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73 Books in Time Period 1900s

Title Author

`---and ladies of the club` Santmyer, Helen Hooven
The Ashford Affair Willig, Lauren
The Awakening Deveraux, Jude
Away in a Manger Bowen, Rhys
Brooklyn Bridge Hesse, Karen
The Buddha in the Attic Otsuka, Julie
The Chase: A Novel Cussler, Clive
Chasing the Devil's Tail Fulmer, David
Chill of Fear Hooper, Kay
City of Darkness and Light Bowen, Rhys
City of Light Belfer, Lauren
Courting Susannah Miller, Linda Lael
The Cure for Dreaming Winters, Cat
The Daughter's Walk Kirkpatrick, Jane
Deadly Love Joyce, B. D.
A Death in Vienna: A Novel Tallis, Frank
The Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker Malkiel, Theresa Serber
The Diary of Ellen Rimbaugh: My Life at Rose Red Reardon, Joyce
Divisadero Ondaatje, Michael
Dynasty Elegant, Robert
The Edge of Dreams Bowen, Rhys
Empire of Sin: a Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans Krist, Gary
Eva Moves the Furniture Livesey, Margot
The Evidence Against Her Dew, Robb Foreman
Falling Angels Chevalier, Tracy
The Family Way Bowen, Rhys
Fever: A Novel Keane, Mary Beth
Fortune's Rocks: A Novel Shreve, Anita
The Ghost of Christmas Past Bowen, Rhys
Half Broke Horses: A True-life Novel Walls, Jeannette
Honolulu: A Novel Brennert, Alan
In Dublin's Fair City: A Molly Murphy Mystery Bowen, Rhys
In Like Flynn: A Molly Murphy Mystery Bowen, Rhys
The Kingdom of Ohio Flaming, Matthew
The Ladies Of Missalonghi McCullough, Colleen
Legend of Fire Horse Woman Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki
The Lemon Jelly Cake Smith, Madeline Babcock
Letters from Skye Brockmole, Jessica
Life After Life Atkinson, Kate
Love & Treasure Waldman, Ayelet
Love and Other Consolation Prizes: A Novel Ford, Jamie
Love on the Line Gist, Deeanne
Loving Frank: A Novel Horan, Nancy
The Magician's Lie: A Novel Macallister, Greer
The Man from Stone Creek Miller, Linda Lael
Midnight Bayou Roberts, Nora
Mrs. Houdini Kelly, Victoria
Murphy's Law: A Molly Murphy Mystery Bowen, Rhys
My Little Blue Dress Maddox, Bruno
A Northern Light Donnelly, Jennifer
The Outlander Adamson, Gil
The Paris Winter Robertson, Imogen
Perlman's Ordeal Hansen, Brooks
The Phantom of Manhattan Forsyth, Frederick
Private Life Smiley, Jane
The Quickening: A Novel Hoover, Michelle
A Reliable Wife Goolrick, Robert
Sarah's Quilt: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine and the Arizona Territories, 1906 Turner, Nancy E.
The Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard McGraw, Erin
Silences of the Heart Latham, Elizabeth
The Sun is God McKinty, Adrian
Telegraph Days: A Novel McMurtry, Larry
Temptation Deveraux, Jude
These is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 Turner, Nancy E.
The Thicket Lansdale, Joe R.
Time of Fog and Fire Bowen, Rhys
Tinkers Harding, Paul
Valley of the Moon: A Novel Gideon, Melanie
A Wanted Man: A Stone Creek Novel Miller, Linda Lael
The Whistling Season: A Novel Doig, Ivan
White Teeth Smith, Zadie
The Winter People McMahon, Jennifer
The Woman Who Wouldn't Wilder, Gene

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