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Los Angeles, California

151 Books in location Los Angeles, California

Title Author

32 Candles Carter, Ernessa T.
77th Street Requiem: a Maggie MacGowen Mystery Hornsby, Wendy
The Actor and the Housewife Hale, Shannon
All or Nothing Adler, Elizabeth A.
Angels Keyes, Marian
Angels Flight: A Novel Connelly, Michael
Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel Blachman, Jeremy
Anonymous Rex: A Detective Story Garcia, Eric
Ape House Gruen, Sara
The Bad Witness Van Wormer, Laura
Be Frank with Me Johnson, Julia Claiborne
Be the One Smith, April
Beginner's Greek: A Novel Collins, Jim
The Big Girls Moore, Susanna
Black Betty Mosley, Walter
The Black Echo Connelly, Michael
Blood Work Connelly, Michael
Blues in the Night Krich, Rochelle
The Brass Verdict Connelly, Michael
Bread Alone Hendricks, Judith Ryan
Brothers and Sisters Campbell, Bebe Moore
A Caress of Twilight Hamilton, Laurell K.
Casual Rex: A Novel Garcia, Eric
Champion: a Legend Novel Lu, Marie
Chasing Darkness: An Elvis Cole Novel Crais, Robert
Chasing the Dime Connelly, Michael
Christietown: A Cece Caruso Mystery Kandel, Susan
Citizen Girl McLaughlin, Emma
Kraus, Nicola
City of Bones: A Novel Connelly, Michael
City of Fire Ellis, Robert
Claire Fontaine, Crime Fighter: A Novel of Life and Death - and Shoes Enright, Tracey
The Closers Connelly, Michael
Commonwealth: a Novel Patchett, Ann
The Concrete Blonde Connelly, Michael
Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict: A Novel Rigler, Laurie Viera
Cover Your Assets: A Novel Smiley, Patricia
Crime Beat: A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers Connelly, Michael
Crush: a Novel Sutton, Phoef
The Darker Side McFadyen, Cody
A Darkness More Than Night Connelly, Michael
Dating Dead Men Kozak, Harley Jane
Day of Atonement: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Mystery Kellerman, Faye
Deadly Care Goldberg, Leonard S.
Deadly Exposure Goldberg, Leonard S.
Death of an Orchid Lover Walpow, Nathan
The Deceived Battles, Brett
Devil in a Blue Dress Mosley, Walter
Die a Little Abbott, Megan
Drive Sallis, James
Echo Park Connelly, Michael
Every Trace Main, Gregg
Everything, Everything Yoon, Nicola
Exes and Ohs Kendrick, Beth
Fake Liar Cheat Goldberg, Tod
Farewell, My Lovely Chandler, Raymond
Fields Where They Lay Hallinan, Timothy
The First Rule: A Joe Pike Novel Crais, Robert
Flower Net See, Lisa
The Fortunate Ones: A Novel Umansky, Ellen M.
Freezing Koff, Clea
Glamour Puss Kaiser, R. J.
God-Shaped Hole: A Novel DeBartolo, Tiffanie
Goddess of the Night Ewing, Lynne
The Guilty One Littlefield, Sophie
The Hanged Man Block, Francesca Lia
High-Heel Blue: A Novel Shah, Diane K
The Hours Cunningham, Michael
How to Meet Cute Boys Kizis, Deanna
A Hundred Thousand Worlds Proehl, Bob
Immediate Family Goudge, Eileen
In a Heartbeat Adler, Elizabeth A.
Inherent Vice Pynchon, Thomas
IQ Ide, Joe
Jemima J. Green, Jane
Just the Sexiest Man Alive James, Julie
Kill the Messenger Hoag, Tami
Killing Bridezilla Levine, Laura
A Kiss of Shadows Hamilton, Laurell K.
L. A. Dead Woods, Stuart
Landline Rowell, Rainbow
The Last Coyote Connelly, Michael
Lethal Measures Goldberg, Leonard S.
Liar: An Irene Kelly Mystery Burke, Jan
The Lightning Thief Riordan, Rick
Lily and the Octopus Rowley, Steven
The Lincoln Lawyer: A Novel Connelly, Michael
Literacy and Longing in L.A. Kaufman, Jennifer
Mack, Karen
The Lock Artist Hamilton, Steve
Lying Awake Salzman, Mark
The Mangler of Malibu Canyon Colt, Jennifer
Mary, Mary: A Novel Patterson, James
Maybe in Another Life Reid, Taylor Jenkins
Me Times Three Witchel, Alex
Mendoza in Hollywood: A Novel of the Company Baker, Kage
The Mercedes Coffin Kellerman, Faye
Milk and Honey: A Novel Kellerman, Faye
Model Student: A Tale of Co-Eds and Cover Girls Hazelwood, Robin
Mr. Peanut Ross, Adam
The Next Best Thing: A Novel Weiner, Jennifer
No Man Standing: A Munch Mancini Crime Novel Seranella, Barbara
North of Montana Smith, April
Nose Down, Eyes Up Markoe, Merrill
Not a Girl Detective: A Cece Caruso Mystery Kandel, Susan
Not Taco Bell Material Carolla, Adam
Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination Fielding, Helen
One Tuesday Morning Kingsbury, Karen
Orhan's Inheritance Ohanesian, Aline
The Overlook Connelly, Michael
The Perfect Elizabeth: A Tale of Two Sisters Schmais, Libby
The Proposal Guillory, Jasmine
The Psycho Ex Game Markoe, Merrill
Prieboy, Andy
The Rabbit Factory: A Novel Karp, Marshall
Rescue Me: A Love Story Grazer, Gigi Levangie
Romantically Challenged Orsoff, Beth
Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict Rigler, Laurie Viera
Run the Risk Frost, Scott
Samaritan Price, Richard
Savages Winslow, Don
The Scarecrow Connelly, Michael
Seduced by Moonlight Hamilton, Laurell K.
The Sentry: A Joe Pike Novel Crais, Robert
Shamus In the Green Room: A Cece Caruso Mystery Kandel, Susan
Soapsuds Hughes, Finola
Diehl, Digby
Stone Arabia Spiotta, Dana
A Stroke of Midnight: A Novel Hamilton, Laurell K.
Swallowing Darkness: A Novel Hamilton, Laurell K.
Tales from the Crib Green, Risa
Telling Lies: A Maggie MacGowen Mystery Hornsby, Wendy
Thin Skin Forrest, Emma
This Body Doud, Laurel
This Book Will Save Your Life Homes, A. M.
This One is Mine Semple, Maria
This Pen for Hire: A Jaine Austen Mystery Levine, Laura
The Tin Collectors Cannell, Stephen J.
To be Sung Underwater: A Novel McNeal, Tom
A Total Waste of Makeup Gruenenfelder, Kim
Toyer: A Novel McKay, Gardner
Trashed Gaylin, Alison
The Traveler Twelve Hawks, John
Twisted: An Alex Delaware Novel Kellerman, Jonathan
The Two-Minute Rule Crais, Robert
Ultimate Justice Latt, Mimi Lavenda
User ID Shute, Jennifer
The Village Bride of Beverly Hills Daswani, Kavita
A Visit from the Goon Squad Egan, Jennifer
Walking in Circles Before Lying Down Markoe, Merrill
The Watchman: A Joe Pike Novel Crais, Robert
When I Stop Talking You'll Know I'm Dead: Useful Stories From A Persuasive Man Weintraub, Jerry
Where the Truth Lies Holmes, Rupert
The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating: A Novel Radziwill, Carole
The Wizard's Apprentice Somtow, S. P.

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