, Larry
Little Green Men Buckley, Christopher
Lock In Scalzi, John
London Bridges: A Novel Patterson, James
Lost Lake Margolin, Phillip
The Lost Symbol Brown, Dan
Magic and the Modern Girl Klasky, Mindy
Manhunt: The Twelve-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer Swanson, James L.
March: Book One Lewis, John
Memorial Day Flynn, Vince
The Mighty Queens of Freeville Dickinson, Amy
Mr. Wrong Campbell, Terry
Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker: A Novel Chiaverini, Jennifer
Mrs. Lincoln's Rival: A Novel Chiaverini, Jennifer
Murder at Manassas: A Harrison Raines Civil War Mystery Kilian, Michael
Murder at the Kennedy Center Truman, Margaret
Murder at the National Cathedral Truman, Margaret
Murder at the Opera: A Capital Crimes Novel Truman, Margaret
My Name is Mary Sutter Oliveira, Robin
The Naturals Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
New Boy: A Novel Chevalier, Tracy
The Night Gardener Pelecanos, George P.
Nobody Knows Clark, Mary Jane
O'Hara's Choice: A Novel Uris, Leon
On Secret Service: A Novel Jakes, John
Out of Reach Lewin, Patricia
Parallel Lies Pearson, Ridley
Past Perfect: A Novel Isaacs, Susan
The Patriot Threat: [A Novel] Berry, Steve
The Patron Saint Of Unmarried Women Ackerman, Karl
Paw and Order: A Chet and Bernie Mystery Quinn, Spencer
The Pearl Diver Massey, Sujata
The Pinocchio Syndrome Zeman, David
Plum & Jaggers Adams, Douglas
Shreve, Susan Richards
Point Blank: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
Potomac Fever: A Novel Horrock, Henry
The President is Missing:A Novel Clinton, Bill
Patterson, James
The President's Vampire Farnsworth, Christopher
Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics
The Prodigal Spy Kanon, Joseph
Prospect Street Richards, Emilie
Protect and Defend: A Thriller Flynn, Vince
Pursuit: A Novel Robards, Karen
Quantico Rules Riehl, Gene
Ready or Not Cabot, Meg
The Red Pyramid Riordan, Rick
The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House Brower, Kate Andersen
The Revisionists Mullen, Thomas
Riptide Coulter, Catherine
River, Cross My Heart Clarke, Breena
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Legacy: A Novel Lustbader, Eric
The Rooster Bar Grisham, John
Roses Are Red: A Novel Patterson, James
Rough Justice Higgins, Jack
Rulers of Darkness Spruill, Steven G.
The Run: A Novel Woods, Stuart
Sacred Sins Roberts, Nora
Sammy's Hill: A Novel Gore, Kristin
The Saving Graces: A Novel Gaffney, Patricia
School's Out --Forever Patterson, James
The Second Perimeter Lawson, Michael
The Secret Letters of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy: A Novel Leigh, Wendy
The Secret Servant Silva, Daniel
Sequence Andrews, Lori B.
Shibumi Trevanian
Simple Genius Baldacci, David
Sisters of Cain Monfredo, Miriam Grace
The Sky is Falling Sheldon, Sidney
Sorcery and the Single Girl Klasky, Mindy
Soul Catcher Kava, Alex
Split Second Kava, Alex
Spyder Web: A Novel Grace, Tom
The Street Lawyer Grisham, John
The Successor Frey, Stephen W.
Supreme Courtship Buckley, Christopher
The Syndrome Case, John
TailSpin: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
The Testament Grisham, John
Trojan Odyssey Cussler, Clive
True Blue Baldacci, David
Two Moons: A Novel Mallon, Thomas
Undiscovered Country: A Novel Inspired by the Lives of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok McNees, Kelly O'Connor
Unnatural Instinct Walker, Robert
Vanished: A Novel Finder, Joseph
Violets are Blue: A Novel Patterson, James
Whirlwind: A Novel Garber, Joseph R.
Wild Rose: Rose O'Neale Greenhow, Civil War Spy Blackman, Ann
The Zero Game Meltzer, Brad

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