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11/22/63 King, Stephen
Alice in Jeopardy: A Novel McBain, Ed
All the Queen's Men Howard, Linda
The Art of Murder: A Dead-End Job Mystery Viets, Elaine
The Associate: A Novel Grisham, John
Be the One Smith, April
Black And Blue: A Novel Quindlen, Anna
Black Water MacGregor, T. J.
Blow Fly Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
The Blue Edge of Midnight King, Jonathon
Body Wave Cohen, Nancy J.
Bone Valley Matturro, Claire
The Book of Lies Meltzer, Brad
Born to Run Grippando, James
Breaking All the Rules Civil-Brown, Sue
The Brethren Grisham, John
Calico Joe Grisham, John
Camino Island Grisham, John
Candor Bachorz, Pam
Carrying Albert Home: the Somewhat True Story of a Man, his Wife, and her Alligator Hickam, Homer
Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons Clement, Blaize
Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof: A Dixie Hemingway Mystery Clement, Blaize
The Cat Sitter's Whiskers Clement, John
Clement, Blaize
Catnapped!: A Dead-End Job Mystery Viets, Elaine
The Chase: A Novel Evanovich, Janet
Goldberg, Lee
Checked Out: A Dead-End Job Mystery Viets, Elaine
Crime Beat: A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers Connelly, Michael
Crusader Bloor, Edward
Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter: The First Dixie Hemingway Mystery Clement, Blaize
Cut and Run Pearson, Ridley
The Cypress House Koryta, Michael
Damaged: A Maggie O'Dell Novel Kava, Alex
Dark Horse Hoag, Tami
Dead Aim Johansen, Iris
Death of a Chimney Sweep Beaton, M. C.
The Deep Blue Alibi Levine, Paul
Doesn't She Look Natural Hunt, Angela
Dream Man Howard, Linda
Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund: The Second Dixie Hemingway Mystery Clement, Blaize
Epitaph For A Loser Doyle, James T.
The Ethical Assassin Liss, David
Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues Clement, Blaize
Final Truth: A Novel of Suspense Stewart, Mariah
A Five Year Plan: A Novel Kerr, Philip
Flashback Barr, Nevada
Force of Nature Brockmann, Suzanne
The Girl Who Stopped Swimming: A Novel Jackson, Joshilyn
The Girl with a Clock for a Heart Swanson, Peter
Gone 'til November Stroby, Wallace
Gone Too Far Brockmann, Suzanne
Green Girls Kimball, Michael
Half-Price Homicide: A Dead-End Job Mystery Viets, Elaine
The Harry Chronicles Pedrazas, Alan
Heartstopper Fielding, Joy
High Tide Deveraux, Jude
Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat Cooper, Gwen
Hoot Hiaasen, Carl
The Hornet's Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War Carter, Jimmy
The Horse Hunters Peck, Robert Newton
I Dream of You McCoy, Judi
I See You Lisle, Holly
I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader Scott, Kieran
Ice Queen Hoffman, Alice
In Her Shoes Weiner, Jennifer
In the Groove Britton, Pamela
The Informant Grippando, James
The Island Graham, Heather
Killer Cuts: A Dead-End Job Mystery Viets, Elaine
Killer Dreams Johansen, Iris
The Killing Edge Graham, Heather
Killing Kelly Graham, Heather
Killjoy Garwood, Julie
The Kneeling Bus Coyle, Beverly
The Last Good Night: A Novel Listfield, Emily
The Leaving Altebrando, Tara
Lifeguard: A Novel Gross, Andrew
Patterson, James
Lost in the Night Delinsky, Barbara
Stuart, Anne
Quinn, Tara Taylor
Love May Fail Quick, Matthew
Mad River Road Fielding, Joy
Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog Grogan, John
Mary, Mary McBain, Ed
Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports Patterson, James
Mermaids on the Moon Stuckey-French, Elizabeth
Miami, It's Murder Buchanan, Edna
Miss Julia Strikes Back Ross, Ann B.
Moonglow Chabon, Michael
Mrs. Kimble Haigh, Jennifer
Murder by Manicure Cohen, Nancy J.
Murder Unleashed: A Dead-End Mystery Viets, Elaine
Murder With Reservations: A Dead-End Job Mystery Viets, Elaine
Naked Came the Manatee: A Novel
Next Stop, Paradise Civil-Brown, Sue
Nobody Knows Clark, Mary Jane
Now You See Me Wainscott, Tina
Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination Fielding, Helen
The Orange Blossom Special Carter, Betsy
Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession Orlean, Susan
Past Perfect: A Novel Isaacs, Susan
Pegasus: A Novel Steel, Danielle
Prelude to Death: A Blaine Stewart Mystery Zukowski, Sharon
The Princess Deveraux, Jude
The Problem with Murmur Lee Fowler, Connie May
Pumped for Murder: A Dead-End Job Mystery Viets, Elaine
Puppet Fielding, Joy
Quicksand Johansen, Iris
Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs: A Dixie Hemingway Mystery Clement, Blaize
Rapture of the Deep Meyer, L. A.
Replacing Dad: A Novel Mickle, Shelley Fraser
Rites of Spring (Break): An Ivy League Novel Peterfreund, Diana
Rosalie Lightning: a Graphic Memoir Hart, Tom
Runaway Graham, Heather
A Salty Piece of Land Buffett, Jimmy
School's Out --Forever Patterson, James
Shadow Sweeney, Joyce
Shout Her Lovely Name Serber, Natalie
Sis Boom Bah Heller, Jane
Skin Tight Hiaasen, Carl
Skinny Dip Hiaasen, Carl
Skinny-dipping Matturro, Claire
Sky Blues Hendricks, Vicki
Star Island Hiaasen, Carl
Stuff Dreams are Made of Bruns, Don
The Sweetheart: A Novel Mirabella, Angelina
Tangerine Bloor, Edward
Three Blind Mice: A Novel McBain, Ed
The Tiger Orchard Sweeney, Joyce
Tourist Season Hiaasen, Carl
Tricky Business Barry, Dave
Turtle Moon Hoffman, Alice
When Darkness Falls: A Novel Grippando, James
Whispers and Lies Fielding, Joy
The Whole Truth Pickard, Nancy
Wildcat Wine: A Novel of Suspense Matturro, Claire
Young Jane Young Zevin, Gabrielle

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