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43 Books in location Wisconsin

Title Author

The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion: A Novel Flagg, Fannie
American Dervish Akhtar, Ayad
The Art of Fielding Harbach, Chad
As Waters Gone By Ruchti, Cynthia
Better Off Friends Eulberg, Elizabeth
Blankets: An Illustrated Novel Thompson, Craig
Bleeding Heart Powers, Martha
The Bodies Left Behind Deaver, Jeffery Wilds
The Bone House Freeman, Brian
Crossing to Safety Stegner, Wallace Earle
Crows Over a Wheatfield Sharp, Paula
Dairy Queen Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Dark Dude Hijuelos, Oscar
Dead Center Rosenfelt, David
Dead Run: A Novel Tracy, P. J.
Descent: a Novel Johnston, Tim
The Dive from Clausen's Pier Packer, Ann
Dogwolf Carter, Alden R.
Drowning Ruth Schwarz, Christina
Envy the Night Koryta, Michael
The Four Seasons Monroe, Mary Alice
Gringolandia Miller-Lachmann, Lyn
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone Kuehnert, Stephanie
In a Pickle: A Family Farm Story Apps, Jerry
Keeping the House Baker, Ellen
Killing Britney Olin, Sean
Laura Rider's Masterpiece Hamilton, Jane
Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel Carlson, Melody
Loving Frank: A Novel Horan, Nancy
Lucy Crocker 2.0: A Novel Preston, Caroline
Monkeewrench Tracy, P. J.
No One Else Can Have You Hale, Kathleen
A Prayer for the Dying: A Novel O'Nan, Stewart
A Reliable Wife Goolrick, Robert
Revolutions Of The Heart Qualey, Marsha
Sam's Letters to Jennifer: A Novel Patterson, James
Seasons of Sun & Rain Dorner, Marjorie
Shotgun Lovesongs Butler, Nickolas
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Wroblewski, David
Thoroughly Kissed Grayson, Kristine
Two If By Sea Mitchard, Jacquelyn
The Wheat Field: A Novel Thayer, Steve
Wolf Pass: A Novel Thayer, Steve

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