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64 Books in location Connecticut

Title Author

The Adults Espach, Alison
Angel: A Novel Guild, Nicholas
The Associate: A Novel Grisham, John
At the Stroke of Madness Kava, Alex
Before I Fall Oliver, Lauren
Bittersweet Steel, Danielle
The Book of Speculation Swyler, Erika
The Carrie Diaries Bushnell, Candace
Chow Down: A Melanie Travis Mystery Berenson, Laurien
A Clue for the Puzzle Lady Hall, Parnell
The Dark Tide: A Novel Gross, Andrew
The Death of a Dog Whisperer: A Melanie Travis Mystery Berenson, Laurien
Drink, Slay, Love Durst, Sarah Beth
Endgame Garden, Nancy
Exposť Van Wormer, Laura
The Fall of Rome Southgate, Martha
Fear the Worst Barclay, Linwood
Flanders Point Gordon, Jacquie
A Gathering of Angels Valentine, Katherine
The Geographer's Library Fasman, John
Goodnight Nobody Weiner, Jennifer
Happy Ever After Roberts, Nora
Hot Mahogany Woods, Stuart
The House of Pain Leib, Franklin Allen
The House on Sprucewood Lane Slate, Caroline
Hush Puppy: A Melanie Travis Mystery Berenson, Laurien
Into the Dark: An Echo Falls Mystery Abrahams, Peter
Jimmy's Girl Gertler,Stephanie
The Kill Fee Van Wormer, Laura
Kindred Spirits Strohmeyer, Sarah
The Language of Secrets Dixon, Dianne
The Last Lover Van Wormer, Laura
Last Night at the Lobster O'Nan, Stewart
The Last Puzzle & Testament Hall, Parnell
Life Among Giants Roorbach, Bill
Love in Another Town Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Maggie Darling: A Modern Romance Kunstler, James Howard
March Brooks, Geraldine
Masters of Illusion Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone
Million Dollar Baby: A Marjorie McLelland Mystery Meade, Amy Patricia
Neighborhood Watch: A Novel McGovern, Cammie
Night Magic Allen, Charlotte Vale
No Time for Goodbye Barclay, Linwood
Orange is the New Black : My Year in a Women's Prison Kerman, Piper
Raining Cats & Dogs: A Melanie Travis Mystery Berenson, Laurien
Revolutionary Road Yates, Richard
Rites of Spring (Break): An Ivy League Novel Peterfreund, Diana
Sandcastles Rice, Luanne
Savor the Moment Roberts, Nora
Secret Society Girl: An Ivy League Novel Peterfreund, Diana
Seducing Harry: An Epicurean Affair Marks-White, Judith
Small Great Things: A Novel Picoult, Jodi
The Stepford Wives Levin, Ira
Summer Light Rice, Luanne
Temping Fate Friesner, Esther M.
They Did It with Love Morgenroth, Kate
To Have and To Hold: A Novel Green, Jane
Two Little Girls in Blue Clark, Mary Higgins
Vision in White Roberts, Nora
We are Water Lamb, Wally
The Wedding of the Two-Headed Woman Mattison, Alice
What Comes After Crazy Shelton, Sandi Kahn.
Winter Town Emond, Stephen
You Should Have Known Korelitz, Jean Hanff

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